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  1. Haha. Very true. I’ve seen a few over the years like this. Something about that plastic I guess on the TG16 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  2. Modded and cleaned up this Sega Master System, added S-video output and installed an RGB Bypass Board in place of the RF modulator. Tested with my SCART to HDMI converter and looks great, minimal jailbars. Ive included an AV cord I built to provide composite video and dual mono stereo as well and an s-video cable. The console had a lot of minor scratching and nicks. I’ve cleaned it up as much as I could and buffed up the shell. $150 Shipped. PM me with any questions
  3. Nice. I’ll check that out
  4. The NEC TurboDuo is a combo system - Turbografx 16 with HUcard and CD capabilities
  5. Looking to get a TurboDuo but it’ll be much cheaper to find a broken unit to refurbish Let me know if you can help 😀
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