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  1. I'm not sure I like the Dreamcast version of Hydro Thunder over the N64 game. The audio actually really sucks.

    1. Flojomojo


      Agreed, the Midway games seem janky on Dreamcast, but polished on N64, despite the lower resolution. SF Rush 2049 on N64 is really nice. 

  2. This is not a good version. Now I'm curious to see how good Zaxxon 32k is.
  3. I didn't realize Epson and other home printer manufacturers send out firmware updates disguised as security updates, so that they can invalidate 3rd party ink cartridges. Now I know. I will never update a printer again! I don't use mine enough to realize this was actually a thing.

    1. DrVenkman


      The hell of it, many of those are legit security updates designed to prevent someone from hijacking the device to use as a snoop/traffic logger on your home LAN. It's just that that they roll in the crap that lets them disable 3rd party ink and toner cartridges from working at the same time.

    2. Tickled_Pink


      Sounds like I'm lucky enough to own an Epson printer that's too old for them to seemingly worry about. If they had their way, I'd have had to chuck a perfectly good working printer because the waste ink reservoir was apparently full. I did buy a spare but never installed it. I've reset the page counter with a third party app and everything's tickety-boo. I'll replace the reservoir once it becomes obvious that I need to.

  4. Went to an Amish country store this weekend, you would not believe the deals. A big bundle of string cheese with about 50 sticks for $5. Its pretty far out in the sticks but worth the trip

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    2. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      There are different levels of Amish. 

    3. cvga


      Correct. Nappanee Amish are level 8. They are hoping to get to level 9 but the boss is really tough!

    4. digdugnate


      We have a couple of Mennonite stores around us- the quality of the food is always FANTASTIC and the prices are crazy reasonable.  Just remember to bring cash.  :)

  5. I think I'm going to buy Slay The Spire. Its a rogue-like card battle game. I've been playing Blackguards 2, and theoretically I should love it, it's a hex combat strategy, turn-based rpg, but it's kind of boring. Thinking also about replaying Red Dead Redemption 1.
  6. I've been playing through Yoshi's Wooly World again. I had already %100-ed this game when it came out, but I felt like playing through it again, because it's just so pretty to look at. The WiiU platform games are just amazing in every way.
  7. OK, I just want to expand on what I mean by 'hobbyist console'. So, let's say you buy a used 5200, one that has not had any upgrades or any fixes to the joysticks. You should expect to do these things: Video mod/ upgrade to S-video or better (note: video mods ruin the ability to use the VCS Adaptor) Joystick repair or upgrade kit (gold dot connector kit is the best rebuild kit you can get at $50) You may have to open the console to calibrate the joystick pots inside (not difficult) You may also tweak the color timing pot while you're in there (not difficult) Seek out alternative controllers (recommended but $$$$) Power adaptor has a fuse inside that can blow (difficult to fix, but new ones can be had easily) Just a few things I could think of that I've dealt with. I've had mine since the 1980's and it seems like I've done regular upgrades and repairs over all these years. Don't let that scare you off. It's not like you'd constantly be screwing with it, but it does need proper care. I actually have a spare 5200 with an S-video mod I could part with. I also have a stock controller but without a rebuild. PM me if interested.
  8. Eh. I do like Space Dungeon, but as far as Robotron goes, I spent a lot of time with it during this years High Score Club and set the record. It's got many problems. It's ok, but I wouldn't list it as a reason to get a 5200 console. The 7800 game is much better. I agree on the Trak-Ball, that's a pretty great argument for the 5200.
  9. Nobody is seriously suggesting Daytona on Jaguar. The guy who made the comment that started it all said he was making a joke (I say a cheap zinger at the Jaguars expense). Then this thing went way off the rails.
  10. Firing up the grill maybe for the last time this year. Got some Asian BBQ marinaded pork chops...mmmm! This weekend it's cooling down quite a bit.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Enjoy!!   I'm getting my sprinkler blow out done right now, and tomorrow they say we'll get 4-8 inches of snow!

    3. save2600


      Grilling out ourselves tonight and yeah, may be for the last time this season too. Cheers!   🍺

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Whether you say grilling out or barbecuing, it's always one of my favorite ways to eat. Here in San Jose, the weather starts to take a dip sometime after my birthday. October 18th. Every year it's nice on this day and not too much after it starts to cool down.

  11. You chose a game that was state of the art, dedicated arcade hardware in 1994. Nobody would expect the 1995 Jaguar to run that game. Sega couldn't get Daytona right on their own home hardware until Dreamcast. I think you went for the cheap zinger. But, what is this Atari/ Sega cross publishing deal mentioned above? Is that regarding some of the Tengen releases on Genesis like Hard Drivin and Roadblasters? Maybe Sega had something going with Atari Games division, but there certainly wasn't any mutual pact going the other way. I can't think of any Sega games on Lynx or Jag.
  12. The simple fact is the 5200 is a hobbyist console. Expect to put time and money into one to get the most out of it.
  13. There are pre Daytona USA racers by Sega that the Jag could handle. Super Monaco Gp, Super Hang On, Power Drift, Enduro Racer etc... Most of which could have been slightly improved from previous ports (maybe not Power Drift). Enduro Racer never got a proper port, the Master System version was nothing like the arcade game.
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