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  1. Here is a list of the games I have left in my collection for sale. PM if interested. IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 2 Flapee Bird Hotel Bunny Desert Bus Land Battle IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1 Brickout Boulder Dash (Sealed) Old School The Lost Caves of Kroz Magic Carousel (Intellivoice) Gosub Copter Command Popeye Frogger Q-Bert Super Pro Football Pinball Mission X Loco Motion Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Microsurgeon Ice Trek Dragonfire Demon Attack Beauty & the Beast Mouse Trap Donkey Kong Carnival Stampede Pitfall Happy Trails Bomb Squad B-17 Bomber Roulette Poker & Blackjack Horse Racing Space Hawk Space Battle Space Armada Astrosmash Reversi USCF Chess Backgammon Tron Maze-A-Tron Tron Deadly Discs Triple Action Sub Hunt Sharp Shot Night Stalker Frog Bog Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tennis Skiing NHL Hockey PGA Golf NFL Football Boxing Major League Baseball Auto Racing
  2. I do, please PM your email address...
  3. I don't have those....I do have a list if you PM your email address
  4. Do you have major league baseball  shrinkwrapped

    1. Keatah


      Shrinkwrap an entire baseball game? That's gonna take a fuckload of plastic!!

    2. mjarnold7


      Sorry I do not..

  5. I have been selling off my entire collection. Most of the super rare games are gone, but I still have some hard to find games/homebrews, catalogs, hardware, etc. Let me know in a PM if you are interested in a particular item. Thanks!
  6. I have both of those if anyone is interested, along with other FCTVVO games......PM if interested..
  7. I bought ONE extra copy of SOME games. And yes, eventually I sold and put the money towards other games I wanted for my collection. "Admitted"? I didn't know I was in a court of law. I think everyone here on AA that has bought from me (and that I have bought from) would say I was fair......but you're entitled to your opinion......sorry you feel the way you do, happy collecting!
  8. Jeez guys, yes it is me......Have you seen what the last one sold for? This is the one from my collection, I am selling it off. Any AA member can make me an offer....you don't know what I have in the game, so don't surmise. I think everyone that knows me knows I deal fair and the games are pristine. If not, sorry to offend you....
  9. Hello, Anyone know who ebay ID evilorlis is on AA? I am trying to contact him/her. Thanks!
  10. Ok, I am selling my only copy of League of Light. In EXCELLENT condition. $800 includes free shipping in the contiguous 48 USA. Let me know if you are interested. By the way, I have tried NUMEROUS ways to upload pics so they are right side up and have never succeeded, not sure why that happens here... Thanks!
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