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  1. Every Atari console is necessary. Sounds fanboyish, but it's true.
  2. I've made it to level 4 with regular play, but my thumbs can't take the punishment. You need thumbs of steel or rapid fire for extended play. I can't offer any tips other than just keep playing it. The 'tube' level I remember as being awesome.
  3. Just heard a commercial on the radio for a mini golf place called Ninja Golf!

    1. masschamber


      only reasonable response is to go, let us know how the giant frogs were.

    2. snorlaxnut
    3. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      That has to be it! Granger, IN is only 20 minutes from my house. That looks cool, it must be really new.

  4. I too, haven't requested a rapid fire controller because I was waiting on the twin stick.
  5. I still need to buy the Zelda Breath of the Wild expansion. Even though I don't play the game, I better get that for when I inevitably decide to give it another try.
  6. I told the operations manager at work to tell people that this coming Friday would not be a day off from work, because the 4th of July was cancelled due to coronavirus. He thought it was humorous but won't pull that prank.

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    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Yeah, so if a National Holiday happens to land on a weekend, most businesses are required to provide a paid day off to compensate. Businesses don't get to cheat you out holiday pay because of the 'luck of the draw' on their part.

    3. carlsson


      Aha! That is not the case over here. We have "employees' years" where most holidays happen on weekdays, and "employers' years" where many of those happen on weekends. In the end it is thought that this evens out.

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Husband: "Was that fireworks or gunshots?"


      Wife: "Stick your head out the front door and find out."




      Wife: "I didn't like him anyway."


  7. I like this answer because it puts an approximate total price. Because, I conflate 'easy' with 'cheapest'. What is being discussed here truly breaks down to cost. If something is rather cheap, it will be easy to acquire.
  8. Rayman gets harder and harder. I did a %100 completion on it years ago and it was one of the most frustrating experiences. There are hidden electoon cages that require blind leaps of faith to find, those were the most difficult. Worth playing just for the gorgeous sprites though, it never lets up on the graphics.
  9. Really, the only cheap Rayman original right now, is the PS1 greatest hits version. If you check ebay, the US Saturn version recently sold for $135, and a PS1 longbox version of Rayman sold for $69. That's pretty high. I think the game has garnered enough of a good reputation over the years to make it sought after, but not rare, similar to good shmups. There's also the fact that Ubisoft keeps making new Rayman games, so who knows, that might spark interest in the old stuff too.
  10. We had chili cheese dogs and baked beans for dinner last night. I think you could label that a double whammy.

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    2. frankodragon


      Or you could take the Haribo sugar-free gummy bear challenge and eat 5 pounds of gummy bears and your butt will feel like Mount St. Helens exploding in no time.

    3. thanatos


      For room clearing results, have Bass Ale and Spam the same day.  Random, but yeah, that happened once in the college dorms.


    4. Trinity


      Two cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli's and about half a box of Golden Grahams cereal. OMG!

  11. There's only one Metal Slug worth buying and that is the Metal Slug Anthology for PS2. I used to have 3 different Slugs on AES, sold them, and the PS2 port is fine and it has 7 games on it including the Atomiswave game. I see no reason other than collector purposes to delve into other ports.
  12. I'm probably not the first person to realize Jim Parsons would make a good PeeWee Herman

  13. I really enjoy the Hardcore Gaming 101 series of books. Good screenshots, full color, and very nice background info on the games discussed. Highly recommended.

    1. Zoyous


      I've got their two volumes of Sega Arcade Classics. I did spot a couple of errors, but for the most part they're excellent and I learned from them. I definitely want to get some more of their books.

  14. Played the beta, didn't care for it enough to play seriously.
  15. Oh wow Fission Superstar X is awesome! I had trouble putting this game down last night. 

  16. I'm gonna check out a Wesley Snipes movie this weekend and I can't believe I haven't already seen it. Undisputed.

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    2. Shawn


      Knowing your movie tastes, I'm pretty sure you will like it. I did. The direct to video sequels are worth watching as well.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I like great 80's and 90's action movies myself, the less CGI the better.  AND i like TERRIBLE 80's and 90's action movies too if they are just bad enough to be good (if you know what i mean.) :) 

    4. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Watched it tonight. I definitely liked it, and found out it was directed by Walter Hill as well, so that's another plus. He always makes films with a bunch of machismo, so this fits that profile for sure. It was kind of filmed semi-documentary style, and I felt like something was missing when nearing the end fight. I was surprised that the fight was just played straight up with no plot twists, so when it was all over I kept waiting for something big to happen, like a murder or something. I mean, it's in a prison full of vicious criminals. Pretty good movie though, and Ving Rhames as a villain was a bit different. Snipes was outstanding, easily the best actor in the movie.

  17. They require a temperature check, and answering some quick questions, but I'm back in the swimming pool after 2 months.

  18. I think it was/is a terrible controller. Ergonomically it was a disaster IMHO. For instance, the hand grips point straight down, which is not actually a natural fit for your wrists. I believe this affects the triggers as well, because I always feel like I'm straining my hand to hold the controller while putting a finger on the trigger. The cord coming out of the bottom, another terrible decision. This must have been a design decision caused by the VMU slots. This is almost always noted, so it goes without saying really. Yeah, they put a clip in the back so you could hold it close to the controller like you do with the cord on some upright vacuum sweepers, or how a squirrel curls its tail up its backside. But, you lose a good 6 inches of length doing this, which can make the difference between buying an extension cable or not. I don't find the analog stick to be very durable either, and it doesn't have good grip. Then there was the VMU, egads, talk about the gimmick apparatus device of all time. Built to annoy everyone with a couple weeks of battery life, and they chose a non-rechargeable battery type in the CR2032, which themselves haven't traditionally been as easy to acquire as AAA, nor as cheap.
  19. I f I had the capital to risk, I could definitely make exact duplicate replacement cartridge labels for the 2600. They would be printed by the same process on a real printing press. The main problem is duplicating the artwork legally, plus the cost of printing plates would be around $200 per copy. The cutting die and inks are not a problem. I have about 3,000 colors at my disposal. 


    I'm not talking about printing off a few labels, but thousands. Imagine being able to completely renew your Activision carts. 


    Ah well. 

    1. Rogerpoco


      Just jumping on a conversation with an obvious Activision fan...



      I see both ways, on what you are thinking-I love having nice, newish looking carts(Speaking Activision, particularly), but I also appreciate the vintage look of the Actiplaque, in a way.


      I'm collecting the loose carts, and the CIB's(got loose Rampage and Double Dragon today...43/44...need Beamrider...good luck to me...).

      I guess I tend to keep the nicer looking one in the CIB, and the more plaqued version "on display" loose.


      Anyway-new Activision adventure, happening actively-

      I suppose I was the catalyst for bringing this together, tho I jumped on someone here's existing idea(we are working together!), and another Friend here did the graphic design(lol, my "idea", but the sketch was caveman style...). So is a group effort.

      First public display!


      Being produced now, not looking for sales or anything, just "showing off", ha-not sure what the "sales arrangement" will be with me and Mass, the other producer, but I'm easy to work with, don't much care about $ or anything.

      There is another actively coming, but this one is more "my baby", so I am comfortable disclosing it, I'll leave the other to him, seems fair!

      Why Checkers?

      Man, that's a LOOONG story, and you just saw how bad my "regular" stories can be...



  20. Mmmm... Funyuns

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      had some today

  21. I played Loaded (Saturn) for the first time in years. I had fond memories of it, but upon recently playing it, I realized how shallow the game is. Yeah, you get to shoot alot of guns, but the level design is a joke. It's one of those games where you find a color coded key, and that key opens that same color doors. Then you find the next color key, and open those doors etc...until you complete the level. Boring! This was one of the first PS1 games I had years ago. Funny how I remembered it being much more fun.

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    2. Rogerpoco


      Oh, playing loaded is DEFINITELY the way to go!!!


      Sorry, I read closer. Nevermind.

    3. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Lol agree.  When a roommate and I went in on a PSX back in the day, Loaded was one of our first games.  He described it as "for the first five minutes, it's the greatest game you've ever played in your life.  Then, like immediately, it becomes tedious and a bore."  

    4. GoldLeader


      Some things don't age well, eh?  Loaded was one of the first PlayStation games I  bought in '96 and I showed it off to a friend and he couldn't believe the graphics and violence/gore, (Remember we'd all just stepped up from SNES) and he said "This is the Greatest game ever!"


      I wonder if I still have it?  My long boxes are wedged in behind PS2 games on the lowest shelf...It might be there, somewhere around Twisted Metal, Viewpoint, or Skeleton Warriors...

  22. Oh my god, take me back to my childhood with this Adult Big Wheel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZS2CTR9/ref=emc_b_5_i

    I so want one of these.

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      In my early twenties I was a flatland BMX trickster. I can't pull that stuff off anymore, but a 'drift trike'? Yeah, that's definitely more my speed in my mid-40's. That thing is cool looking too, I had no idea they made big wheels for adults. Having a big wheel was one of the best things about childhood for me.

    2. save2600


      I have 8mn film of me and my little bro riding these... in the 70's. Green Machine they were called.  Lmao

    3. GoldLeader


      Interesting...Not what I expected.  I saw this commercial a while back where a guy is rapping and his whole crew are riding these gold big wheel trikes...Thought maybe it was gonna be those, but they seem to have been custom made for the commercial...They had higher/bigger seats and bigger back wheels and looked metal, not plastic...I wish they made those!  I couldn't find those for sale...

  23. I'm having real trouble getting to sleep going on a week now. Any tips? I went for a doctor visit about it Thursday. He just thinks it's anxiety. I haven't been able to swim for 2 months, so I haven't been exercising. Yoga was recommended, but so far I'm still just laying there for hours trying to fall asleep.  If I take enough melatonin I'll get to sleep, but that makes me feel groggy when I wake up. It's real frustrating to not be able to fall asleep normally.

    Yesterday I had a really busy day, I mowed grass and trimmed at 2 places, for a total of about 4 hours, and had to do grocery shopping and household chores. I was very active and yet I still couldn't fall asleep until about 3am this morning. It sucks.

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    2. Turbo-Torch


      One 5mg Melatonin tablet about 30 minutes before going to bed does it for me every time.

      Maybe you're taking too high a dose if you're feeling bad the next day.

    3. GoldLeader


      My advice is take one Tylenol PM or Sleep Aid pill (just the diphenhydramine) plus one quarter (or up to a half) tab of melatonin, about an hour and a half before bedtime...Fine if it kicks in earlier...I don't overdo the melatonin because you may sleep so deep, that to wake up, your body gives you a nightmare (not everyone has this issue)...Then of course, drink coffee to focus the mind when you wake up !  Best of luck!

    4. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      I think I'm through the insomnia episode. I was worrying about falling asleep, and that perpetuated the anxiety about it. So, I finally came to peace with the fact that I just might not fall asleep quickly. Started watching When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1970) and fell asleep before it was over, and had a normal night. Didn't even take any melatonin. Here's to hoping it was just a phase.

  24. Cobra Kai


    It's back to being unavailable on Amazon.
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