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  1. Holy cow. This bites. I am having the same problem. I just wanted to buy Asteroids: Recharged. 😩
  2. My WiFi drops every few seconds in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, so I have been using an ethernet cable to get around it. 🤪
  3. I am back after a 13-year hiatus. I was about to give up on this one, but after having a little talk with Jesus, I figured it out. I was beginning to think that my 47-year old brain didn't work well anymore. Anyway, I borrowed a little code from Kirk Israel and nmoog, and came up with the attached solution to Exercise 2. It uses a variable to point to one of 6 tables based on input (or lack thereof) from the joystick. Programming the Atari VCS is definitely challenging, but I am determined. The program reacts accordingly to joystick left, right, up, down, button or no input at all. Now on to exercise 3. kernel10-2.bin
  4. I took the exercise literally this time, and made the colors change every scanline.
  5. I don't mind at all. Thanks. I used your HTML demo tonight to help get through one of the exercises in an Andrew Davie "Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies" session.
  6. This is a fantastic tool, Yvar de Goffau. Have you thought about making a version for reflected playfields (PF0/PF1/PF2/PF0/PF1/PF2)? I believe I modified your HTML demo correctly. I hope you don't mind. This version repeats the playfield order instead of mirroring it. This really takes the guesswork out of the cycle counts, and figuring out when it is safe to re-write to the playfield registers. kernelpaint-reflected.html
  7. I ordered mine from Newegg, and it was shipped by Toys-R-Us. I was able to update some more of the homebrew items on the compatibility list. Thanks for the list, and for the ZIP file of games that already work on it. This is great stuff!
  8. The Crazy Terminal BBS and web page are back up, but at a different web address this time. I am now running Image BBS 1.2a inside of the WinVICE emulator on my PC. To reach the BBS telnet to crazytermbbs.dyndns.org, port 6400. For best results, use a C/G (PETSCII) capable terminal program like CGTerm. You can download CGTerm from my web page at http://crazytermbbs.dyndns.org Sheldon Sims aka Cosmo Commander SysOp of Crazy Terminal BBS
  9. I just added the following code after my MiddleLines section and before my Bottom8Lines section: ldy #0; load 0 into accumulator sty GRP0; clear graphics in sprite 0 sty GRP1; clear graphics in sprite 1 Since the GRP0 and GRP1 registers retain their settings until they are written to again, there is no need to repeat these changes for the Top8Lines section. I guess I could have used lda and sta to avoid the unnecessary use of another register (Y). Same here. My graphics just shifted to the right a little with this change.
  10. Changing the colors every scanline added 6 cycles to my kernel. The lines in my MiddleLines section are taking 51 cycles now. Mario and Luigi were stretched, Mario is caught in the left/right border, and the screen flickers.
  11. I got my Stelladapter today, and I successfully tested it with CCS64 (C64 emulator), StellaX (Atari 2600 emulator), and WinUAE (Amiga emulator). I am using an original Atari CX40 joystick, and it works like a dream!!! The Stelladapter rocks!
  12. Yeah. If I didn't have a 4-switch and a heavy-sixer already, I would have jumped on it for $25 + shipping. It would have already disappeared on eBay!
  13. Beeshu Game Gear Master Gear Converter - allows you to play Sega Master System games on your Sega Game Gear - with 20 games - SOLD
  14. My coworker may be interested in this to fix his current Amiga. I dropped him an e-mail. Voch Cool. The Amiga works great except for some of the keys on the keyboard. I think it would work perfect if another keyboard was installed in it.
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