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  1. omg, would love this! lost mine as a kid
  2. Would love the GB and GBA stuff, building up a collection of that stuff atm.
  3. can't believe I misses this, so sad, I'll be going to PRGE this year with one of the highlights being to meet Tod Frye, designer for the SwordQuest series, only have a few of the games to get him to sign, would love a poster if one services to me.
  4. holy cow yes please! love the dreamcast. pm sent.
  5. OK, so I have come into a respectable collection of C64 stuff, some rare, some not, mostly I cant tell since its not my scene, but before I decide to sell it I wanna make sure scans of anything not available are made, where would I wanna look for this stuff to cross check what I have? on top of the boxed stuff is around 30 or so official floppies, and then the hundred+ copies.
  6. it was a mail in item, never seen one before, and nothing written in it, which was pretty cool. Should have looked up the glasses before including them in the picture, but they were in with all the game manuals, so assumed it was for some game, thanks for the info.
  7. Here you go. enjoy, can talk to you about selling it as well.
  8. tldr. I work at a game store and a 2600 lot was brought in with a decent amount of paperwork, is this kinda stuff archived? and if so does anyone know if any of the stuff pictured is needed?
  9. Got some nes carts and mags from him, packing was beyond what I expected, everything arrived super fast and in perfect shape, wouldn't bat an eye at buying from again.
  10. As topic states, looking for a clean boxed HB101 or 201, Thanks. Edit: Sorry, looking for the red 101, or the white 201 models.
  11. looking for the PS1 Wu Tang controller, any condition as long as it works, a gift for a friend.
  12. I have 10 4 (left) Awesomenauts Steam codes if anyone wants one.
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