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  1. In your press release you mention: "Every game connects to the internet through your connected mobile device for registering high scores". Would you describe how this works please? Thanks!
  2. I think it probably depends on how well the old glue is sticking. I've removed a few and some almost just fall off, while I had one that was a bit more sturdy and the disc bent slightly while removing it. IIRC it's sort of like a thin metallic coin and I was able to bend it back to shape quite easily and reapply it. I used a really small/thin screwdriver to pry mine out. Warming the disc with a hairdryer might soften the glue a bit, but wasn't necessary for mine. Hope that helps a bit
  3. Thanks for clearing this up for me. I ordered a couple of receivers and am gonna do the mod and play around with it a bit.
  4. @RevEngThanks for this mod tip. Do you know if these should be safe/work with Atari compatible DB9 systems such as Commodore 64/128, Atari 8-Bit & ZX Spectrum? Also do the two buttons work with 7800? Just curious if this mod will be safe to use on those systems or not. I have been wanting a general use DB9 wireless solution for a long time!
  5. I have had good luck using PlayZX available in the Android Play Store
  6. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-gemstone-warrior_2181.html
  7. Looks like a dust cover to me
  8. Subscribed! Sounds and looks awesome.
  9. This looks like it will be fun. Keep up the good work!
  10. Thank you! So awesome you're doing this. Looking forward to getting my A8 online.
  11. Ok, thank you. Maybe I can move forward a bit now. Appreciate it Thom.
  12. Ahh, so... 850 > CX88 > 25M/9F > Serial/USB > Pi(tcpser) Is this correct? I can't make out gender on the CX88 photos.
  13. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get my A8 online. I left sort of an oddball question that I never got a reply on and haven't had time to delve further into it than that yet: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/196354-ataris-plato-cartridge-question/page-18?do=findComment&comment=4132119 I'm still working towards connecting, just not easy when I'm having to pick out little bits of info from tons of posts over the years. If I can figure it all out, I plan on writing an A8 guide. I have an 850 now, just trying to use a Pi for the bridge, instead of an Lantronix. Keep up the awesome work man.
  14. I'm curious. Would this method work with a Lotharek SIO2PC/USB instead of using a Serial-to-USB cable? Similar to this method, which describes how to use SIO2PC/USB for serial connection: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/249426-sio2pi-atari-as-a-terminal-for-a-raspberry-pi-visiting-bbs/?do=findComment&comment=3450741 Atari > 850 > SIO2PC/USB > Pi Or will it only work using the Port 1 on the 850? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Your work is really refreshing and unique Digress and I think it's cool you take the time to listen to feedback. Says a lot about you. Still looking forward to this and it keeps getting better.
  16. Great seeing this. Even giving attention to the ZX Spectrum. That's just awesome!
  17. Hi Thom, I hope you aren't getting discouraged. I have been keeping a close eye on all of this PLATO/IRATA stuff you've been doing and I for one am really interested in it. So far, I have just been lurking and not actively participating yet. The main reason for me, is that my spare time has been drastically reduced the past few months and it's taking a bit for me to figure out how to get my A8 online. That's the 2nd main reason I haven't hopped aboard yet. Originally, I was hoping I could magically use my Rpi3 along with my SIO2PC/USB and connect with the Cyber1 server and the Plato cart, but after more research learned I needed an 850. Trying to do this on the cheap, it's taking awhile to get all this stuff figured out. I'm personally interested in the old mainframe dungeon crawlers, so that's been my driving motivation so far in what I'd like out of it. I'd also like to dig into the old lessons and see what lurks in there. It's a fascinating system. I have checked out Cyber1 with Pterm and really like what I've seen, I just want to wait to dig deeper until I can do it from the comfort of my 800XL. Anyway, just know that there are people like me who might not be aboard yet, but are working towards getting in there and exploring. I really appreciate what you're doing, so please keep up the good work! Thanks
  18. re: hamburger toppings I've played TM for several hours, but still haven't played through it all. Haven't had as much game time lately. I love the idea of numeric pad use for inventory and the puzzle solving idea is interesting. I'm just amazed at how much you squeezed into TM on a standard CV game. Can't wait to see what you do with this!
  19. Wow, the level designs are really coming around nicely and that fire breathing dragon was a surprise and super awesome. I'm glad you aren't making it exactly like Tank Mission, but do hope you go all out like you did in that. One thing I really enjoy about TM is the elaborate use of the numeric pad and all the fine details you added. The way you can swim, tank treads leave marks on the ground, etc. I have total faith in your work and am really excited about this new project. Keep up the good work!
  20. Awesome! Glad to see you revisiting this. I hope you stick with some of those earlier ideas with the overland horse riding segments and things. You've done great stuff in the past, so I'm sure you'll come up with some really neat stuff for this. I really like that artwork with the Dragon btw. A Conan style Tank Mission is just too cool!
  21. Heh, I just checked yesterday to see if any progress had been made on the 40 column version myself.
  22. I'm really excited for the Spectrum Next and am hopeful it will solve some of these issues fellow US citizens have to deal with when importing a Spectrum, as it's supposed to work out here via HDMI. In the meantime, I assembled myself a Spectrum clone called the Harlequin, which was mentioned above. I'm sure it's probably daunting for most to assemble one, but it does work well and IMO gives probably the closest ZX Spectrum experience here in the states. 1 simple power adapter and 1 video cable and mine is housed in an original 48K rubber keyed Spectrum as well. And like mentioned above, those cases have been replicated now by Retroradionics, so you have a lot of options to choose from with a build. It was so frustrating to me being in the US and trying to get a Spectrum up and running, the Harlequin is really fantastic. Depending one ones budget and or skills of course, as I'm sure if you purchased a pre-assembled Harlequin PCB and new case, it could easily go over the $200 mark. One thing of note for anyone in US interested in putting one together. I'd highly recommend modding it for S-Video and making sure you have a TV that can handle that, as my impression of the composite output was not great. Or, if money isn't an issue, Ben at ByteDelite offers an HDMI adapter that plugs into the expansion port! Lotta options and I'm glad with the upcoming release of the Next, it seems like things are looking up for Spectrum users all around the globe finally.
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