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  1. Picked one up from BBWW a while back, but I'm still waiting on the Special Edition 🤩
  2. Please add me to the pre-order list for one copy, thanks.
  3. Someone had mentioned entering the tracking number into USPS.com, that worked for me. Mine finally made it through ISC and arrived yesterday.
  4. Bomb Squad is in my Top Ten of the original 125, definitely one of my favorites.
  5. Tracking info popped up this morning! Now if only I remembered my high school French 😆
  6. Either way I'm getting not yet in system
  7. That's a great idea, cause really, Rev's idea had 200% fewer furries than expected
  8. Now there's a piece of history. *squeee*
  9. Pull up the order on their website and it should show the tracking number.
  10. Didn't we have this discussion once upon a time, and someone compared the ROMs to determine which steering was the original?
  11. I've got Macs all the way back to the SE. The G3 came to mind because it was the last one I used when I was a Mac SW developer 16+ years ago.
  12. So, no reason to break out my Power Mac G3 then... 😆
  13. I attempt to "repair" Intellivision boxes by finding a better box, buying it, seller ships in a padded envelope, it arrives flat as a pancake, and I start over again. 🙄
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