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  1. Yeah, explain with more paragraphs how the buyers of a product shouldn't express disappointment with the the seller of the product. The self-proclaimed patient ones get upset because every few YEARS, patience wears thin, tempers flare and answers are demanded, and the people wanting accountability for their investment are basically told to sit down and shut up. The amount of YEARS doesn't seem to trigger any light bulbs in your heads, the ridiculousness of your position. I would add also, you can't prove that the rowdy-ness hasn't pushed the ball forward on this project. And, you also cannot prove sitting idle and saying nothing has helped either. I think there's actually good evidence in older threads that people demanding answers have actually spurred a little bit of action, however.
  2. Agree. I never give a thought about country of origin for video games, other than the occasional regret/sadness that many great Japanese games never made it to western gamers with localizations. We missed out on a lot when we were younger, but so did the Japanese (ex: Super Punch Out!!). I know for a fact most western gamers regret the absence of loads of Japanese shmups and RPGs. That's just a fact, but I was never sure if the Japanese had the same feelings toward American consoles/games. Actually, I always thought in general, the Japanese rather shunned American games. Which I think is a strange irony, because we know that many business decisions were made for the American consoles not to bring Japanese games here due to what was thought would be poor sales for such games. A lot of marketing people made decisions on Americans behalf, so we didn't get a lot of localizations, especially for the Saturn. Like, it was assumed we wouldn't want their games, but in reality I think western gamers were starving for content and more open to all genres of games, moreso than the Japanese were.
  3. I was once annoyed/pissed off by the charity sales angle of Battlesphere, as it surely seemed like Scatologic had a huge stash of NIB Battlesphere that they were hoarding, and slowly releasing on Ebay to maximize the amount of money made on each one. That was their right to sell it however they wanted to, but alot of people really wanted to play this game, and this was many many years ago, probably 15 years by now. Now that I have owned the game for many years and don't have the anxiety of wanting to acquire it, I look at it a little differently. It wasn't always difficult to get a hold of, and it wasn't always expensive. There was a time early on when it was priced like any other CIB Jaguar cartridge. Now, it's a rather expensive and rare collectible. What I've seen in our video game hobby that's more annoying than the games that become collectible and expensive, is inevitably so many people get upset and uppity about something they 'feel' is too expensive to buy. That something is inherently unfair about a game that has become expensive, so something 'should be done about it'. Either demands are made for the developer to do another print run of the game (Zaku for the LYNX) which they have no obligation to do so, or that all of a sudden it's only righteous and fair for pirated copies to be manufactured. I already see people on this thread basically saying as much, that since Scatologic isn't willing to produce more copies, that making pirated copies is the right thing to do. There are rare games on every game console, and this happens on each one of them. It's almost the norm now on Ebay, that if you have a game for sale over $50, the sellers are putting pictures up of the opened game cartridges showing the original PCB etc..., because piracy is so rampant. Sorry you weren't around when the game was cheaper to buy, that's the advantage of the people who were around in the scene at that time. That doesn't give you the right to make demands, or make money off someone else's work and IP. There are rare and expensive items in just about any hobby, and that's healthy. The unhealthy part of a hobby is always the fakes and counterfeits. I got a big dose of reality for you, Scatologic is not the bad guy because they won't produce new copies of a 20 year old game just for you. You see this same behavior in Magic: The Gathering. I've been playing that game since 1994, and I wasn't early enough to get any Black Lotus or Mox's. Yeah, I wish I had those cards of course, they are worth tens of thousands of dollars, any one of those cards could buy the whole Jaguar CIB library ok? But, I don't feel it's my right to make my own fakes and sell them on ebay because Wizards of the Coast won't make any more of them.
  4. It might not help the release date, but it sure helps vent the steam once in awhile.
  5. I'm happy to see fast food places reducing the amount of items available, even if it's items I happen to buy. The whole industry has had overly bloated menus for too long. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. thanatos


      What's worse with the bloated menus is the switch to friggen animated TV menu boards with videos and all the stuff moving around, just show the damn menu!



    3. GoldLeader


      Yeah, it was a Taco Bell TacoBurger type deal (Pretty good, on occasion back when I ate meat)...It was on the menu from the 70's til I think the 90's (?) actually.

    4. GoldLeader


      It is kind of funny, last night at Taco John's drive thru, after ordering Potato Oles, with a side of Nacho Cheese, of course, and a burrito, I asked for Pintos and Cheese, then the gal said "A side of beans?" And I said Yes, then I couldn't remember if it was Taco John's or Taco Bell that always called it Pintos and Cheese, and most side items were nowhere to be found on the menu...And a big sign outside the menu said, All of our combo #s have changed.  Not sure why, but OK, and then she said, I don't know, things change pretty fast around here.  I do know since COVID that Taco John's also had frozen TJ Burritos that you could buy and cook at home later, but I didn't see those on the menu either...

  6. It's only been 4 years... It's only been 5 years... It's only been 8 years... Now, we're at 10 years and hearing the same thing. At what amount of years is it OK to bitch about the wait? Asking for a friend.
  7. Oh yeah, that's some good news.
  8. I lost track of progress when there was talk about adding a power supply, and there hasn't been any updates on if that was still ongoing.
  9. Yeah, Dig Dug is great on 7800. If we're going that route, I think Xenophobe 7800 is much better than the NES version.
  10. I like them all, but I would want solid Red on mine.
  11. Let's see, I'll have 16 Gravy Scrape'ems, a bucket of Twisty Lard, and two Super Choker Breakfast Burritos with macho sauce. And mega-size it please! And I'll have a diet coke, deep fried..../Homer Simpson

    1. Giles N

      Giles N

      Sounds yummy if you ask me (even though I’d at best be able to get half of of down my throat).

    2. Shawn


      That sounds like the recipe for a heart attack old friend. 

  12. I'm watching this movie on TV right now called Roll Bounce. It's a comedy with roller disco, it's actually not bad...lol

    1. Gray Defender

      Gray Defender

      Great film!

  13. I still definitely want one, and have the money for it. I'm not going to let one game keep me back from this, I've always wanted a joystick for the Jaguar, please mark me down for one of these! I'll figure out the Llamatron thing later.
  14. Ouch, how hard would it be for us to modify it?
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