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  1. Beat-Em-Ups...the term itself, a construct. Did we just call them 'fighting games' before Street Fighter II happened? I can't remember anymore. The advent of the FPS forced us to come up with the term Shoot-em-up (shmup), since they hijacked the generic 'shooter'.

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    2. retrorussell


      I always categorize Street Fighter and its ilk as "VS. Fighting Games", and Final Fight and its ilk "Beat-em-ups".  It's hard to get the proper nomenclature figured out.

    3. dj_convoy


      Just like shooters are now retroactively shoot 'em ups

    4. doctorclu


      Yeh, I guess Golden Axe was and still is my go to "walk along and beat people up" games.

  2. Did any other Rock bands follow the Heart model, which was hard rock in the 70s, the successfully transition to light songs in the 80s?

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    2. xucaen


      There's a very fine line between classic rock and the origins of country.

    3. xucaen


      That is a groovy song, man!

    4. Laner


      Michael Bolton's another. He had a handful of hard rock albums, rubbing elbows with Kiss and Ozzy. Then made a hard transition into pop/AC in '87.  I remember seeing one of his early videos pop up from time to time on Headbanger's Ball, which was always very weird.

  3. One of them is Elevator Action. That's what the voices in my head tell me.
  4. I love the 8bitdo SNES wireless controller, and highly dislike the Retro Bit Genesis wireless. The 8bitdo controller has no problem keeping sync. The Retro Bit Genesis is a pain in the butt to sync every time I turn the Sega on!

    1. GoldLeader




      It's like I always say 8BITDO is Awesome!   Hyperkin is Awesome!  Retro-Bit is Crap!

    2. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      Now I have to buy the 8bitdo Genesis wireless controller! Honestly, the Retro-Bit controller itself it pretty nice, but the hassle of reconnecting the dang thing every time I power up is super annoying.

  5. I've seen reviews on Amazon stating the Brawlers stick went limp, that's why I went with the Mini repro design. I liked the look and size of the Brawler though.
  6. Nice, some of you guys are hitting it hard.
  7. I got the Retrobit Hori Mini repro, and am happy with it so far.
  8. @Jin yeah Pitfall The Mayan Adventure is a nice platformer, and a good challenge. I beat the Jaguar version some years back. Good on you!
  9. Can you invest money in Amazon Prime Delivery? Because that thing is going to bury all the other package delivery services out there

    1. GoldLeader


      Amazon's stock ticker is AMZN.  And I Highly recommend it!!  :D

  10. Playing Civilization VI for about 3 weeks now. Finally getting the hang of the game. It's not a pick-up-and-play game though, you really need some good hours to get into it, even just to do a little bit. The most annoying aspect of this is the loading times, good grief it's ridiculous, and you have to listen to this tedious lecture (sounds like Sean Bean) every single time you load your game from a save. This game would get an A+ if it wasn't for the loading times though. Probably only a B with them.
  11. Broke my eyeglasses the other  day, and I've been wearing a 4-5 year old prescription backup pair. Getting in this afternoon to the eye doctor for an exam, and get some new glasses. I'm 44 and still not on bifocals yet, I keep expecting to have to switch to that sometime soon.

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    2. Cafeman


      Hope you aren't getting headaches wearing the old prescription!   


      I'm 51 and have had progressives for about 6 years.  Fortunately I've had the same prescription the past 3 years.   Presbyopia truly sucks since the sides/peripheral vision is always unclear now, and I have to direct my head straight-on to see things clearly, like reading smaller signs while driving.  Even if I get laser/lasic .. the bifocal/reading problem wouldn't  get fixed.   I will say my own anecdotal experience --  both I and wife went to Walmart optical first to save money, but those progressive lenses were CRAP compared to going to a real eye optician . My 1st pair, from Walmart optical, if I moved my head, the floor rolled like waves of the sea!   My 2nd pair on (from my usual family eye doctor) were much better quality.   I now get digital (they scan your eyes).  Other than the side-view blurriness, I don't even think about it most times.  

    3. Flojomojo


      Costco has a good optical department -- their lenses are high quality and include anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings in the very reasonable price. They don't take insurance but that's OK because they're cheap anyway. They have some fashionable frames and are happy to fill another doctor's prescription. I've been happy with them for my eyeglasses needs. 


      Now that I have IOLs (look it up) I kinda miss their glasses department. 

    4. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      Yeah, definitely have this running headache from the strain of an old prescription. I'm prone to migraines anyway. I usually pay quite a bit for lenses because I have to have every amenity for my job (UV protection, anti-glare, scratch resistance etc..). I get nice quality frames too because I like the light weight and durability, they can get banged  around once in awhile. Unfortunately I didn't break them because of my job, although I'm not sure the boss would have compensated me anyway.


  12. If it was a space limitation, it makes sense to eliminate the pie factory since it doesn't fit thematically with the other stages. Donkey Kong is supposed to be climbing a building, and the other stages are themed towards that generic idea. Wasn't Nintendo accused of nerfing the 2600 game in favor of the Coleco? Also, the original 7800 version also did not have the factory stage, but the 8-bit Atari computer version did have it. That kind of contradicts the accusation that they harmed the 2600 version. It seems to me Nintendo did what it could on each platform with the tech available and coding expertise at the time.
  13. Perhaps the topic keeps being reborn because the answer is never fully realized. There's too much bitching and fighting and programmer dick-waving getting in the way of a definitive conclusion. To me the question really is this; given the proper resources of time and money, what is the most complex/advanced 3d game that could be realized on the Jaguar/CD? Unless that mythical game already exists (Battlesphere), the best way to discuss the topic IMHO, is to point to similar tech on 3do and PS1/Saturn. Tomb Raider was argued about alot, and I think the consensus is that no chance on the Jaguar. So, is there say, a PlayStation game that is the closest approximation of a theoretical 'ultimate' Jaguar game?
  14. Donkey Kong 1994 (Gameboy). I have been working on this one a long time. Although, not since 1994. I can't remember when I first picked this game up, but it was in a used game store. It's probably been atleast 15 years. It was done on the Super Gameboy. I had just soldered in a brand new battery on it a few weeks ago, and decided to finally go for it. The hardest stages overall are the ones where you have to make your own platforms and ladders. Also, I think it's stage 8-12, this lava stage, I lost around 30 lives on that one. World 9, the Tower, was actually easy, but the final battle with DK was irritating. But I did it, with no help, so I feel good about it.
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