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  1. Looking forward to this. Paid a couple days ago.
  2. I just wanna make sure my collection of homebrew lists is complete. I've got Soulbuster's, Rev's, and my own that's a combination of the two. Am I missing any?
  3. I'm also among the 30% that are still waiting.
  4. Seent it, it's where most of the dates on my checklist are verified against.
  5. I think I've got a fairly accurate list by year, I'll try to clean it up and share it over the next few days. At a quick glance, seems like 15 is the record, the previous high was 13 in 2015.
  6. Santa Rev's getting them out. Received shipping notification Christmas Eve for DKjr, JKjr, IBSv2, plus 3 more. Granted I've been gone for a while, but I don't remember Irritable Bowel Syndrome v1...
  7. Got mine too. It's gonna be an Intellivision Christmas.
  8. Got my boxes a couple days ago, and opened them today. Really impressed, nice job.
  9. Been trying to catch up on my collection (TL;DR OT story), and came across Gyruss earlier today. Thought maybe it was a double secret probation release, and went digging for info. So glad I saw the discussion here so I could make an informed decision not to purchase a copy.
  10. Got mine too. Slowly trying to get back in the game. Pun intended
  11. Hi Steve, My luck has been horrible with this box. Life kinda got in the way. Any chance there's still one left? Thanks, Joe
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