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  1. I had some time this weekend and I had a dead BQ4847 that I wanted to bring back to life with a new battery. These types of chips are completely sealed. Go check out my solution (it works) if you have one and need to replace the battery. Very little effort. With a step-by-step tutorial: HERE
  2. yes. Select 2 of Editor Assembler then 5 for Program Image. If you hit enter it will then look for UTIL1 on DSK1
  3. I think all depends on the model of the beige keyboard. I have ones that are not the membrane version that are very similar to the original black keyboards but are beige and they come off with no issue and have the littler copper fingers just like the black ones. Then I also have a couple of the membrane keyboards that the keys do not come off.
  4. I got you covered. I just came into this a few weeks ago.
  5. I do think it's part of the 80 track upgrade. I pulled out my original DDCC-1 manual and there is no mention of it.
  6. I have uploaded a video demonstration of the new OoeyGUI MESS v4.0 to YouTube
  7. I kind of got side tracked building the IDE cards. But I have it probably 70% done. I need to get motivated to finish it.
  8. I have added one feature to store in the ooeygui.xml file to remap the UI key. fairly simple if you just want to update the xml file for that. Just need to add: <UIKEY>END</UIKEY> This above maps the END key. You can change it to SCRLOCK, PGUP, PGDN, HOME and END. Just needs to go right before the </OOEYGUI> line. as far as the favorite files, the only thing I added was 2 lines to store the IDE HD images. Just add the 2 lines below to your XML favorite files when version 4 releases before the </OOEYGUIFAV> line: <IDEHD1IMAGE></IDEHD1IMAGE> <IDEHD2IMAGE></IDEHD2IMAGE>
  9. it's been a few week since I posted an update and I have made some substantial progress. So, i'm almost there... A few new options that have been coded in the upcoming release: I have worked in mapping the print to file function from MAME to a local file on your PC, then you can print that file to a real printer. I have also worked out being able to mount both the IDE and HFDC card simultaneously on the TI emulated system Remap of UI key (OSD Menu key) Use for RPK and ZIP cartridge files (OoeyGUI will auto-detect between the two!) IDE image creation now included in HD Utilities tab Almost done with completing the auto-install of MAME area. I need to add some logic to make the code generic enough to work on Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi4. I already have most of it done. Just a bit more, then the beta testers can have it to test and post results and issues to be fixed. Auto installation and configuration of MAME from ftp.whtech.com; which consist of: downloading MAME Extracting MAME to specified folder by user Downloading and installing all TI99/2; TI99/4;TI994x;TI99-8 and Geneve ROMS All current TI-99 Cartridges and installing reconfiguring MAME.INI file to include new folders created for ROMS and Carts. downloading Geneve HD image (boot disk) Downloading UCSD and EA disk images Automatic setup for HSGPL cards in slot 5 for various TI-99x systems Creating Desktop shortcut for OoeyGUI
  10. First off you will need to make sure your 'Card Mode' is set correctly. Within the OSD Menu, go to dip switches and select TI or Geneve. then ensure the 'Map at boot time' is set to SRAM. Then go to 'Machine Configuration' and select the BQ4847 (ext SRAM). After this you can load Fred's DSR.
  11. yea that's what I figured i would need to do. So i pounded out the code to pull the site and parse for the latest version. Working good on windows OS so far.
  12. any word on when this will be fixed? i'm working on incorporate a download of the latest MAME realease from the site within OoeyGUI and the easiest way is to use the ftplib with python.
  13. Excellent. I found where my statement was messing up. I was actually assigning the HFDC h1,h2,h3 before the IDE in slot7. all working now.
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