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  1. they are pretty good size. see pic. I snagged this one from Jedimatt's site.
  2. It's a tight space. I can design the PCB to have both. Just have to run cables and plug it in. should be pretty simple. Be aware for the TI you will still have to connect the board to a +5v and Ground source on the TI Power supply in order to prove the required voltage to the adapter. so there will be 2 wires that have to be soldered to the PCB of the internal power supply. They are on pretty big pads, so it is fairly easy to do. I start working on it tomorrow and see what I come up with.
  3. All, I got the second test board in and all is good with this design. The final board will look like the attached, (color will be different). If you want to purchase. PM me and we can work it all out with shipping charges. I still need to order the boards, which will take 1 to 2 weeks to get in once the order is in. The price will be $45 (assembled) + shipping or $35.00 + shipping for a DIY KIT with the exception of the wires that need to be connected to the points on the Geneve. The wire-wrap wires will be provided in the package as well. Documentation will be put up on my site soon.
  4. I definitely think the Alpha Lock should be done. If you go with the 32kmod then i would suggest being able to turn it on or off so it does not interfere with memory cards that a TI'er may have.
  5. I have verified that the PS/2 to USB adapter shown in the attached photo works with Jedimatt's TI99 USB Keys. Also I have been thinking of designing a new board for it that does not require any soldering. simply plug the cable into the keyboard connector on the TI99 mainboard.
  6. i have also gone ahead and sent it over to Malware bytes to get it added.
  7. Version 4.0.3 released. Links updated in post #1 of this thread HERE I have updated the logic to be able to determine which version of MAME uses 'mame' or 'mame64' as the binary file.
  8. so further looking at the code, really all you need to do is change your OoeyGUI configuration to point to a carts and disks directory of your choosing. You don't have to always copy the carts and disks to the new area. I only created the carts and disks directories within mame for easy setup. Just change it after it has been installed to the directory under the configuration tab and save and you are good to go.
  9. Tursi designed one some years ago and it worked quite well. you may want to reach out to him here. He may be willing to make one or offer the files.
  10. how about a USB interface? I have those for sale
  11. standard zif sockets. they have to plug into the dual wipe sockets though as the holes are a bit too small. I did not design this board but I had to order a minimum to get me one that I could build. I have mine installed that way and they work like a charm. i'll look at the 2114 ram and see if the code can be modified to accommodate.
  12. jameco has 41464's in stock 41464-10: Major Brands : IC 41464-10 DRAM 256K-Bit (64Kx4) 100ns w/Page Mode (HY53C464S-10) : ICs & Semiconductors (jameco.com)
  13. I have a few 4464/44256 DRAM testers added to the store. HERE
  14. i have ordered a few new PCB's with a couple of revisions to test. They should be shipped 3/9 or 3/10 (i'm told). once I get them I can solder one up and test it. If all goes well then I can release it.
  15. I have a few of these available. This unit will test the older 4464 and 44256 DRAM modules. Using Arduino, USB powered. Flashing Green = Testing Solid Green = GOOD Solid Red = BAD $30 USD + shipping Fully assembled and tested. ZIF modules can be inserted into sockets for easy testing. (ZIF's not included). See video of the tester in action PM me if interested
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