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  1. Looking for the following titles, I'm in Canada for shipping - Pengo Kangaroo Super Breakout Vanguard Frogger QBert Galaxian Ms. Pacman Moon Patrol
  2. Sold an Atari 800XL to him - smooth transaction, great to deal with. Thanks Bruce
  3. Looking for one of these Famiclones - they came in different colors but all looked like an N64 controller with a cart connector on the bottom. If you have the power plug, that’s great too 😀
  4. Haha. Sorry. In all seriousness I’ve had a few of these over the years I found in thrift stores and in cheap eBay deals. I’ve paid anywhere from $5 - $20. I just don’t really want to spend a lot on it right now. But good luck on your listing 😀
  5. Well if you are offering then sure 😂
  6. Yeah that’s what I was planning 😀
  7. I’ll pass but thank you for the offer 😀
  8. I could do $30 shipped. Does it come with controllers too?
  9. Haha. Good question - I’m in Canada for shipping so say $20 shipped?
  10. Looking for any/all of these. Let me know what you might have 😀
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