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  1. Side quest: where do I get one of these?
  2. Alley Cat was released on cartridge?
  3. Amazing work. Once again, thank you.
  4. Right, if it doesn't have a copy protection it probably doesn't need an ATX, but still, I'd like to have an ATX version anyway, lol
  5. This didn't work for me. I'm so spoiled with the Everdrives being able to reset and start over without a cold restart. Thanks for trying though, I appreciate it.
  6. I have a question. Eastern Front (1941) only has an ATR format will there ever be an ATX version?
  7. Is there a way to return to the fat32 loader after loading a game or is it just hard reset every time?
  8. This is a little vague but I remember a while back Avery discussing an implementation of the subtle differences between the XL and XE circuitry - or something to that effect. Is this still ongoing?
  9. Is it possible for the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini controller which has a USB connector to be used on a real Genesis/Mega Drive (a female DB-9 connector) by ways of an adapter?
  10. I hope this post is in the correct forum. I'm looking for someone with soldering skill to help me assemble the exSID USB Kit. I would send you the kit in the mail along with payment for completion and return. Below are the assembly details. Any volunteers? http://hacks.slashdirt.org/hw/exsid/assembly.html
  11. Yay! Whirlinurd is preserved, sorry, that all I have to say. Thanks to all who make this possible!
  12. Always nice to see Atari Smash Hits! Thanks for the upload.
  13. It's one of my favorite games for sure. I actually have it as an original diskette. In real life it fails to load (copy protection) on my Indus GT, but works fine on my Atari 1050. Thanks for checking, Mclaneinc. so, I reset my setting on Altirra and it works fine now.
  14. Well, I guess I had to reset my setting. Humph. Thanks for checking.
  15. Quasimodo (crc: F55F5D64) doesn't seem to work for me. Mclaneinc, can you confirm this?
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