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  1. That sounds like a great idea to me, if all parties involved are willing to make it happen.
  2. Either way, I'm in the same time zone as Rev... In fact, I'm hiding in the bushes behind his shed 🤫
  3. Me too! And this time the post office didn't bend the mailer jamming it into the mailbox
  4. Got mine too, now I need to dig in the attic for a spare cart to put the board into.
  5. Next update, would you consider switching Deep Zone and Deep Pockets to be in alphabetical order? Screws me up every time I'm working on the list in Excel and hit sort.
  6. Does the Running Man have a name? If not, was there ever one under consideration? What name would you choose? Just a random thought that popped into my head while taking a break from code debugging.
  7. WiiU is only 170? I'm half way there and I wasn't even trying! 😂
  8. Ordered, if I did it right. It's late and I'm tired 😴
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