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  1. Thanks! Question. Will this only work for programs that will fit into 8k, or will it work for bigger programs to make FILE1,FILE2,FILE3, etc to be used with EA5 ?
  2. Where can I find the Mechatronic Eprommer software?
  3. If I recall there used to be a program (I could be mistaken) that converts a DIS/FIX 80 object code file to a EA #5 Program image. does one exist?? if so where??
  4. Yes we did. Doing good, just building all the IDE cards and getting them shipped out. I just put 4 videos up on my channel to go through what I do for a build process.
  5. Feel free to add my YouTube channel as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEl7xR0-PFXamq0oZgDQqjA/
  6. I would also have to 2nd, my biggest HELL YEA moment was when I got my PEB and no longer had to rely on cassette to load and save data. I think the worst game I ever played and I still have it was Espial. I forget how much my Dad paid for it back then and of course I was not going to tell him it sucked as I talked him into buying it for me.
  7. Still a good choice. I did find the Creality slicer program to be lacking some. I ended up using Ultimaker Cura for all my prints so far.
  8. Well i tried to rectify the pricing with you and refunded you a partial on July 22. I am glad you found the videos helpful.
  9. I decided to make a few quick videos of how this card is built. It should answer most anyone questions of how to build the card. I have uploaded it in 4 different parts on my YouTube channel HERE Direct links below: IDE Card Build Part 1 for TI-99/4A IDE Card Build Part 2 for TI-99/4A IDE Card Build Part 3 for TI-99/4A IDE Card Build Part 4 for TI-99/4A
  10. I have spent countless hours playing Tunnels of Doom. I even have 15 released Tunnels of Doom games for download on my site.
  11. I'm down to less than a dozen orders to fill! I have dropped off 8 orders at the post office this week.
  12. Congrats on the 3D printer purchase. I also took the plunge and bought one a couple of months ago. Which one did you get?
  13. Typically if the back LED will not light, the reflow of ICs U16, U8, U10, U15 and U23 (SRAM). Also you will want to check to make sure the 220 ohm resistor near the back LED is good.
  14. the one I have been using with all the IDE boards is: HERE
  15. did you use flux when you soldered? I typically will anchor a corner leg and use a no clean flux pen to flux the rest of the pins and hit them. If you did not use flux and have some, then flux the pens and hit all your pins again.
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