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  1. Payment sent! Thank you again Bob and Al
  2. Bob I just Pm'd you regarding shipping to Canada :-)
  3. Ill take number 9 - Light/Dark Green Thanks
  4. Recycling a thread! Selling a loose copy of Boulderdash for the 2600. I bought this in a lot on Ebay about 2 years ago. It didn't include box or manual so I really am not sure what happened to them. Cart is mint, game plays great. $100 shipped
  5. They all look great! Im in for a blue cart though if you are doing a run of these 😀 Great work again Bob!
  6. Im looking for 6 of the long black screws that hold the case together for the original Xbox. PM me if you can help
  7. Yeah thats what I'm thinking. I'm probably gonna toss it up on there, but will consider an offer
  8. I saw a few blurps about it on some sites when googling it but it didnt turn up much. Looks like someone sold it loose for $100 or do but that was 10 years ago I think.
  9. Quick question - Im grabbing a Colecovision Lot tomorrow from someone and it includes this cart. Im pretty sure its tougher title to find but wasnt certain. I checked EBay but couldnt find anything even in completed listings. Thanks in advance
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