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  1. Let's be blunt, Amazon Prime has really spoiled us all.
  2. Most wasteful new thing: Klondike Shake. A silver mylar pouch, with a twist off plastic cap, and a built-in straw, plus the cardboard box they sell in. All for a couple swallows of half melted ice cream.

    1. Keatah


      I guess it's all about looking good on the shelf and when opened up. Seems like you're paying for the unpacking experience.


  3. I have a great condition Hori Real Arcade Pro EX stick that I got way back when SFIV came out on the 360. I just recently bought the Capcom Arcade Stadium for the X1 and plugged in my HRAP hoping it would work, but the X1 doesn't even recognize it. Does anyone know if I can get a converter so I don't have to buy another new joystick? I'd love to use this perfectly working stick I already have, obviously.
  4. Well, I think they finally fixed the bugs that were keeping me from playing. The game is running really sluggish in systems with other CMDRS though. Even just one other player in the same instance gives me slowdown.
  5. I have not taken notice that the two droids that drop power-ups have any difference to the type of power-up they drop. Both will randomly drop between 0-3 power-ups, good or bad. All three droids will never perform more than 3 of their assigned action. So, with the shooting droid, once it's fired a 3rd shot, you can safely move about without worry of another attack. Another thing, the power-up droids will never drop power-ups without the ball in play. Now, the trick here is they will drop power-ups if you are holding the ball with Catch, since the ball is technically in play, just not moving about. The strategy to score high points is in truth a little bit of RNG with this game. The Catch power-up is the real scoring machine, and with it, allows you to pursue falling power-ups in complete safety. Every power-up is worth 1,000 points, therefore, you really want to collect every single power-up, good or bad, that comes toward you. The only real bad ones are the Attract and Oppose, and if you grab either of these you will probably lose the ball in short order. Also, the paddle will heal all damage after the first bonus stage, but not the second. I believe it alternates. A damaged paddle will make your geometry a bit unpredictable, as well as make the Catch power-up not work.
  6. This is my favorite of the scavenger hunt games on Jaguar, though Battlemorph is clearly the best produced.
  7. I keep logging on to the game to see if things are fixed, and last night I found another bug. You can't resupply your weapons if they are Powerplay weapons. Ugh.
  8. Frontier released the Odysee expansion last week on PC, and console owners got an update at the same time, and it screwed the game up so bad I don't want to play it. Ranking up with the Fed or Empire is broken, completely. Meaning, you can't rank up at all, so doing missions is pointless. Also, I can't do surface mining in the SRV for raw materials. I went to my normal spots for this, and although the geological activity is still there, you won't find any targets to mine. Just nothing. Instancing is screwy also. I flew to a HGE target, and when I instanced into the zone, all of a sudden I was back at the Star! I'm done with this game unless they fix this buggy crap.
  9. Was The Chaos Engine renamed Soldiers of Fortune for the US (SNES/GEN)?
  10. I didn't know about any deluxe edition until this thread. Doesn't matter, the standard edition is still really sweet and of great quality. I'd love to have that Poster Book now!
  11. That's Mr. Iceman to you!

  12. Halloween costume idea: Acid wash Guess jeans(pegged), hypercolor tee, penny loafers, and a Swatch watch.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rogerpoco


      Swap in a pair of Converse boots(pink and grey, if possible...), and go with a micro mullet, if possible, that'll nail it.

      Oh, and Jelly Bracelets. 

      DEF can't forget those.


    3. CPUWIZ


      Fox tail on your keychain!

    4. x=usr(1536)


      If you're gonna really go for it, go with the Swatch pager watch.



      OK, so it didn't come out until the '90s, but a bit of anachronism never hurt :-D

  13. Got my big box of games this week, but I haven't really done anything other than take inventory. All the boxes and instructions once again are just like the old days, great quality. Breakout 2000 is taking my Jaguar playing time currently though, so no opinions of the new games. Edit:
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