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  1. I'm into week 5 now, still working on it. That Sweden skill track was a PITA!
  2. Just got done finishing up Shadowgate 64 with the help of a walkthrough guide. I got about half-way through the game before getting completely stuck, so I needed some help. It's a fun little game, but it's so primitive, and I couldn't help but think this would have been a great game for the Jaguar. I'm not even sure the graphics would have taken a big hit, maybe it would have to be a JagCD game, but I think it would have been almost the same as the Nintendo 64 version. Funny thing is if it was a Jaguar game, I would probably like it a lot more than I do now, being a big fanboy of the Jaguar.
  3. How are we playing this one? Can we save the game or is it get as far as you can in a single session? I don't want to save to milk the best score, but rather to manage time. This game is huge.
  4. Meh. That strategy won't get me in the store. 2c given.
  5. Walter Hill, please 'get the boys back in town' for another 48 HRS sequel. 

  6. Ok, so you take your ship and ram it into the asteroids until these little pixel-wide 'bombs' (called Sini-Bombs) chip off of it. Then you fly around and grab those, which get added to your inventory. Use Sini-Bombs to blow up the demon Sinistar.
  7. 10,650 no proof. My Sinistar cartridge keeps crashing, so that's the score the last time I looked up before a crash. I can't really play this one. I should have requested a new cartridge years ago when I bought it from the AA store, but it was one of those times when I didn't play the game until like 6 months after receiving it in the mail, so I didn't say anything then.
  8. I wouldn't mind having Defender of the Crown, but I can't afford it right now.
  9. There's a SNES version of this game IIRC, but I don't think it shares the same title.
  10. Nuclear Pacman

    Nuclear Pacman

  11. Slightly better: Challenge 3 Race 2 01:10:56
  12. Challenge 2 Race 3 01:16:34 When this came out 3DO had Road Rash, and I had played that quite a bit. While not nearly as deep as that game, Val d Esierre was an acceptable substitute for the Jaguar. I've always enjoyed playing this one.
  13. Still available. Unfortunately I have to stay firm on the price, the shipping is going to be substantial. Thanks for looking
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