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  1. That thing is freakin' awesome. Keep up the good work guy!
  2. Oh okay, maybe that was it. But I don't know. I saw some crazy shit in those pictures, they definitely didn't look like atari graphics.
  3. I heard something like that in a EGM zine that's coming up in the april edition. Yeah, I don't know. I saw some graphics of it, but I don't know if it's fake or not. Like if it's going to be a joke for April, like that April Fools day shit. I'll try to scan some of the photos and shit of the zine I got, and someother stuff. It's just a few articles from the magazine though, it's not finished, my brother works for EGM and he brought it home. He also doesn't know if it's real or not, because the part that did that article is in some other state. But he's asking around, I'll try to get more info.
  4. egm is gay that's why they didn't put 2600. They're LAME. DOWN WITH EGM! DIE EGM!!!!!!
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