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  1. bradd1978


    Thank you for the offer, I have finally found one
  2. Prices lowered and new 2600 bundle added
  3. Sorry I don’t have pictures anymore. Actually I totally forgot about this LED mod. It was just hot glued underneath the power switch
  4. I’ve got two console bundles available, a 7800 and 2600. Both have been AV modded and been fully cleaned and tested. The 7800 had some damage when I got it. The back corner looks like it had been repaired at some point. The plate has some scratching/marks too. RF has been removed and composite video/audio was installed with a 4 Pole TRRS Jack in its place. The power Jack was also missing so I installed a barrel jack and wired it to function with a Sega, Turbografx or Jaguar power supply, as well as, the one I have provided. Also included is a Sega Master System controller I’ve rewired for use with the 7800. The 2600 has also been fully cleaned and tested, as well as, the controller too. RF was removed in place of a composite video/audio mod. $249 shipped for the 7800 bundle. $119 shipped for the 2600 bundle. PM me with any questions
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