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  1. If you want to edit a full screen bitmap image I think you would be better off using another program. The thing is, Magellan is a map editor - not a screen editor. It assumes that you want to use the same characters across a map that can be much larger than the screen. The 9918A bitmap mode works against this by using different character sets at different thirds of the screen. Having said that, I did create a local branch of the Magellan code that supports bigger character sets, but it will only work as a buffer for copying characters into the real character set. I need to work on some of the import functions to make that branch useful.
  2. Whatever you choose to call it.
  3. One way to emulate the TIPI would be to emulate the DSR and the RPi GPIO only, and run the TIPI Python code on the host.
  4. This would also work: MOV @GADR,R1 MOV @GADR+2,R2 MOV @GADR+4,R3 ... But the resulting machine code is longer.
  5. I don't think the MSX community would be pleased if you call the MSX1 a TI-99 variant.
  6. It's strange because the balls were supposed to keep appearing on any levels starting with 10, and my tests show they do appear after level 20. I cannot play to level 20 myself, however. If there is an issue I'm thinking of releasing a new version, and perhaps to add even more balls after level 20.
  7. I didn't know you could make multiple CRU read/write in one command. Then you don't need to turn off the ISR Try to run this while moving the joystick/pressing the cursor keys: 10 CALL IO(3,3,18,6,2,8,3,A) 20 PRINT A 30 GOTO 10 It seems to be working OK. Note that the bits in the result are supposed to be reversed.
  8. I can't find the Downloads section.
  9. Asmusr


  10. I don't know if this is a better answer, but the 2 switches correspond directly to the two most significant bits of the RAM address. 32K is addressed with 15 bits. 8K is addressed with 13 bits. 15-13=2, and those 2 bits decide which 8K region to address.
  11. Reading the keyboard/joystick using CRU from BASIC might be difficult because the ISR will interfere with your setting of the column decoder. I think you would to do something like this: Set the column decoder to column 6 (joystick 1): CALL IO(3,3,18,6) The first 3 means write to CRU. Next is number of bits, the CRU address and finally the value. Read 8 bits from joystick 1 into A: CALL IO(2,8,3,A) The first 2 means CRU read. Next is number of bits, the CRU address, and finally the variable to read into.
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