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  1. yup. That's my point. it's very close and the image is very usable..
  2. i pulled the SD card and put a new one with the latest image on it. Re-ran the update and now i'm at 1.50 I only had Beery's Telnet client on the SD card so easy recovery
  3. I can verify that the 'EXEC TIPI.TIPICFG /r' does not work. After yanking all the cards and starting over going one by one card added again. I replaced the GPL version i had that still has the TIBASIC enabled and I was able to get into GPL Rompage mode and perfrom the CALL TIPI to get into the configuration program. I have run the update as I was on a 1.40 i believe. I stated 'Running....' for about 10 minutes and the 'Running....' has now disappeared and has not refreshed to the latest version. Not sure if it's just hung. I have not tried to reboot it yet. When accessing the TIPI:9900 I see: sqlite3.OperationalError OperationalError: no such table: fileheader
  4. I have verified the TIPI is are to CRU 1800 and no conflicts.
  5. i needed to setup my tipi after the move on my Geneve as my ISP changed. I boot into MDOS 6.5 and go into GPL, select ROMPAGE and if the TIPI is powered up all I get is a blank CYAN screen, never goes into the menu so I cannot run the TIPI.TIPICFG any clues ?
  6. you can order it via my site. https://shift838.fwscart.com/Atari2USB_Joystick_Adapter/p5569983_19996174.aspx
  7. New Direction.... I decided to purchase a couple of new GBS8200 devices for additional testing and the date codes are different of course looking at the circuity it is a bit different too. I could not get my GBSVGA board version 1.0 or 2.0 to work on either of the newer models, but on the older model I have it worked like a charm. so I started digging... i am still using the external 'gbscontrol' firmware, and I did a few modifications to the gbs8200, mainly taking the RGB pots off and directly jumpering to improve the colors. I also adding a 4 capacitors in parallel to better stabilize the power which reduced additional video noise. Now the image on my LED is almost flawless for the Geneve! So... i'll be posting how I did it on my site soon showing all modifications and what is needed with links to everything. Each picture has a photo of a Geneve running in MAME and the real iron running via a GBS 8200 and 'gbscontrol' firmware. One photo has the GBS8200 hooked up via HDMI from a VGA to HDMI adapter like this one HERE and one via VGA (i'm not saying which one yet!). all are showing the exact same hi-resolution MYART image. See if you can tell which of the monitors in the 2 photos are using the GBS8200.
  8. Test boards came in today. I know I have a couple of labels wrong but the continuity test show all the correct connections from my schematic. Now it's time to build one and see.
  9. i know i'll be ordering one prebuilt and one bare.. as soon as they are ready!
  10. the unit itself will be a assembled and tested unit. This will only include the board with the ESP8266 module and updated firmware. The GBS8200 is not included, these can be purchased fairly cheap. If using with the Geneve then I recommend using my geneve video to db9 converter board as well then you can just use a straight through db9 cable. otherwise you will need to make a custom cable. as far as what went out on my 910mp. the SCART board will not recognize a signal, so i don't believe it's the capacitors, but something else. I do have a new SCART board for it, i just need to open it up and look.
  11. this will take an RGB signal from a Geneve or EVPC video card and allow it to be used on a VGA monitor via a GBS8200.
  12. Any word on price and options yet?
  13. I have ordered the test boards. hopefully i'll see them within the next couple of weeks.
  14. Widgets have given me plenty of hair pulling time! I thought my SCSI card died once. I spent about 2 hours on it and then pulled the widget and everything started working again. Once the FinalGROM cartridge came out, that became the only cartridge i needed.
  15. i was unaware it could be modified. Anyone have the missing page?
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