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  1. That's the only enemy on level 64. Which is why it's so hard to clear.
  2. It looks really awesome in screenshots.
  3. Krikz Everdrives have not made other classic console games cheaper.
  4. There is a level skip cheat, so that could be done rather easily. Just saying, if the goal was to simply see the final end, one could go that route.
  5. The printing on that label is sub-par. Notice all the 'hairs' sticking out all over it? That means the ink isn't at the correct Ph, causing the ink to dry on the printing plate. So the printing appears dirty as the plate presses against the gold foil, not only does it print the actual text, but all the dried ink that's building up around the edges of the printing plate. So, this concludes the totally un-solicited class on web press printing for today.
  6. Good luck on your sale man, that's a great thing to do with it for your kid.
  7. M.U.L.E. seems like it was a special one of a kind production run some years ago. I'm surprised I don't see it for sale, unless there are some legal issues with it?
  8. I like what I see so far, and the music is catchy! Love the music.
  9. I still want to believe I'm a good T2K player, so....no way I'm watching these videos. Ignorance truly is bliss!
  10. I think Scott toilet paper is designed to be anti-theft, because it's so terrible. 

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      wtf did I just watch!? lol

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      Thanks @frankodragon!  I lost it on "ass in the air"!🤣

  11. It'll work out, because I pledged to spend my gaming budget in the AA Store for the entire year of 2021. So, I'll just plan on buying a Series X next year, which judging by availability, is probably for the best anyway. There are so many games in the AA store that I have to have. I need to keep that pledge.
  12. This cold weather is great, what's with all the whining?

  13. I've been playing Elite: Dangerous exclusively for a solid month. I've been switching between combat missions and passenger delivery missions. It's pretty cool with the Horizons expansion, you can land on planets and drive around in a little rover. Plus there's this alien race called the Thargoids that you can go and fight against once you get an endgame ship. I'm not at that level of play just yet. Anyway, I guess you can fight the Thargoids and obtain unique materials for boosting your ships' gear.
  14. Just wanted to say thanks out loud, this is what I was looking for. Looks like I'll be waiting to upgrade though, because you can only get new ones for around $900 scratch, currently. Screw that! Also, that thing is shaped like a tower, I'm not sure exactly if it will fit where it's planned to go. Hmm...
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