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  1. Is there any generic cord that is acceptable for an ST floppy drive? I see there are some on ebay that are OEM and was wondering if there are any generic substitutes. Thanks|!
  2. Dude. If I can buy that from you it will make me so happy! No rush either
  3. I dug out an old ST and SC1224 out of an attic last weekend however I am missing the cable that goes from the ST to the monitor. Im wondering if there is any chance to score a lone video cable so I can try the monitor out properly and at least test the ST. Any help would be fantastic. Ive done a bit of googling with no real direction so I figured I'd ask you guys if there were any solutions to this problem. Thanks
  4. You can do some digging around here http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/BootlegGames_Wiki The term bootleg coupled with any info on the cart should yeild some results.
  5. I have no tried this but I saw a video on Youtube and it completely talked me out of it. Like you said, there were many parts and the user said it took him a couple hours to complete. Im sure there are services that fix them though.
  6. I have this one for retro gaming (VCS, VIC20, NES, etc) and it is incredible http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001413DDK/ref=cm_sw_em_r_am_wp_am_us?ie=UTF8 It has a game mode that cuts down input lag to almost nothing. Also supports HD. I found it locally for $100 was couldn't ask for my from a little tv. The only thing it is missing is scan lines :/
  7. Just skip the foreplay and go to www.retrousb.com and purchase the powerpak. Or wait a couple months and purchase the powerpak2 which will have an incredible amount of compatibility. Either way, the amount of hacks you'll be able to play w a flash cart are endless and considering repros run around $30-50 id you're going to buy more than 4-5 it is more than worth it.
  8. This post is just beautiful. I play the Arcade DK every time I order a pizza at a local shop and every little thing wrong with every port was nailed in this post. The internet is a better place because of it.
  9. Personally, I often wonder why people so go crazy over the SNES. The Genny has the upper hand for me because Im such an arcade guy. Just play Streets of Rage once and there's no way you will ever question the Genesis again! lol Seriously though, NHL 94 and 98 are absolute class games in a time where sports games are almost completely shunned. Toe Jam and Earl? Uhh hell yea! Hyper Stone Heist, Hard Corps, Moon Walker, Shining, Phantasy Star. C'mon! The Genny not only lives but shines!
  10. Sega Saturn get my vote. One of my favorite systems and somehow Sega butchered it. I think the Sega Saturn was Sega's lost console generation. Sucks Sega didn't let it mature like Sony did with the PS1. Still, I think people write it off all the time. It get under estimated wayy more than the TG16
  11. I just can't get behind SA2 being the best sonic game. Idk where that even came from honestly. Sonic 1 is my favorite and I have to say - at a risk of sounding like a youngster - that the best sonic game was the recently released sonic 4 for phones/psn/xba. That game was incredible and true to everything sonic is all about. Fast, tight controls, awesome bonus stages, plus replay value. The best 3d sonic game was just released. Lost World is a strong contender to Sonic Adventure which had the top spot IMO since its release in 99.
  12. Its worth the $125 it sells for CIB. Its an awesome system and comes w the sweet custom controller. Plus, just bc its old doesn't mean it's worth less.
  13. I gota admit, I dont see the allure of a big tv when playing retro consoles. I think 26" in more than enough to get the full effect of awesomeness. I have a 22" CRT as my main gaming tv and I will trade HD for scan lines, 240i and a bubbly glass display any day.
  14. I think I only have 3 games for my PS3 and only played 2 of them.. :/ Its main function is a BluRay player. I figure one day I'll find a PS3 game I care enough about to both buy and play lol
  15. Streets of Rage. Wow what a title. And it was for Sega no less! I dont think any beat em up has been so incredible since SoR was released. The music is insane, the moves are awesome and AND the series gets better!
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