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  1. Selling a Game Gear I’ve modded with a GGTV board from Tim Worthington. Features RGB, S-video and composite output. Audio is still from the headphone jack. I’ve also installed a controller port and included a Sega Genesis controller I specifically modded for this handheld. The C button doesn’t function FYI GG games output to half the screen size but Master System games are full screen. System has been fully cleaned and recapped as well. $250 shipped. PM me with any questions
  2. Selling an NES front loader I have modded with the Tim Worthington RGB board and added a multiout I harvested from a dead GameCube. Through the multiout, the system will display composite, s-video and RGB signals. Inside the cartridge slot, I installed a switch allowing the user to choose between 3 different color palettes. Everything has been cleaned, 72 pin connector has been refurbished and the pins retensioned plus lockout chip is disabled. As long as your carts are clean - games will boot up every time. Please note the original RF and composite output do not function any longer. $300 shipped. This is just for the console only. PM me with any questions
  3. Bump. Added a new item
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