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  1. And it's gone. New releases selling out in a few days is becoming quite frustrating.
  2. Drats, I was looking forward to another cross country drive this year. Oh well, I'll push it to 2022 and make a bigger trip out of it.
  3. It's open like a My Little Brony convention 🦄 That made more sense in my head 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. One of mine escaped when I removed the padding, luckily I heard it hit the floor and went looking. And which one's the team card? 🤔
  5. Rev needs so many common carts that he bought his own backhoe to dig with in the ET landfill looking for cartridges.
  6. 2 SMB left, plus Party Line back in stock
  7. Mine had some error in the routing, but the latest tracking says it arrived in the destination country on 12-Feb. Hopefully it'll be here soon.
  8. As a programming geek, I wouldn't mind a midsummer date of 8/4/21. Especially if PRGE 2021 happens this year Aug 7-8th.
  9. So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. 🙏🏻
  10. Am I correct in assuming the mythical SD card never appeared?
  11. You mean this guy? There was other stuff included in the package too.
  12. Ordered. I've been a supporter of Rev's tasteful nudes from the beginning, and consider the games as a nice bonus 😂
  13. Hey, we made it through the whole thing without anyone saying, "sorry, I was on mute" 😂
  14. Found my CDs, I've got a rainbow. First up is Lives v1.0, next is Lives v1.1, and finally Rocks v1.0.
  15. Arrived today, and united with the box and overlays. Gonna be a lot of Intellivision love under the tree this year!
  16. One sticker for me please. I had one that peeled, and was going to print a replacement. Thanks
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