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  1. Golden Package, eh? Yeah, the interwebs have ruined me 😂
  2. Intellivisionaries Special Edition #12: Nurmix Makes 188 Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters... in Real Time
  3. Just what we need, pre-pubescent IntellivisionRevolution humping our legs 🙄 Congratulations, Rev!!! Thanks for your great contributions to the Intellivision Brotherhood, 40+ years strong. 🎉
  4. Sometimes you want that 100 calorie Canadian water, that doesn't fill you up and make you loosen your belt #iykyk 😆
  5. These are not the type of sub games I was expecting...
  6. I had started with Episode 28 and was working my way backward on the drive to PRGE in 2016. No idea where I left off, so might as well start over now 😆
  7. Tested it years back when I first got it, been sitting in the attic ever since.
  8. Could you please put me down for a copy if there's any spots left? Thanks
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