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  1. It's official, we're old! Tune-In has a radio station called 90's CLASSIC ROCK

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    2. Rogerpoco



      That's like, the best, most practical response to the issue, lol, I guess I was kinda thinking that way, but it hadn't quite clarified in my brain. Good Point!

    3. IntelliMission


      In 40 years, we will all be dead and the "music" that is created today will become "classic roaring 20s sounds".

    4. MrMaddog


      Yah, used to be 90's alt-rock and 70's-80's classic rock were on seperate stations...and now it's 'all' on the same radio station.


      It's just too weird hearing a Perl Jam song right after they played an AC/DC one...



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