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  1. With SAMS widely available, I think it might be time for a programming competition where we look at the best use for abundant RAM on the TI-99/4A. I imagine participants would submit a size limited program, e.g. max 8K, but would be allowed to expand into all the SAMS available. Does that sound interesting to anyone?
  2. Thanks Greg, I have made my order.
  3. It's a strange world where stuff from China is shipped for free and usually without any custom duties, while goods from the US are expensive to ship and heavily taxed.
  4. I think having to install Cygwin in order to run an installer defeats the purpose. A plain zip file with everything included would be useful, but that would have to be maintained for each update, which is probably not something you want. 🙂
  5. That's very reasonable, but if shipping within the EU could be arranged I would rather use that, since custom duties from the US adds another $30 (at least).
  6. I don't have the "first class mail" option. There's U.S.P.S. Priority Mail International but that's still $41.45.
  7. Thanks. The would be great. 😊
  8. Shipping to Denmark costs $55. Are there no other options?
  9. A drop in replacement would be 100% compatible only faster. That's what we're looking for in this thread, right? I agree it wouldn't make sense to replace the CPU with an incompatible one.
  10. Would it be possible to develop a faster drop in replacement for the TMS9900 (like the F18A GPU), cut the power to the old chip, and piggy bag the new chip/pcb on top?
  11. Yes that would work for me. The problem with the long warning is that I wouldn't notice any other warnings. 🙂
  12. The two bytes that should be swapped are at offset >1090 in the GROM. But I wouldn't dare to post a fixed version. 🙂
  13. I'm getting this warning each time I run the assembler because I use Magellan to generate my graphics, and that produces a label for every pattern or color. Would it be possible add a flag to suppress the warning? Warning: Unreferenced constants: COL1 COL10 COL100 COL101 COL102 COL103 COL104 COL105 COL106 COL107 COL108 COL109 COL11 COL110 COL111 COL112 COL113 COL114 COL115 COL116 COL117 COL118 COL119 COL12 COL120 COL121 COL122 COL123 COL124 COL125 COL126 COL127 COL128 COL129 COL13 COL130 COL131 COL132 COL133 COL134 COL135 COL136 COL137 COL138 COL139 COL14 COL140 COL141 COL142 COL143 COL144 COL145 COL146 COL147 COL148 COL149 CO L15 COL150 COL151 COL152 COL153 COL154 COL155 COL156 COL157 COL158 COL159 COL16 COL160 COL161 COL162 COL163 COL164 COL165 COL166 COL167 COL168 COL169 COL17 COL170 COL18 COL19 COL2 COL20 COL21 COL22 COL23 COL24 COL25 COL26 COL27 COL28 COL29 COL3 COL30 COL31 COL32 COL33 COL34 COL35 COL36 COL37 COL38 COL39 COL4 COL40 COL41 COL42 COL43 COL44 COL45 COL46 COL47 COL48 COL49 COL5 COL50 COL51 COL52 COL53 COL54 COL55 COL56 COL 57 COL58 COL59 COL6 COL60 COL61 COL62 COL63 COL64 COL65 COL66 COL67 COL68 COL69 COL7 COL70 COL71 COL72 COL73 COL74 COL75 COL76 COL77 COL78 COL79 COL8 COL80 COL81 COL82 COL83 COL84 COL85 COL86 COL87 COL88 COL89 COL9 COL90 COL91 COL92 COL93 COL94 COL95 COL96 COL97 COL98 COL99 FCOL129 FCOL130 FCOL131 FCOL132 FCOL133 FCOL134 FCOL135 FCOL136 FCOL137 FCOL138 FCOL139 FCOL140 FCOL141 FCOL142 FCOL143 FCOL144 FCOL145 FCOL146 F COL147 FCOL148 FCOL149 FCOL150 FCOL151 FCOL152 FCOL153 FCOL154 FCOL155 FCOL156 FCOL157 FCOL158 FCOL159 FCOL160 FCOL161 FCOL162 FCOL163 FCOL164 FCOL165 FCOL166 FCOL167 FCOL168 FCOL169 FCOL170 FCOL171 FCOL172 FCO L173 FCOL174 FCOL175 FCOL176 FCOL177 FCOL178 FCOL179 FCOL180 FCOL181 FCOL182 FCOL183 FCOL184 FCOL185 FCOL186 FCOL187 FCOL188 FCOL189 FCOL190 FCOL191 FCOL192 FCOL193 FCOL194 FCOL195 FCOL196 FCOL197 FCOL198 FCOL1 99 FCOL200 FCOL201 FCOL202 FCOL203 FCOL204 FCOL205 FCOL206 FCOL207 FCOL208 FCOL209 FCOL210 FCOL211 FCOL212 FCOL213 FCOL214 FCOL215 FCOL216 FCOL217 FCOL218 FCOL219 FCOL220 FCOL221 FCOL222 FCOL223 FCOL224 FCOL225 FCOL226 FCOL227 FCOL228 FCOL229 FCOL230 FCOL231 FCOL232 FCOL233 FCOL234 FCOL235 FCOL236 FCOL237 FCOL238 FCOL239 FCOL240 FCOL241 FCOL242 FCOL243 FCOL244 FCOL245 FCOL246 FPAT129 FPAT130 FPAT131 FPAT132 FPAT133 F PAT134 FPAT135 FPAT136 FPAT137 FPAT138 FPAT139 FPAT140 FPAT141 FPAT142 FPAT143 FPAT144 FPAT145 FPAT146 FPAT147 FPAT148 FPAT149 FPAT150 FPAT151 FPAT152 FPAT153 FPAT154 FPAT155 FPAT156 FPAT157 FPAT158 FPAT159 FPA T160 FPAT161 FPAT162 FPAT163 FPAT164 FPAT165 FPAT166 FPAT167 FPAT168 FPAT169 FPAT170 FPAT171 FPAT172 FPAT173 FPAT174 FPAT175 FPAT176 FPAT177 FPAT178 FPAT179 FPAT180 FPAT181 FPAT182 FPAT183 FPAT184 FPAT185 FPAT1 86 FPAT187 FPAT188 FPAT189 FPAT190 FPAT191 FPAT192 FPAT193 FPAT194 FPAT195 FPAT196 FPAT197 FPAT198 FPAT199 FPAT200 FPAT201 FPAT202 FPAT203 FPAT204 FPAT205 FPAT206 FPAT207 FPAT208 FPAT209 FPAT210 FPAT211 FPAT212 FPAT213 FPAT214 FPAT215 FPAT216 FPAT217 FPAT218 FPAT219 FPAT220 FPAT221 FPAT222 FPAT223 FPAT224 FPAT225 FPAT226 FPAT227 FPAT228 FPAT229 FPAT230 FPAT231 FPAT232 FPAT233 FPAT234 FPAT235 FPAT236 FPAT237 FPAT238 F PAT239 FPAT240 FPAT241 FPAT242 FPAT243 FPAT244 FPAT245 FPAT246 MC0 MCOUNT MS0 PAT1 PAT10 PAT100 PAT101 PAT102 PAT103 PAT104 PAT105 PAT106 PAT107 PAT108 PAT109 PAT11 PAT110 PAT111 PAT112 PAT113 PAT114 PAT115 PAT 116 PAT117 PAT118 PAT119 PAT12 PAT120 PAT121 PAT122 PAT123 PAT124 PAT125 PAT126 PAT127 PAT128 PAT129 PAT13 PAT130 PAT131 PAT132 PAT133 PAT134 PAT135 PAT136 PAT137 PAT138 PAT139 PAT14 PAT140 PAT141 PAT142 PAT143 PAT144 PAT145 PAT146 PAT147 PAT148 PAT149 PAT15 PAT150 PAT151 PAT152 PAT153 PAT154 PAT155 PAT156 PAT157 PAT158 PAT159 PAT16 PAT160 PAT161 PAT162 PAT163 PAT164 PAT165 PAT166 PAT167 PAT168 PAT169 PAT17 PAT170 PA T18 PAT19 PAT2 PAT20 PAT21 PAT22 PAT23 PAT24 PAT25 PAT26 PAT27 PAT28 PAT29 PAT3 PAT30 PAT31 PAT32 PAT33 PAT34 PAT35 PAT36 PAT37 PAT38 PAT39 PAT4 PAT40 PAT41 PAT42 PAT43 PAT44 PAT45 PAT46 PAT47 PAT48 PAT49 PAT5 PAT50 PAT51 PAT52 PAT53 PAT54 PAT55 PAT56 PAT57 PAT58 PAT59 PAT6 PAT60 PAT61 PAT62 PAT63 PAT64 PAT65 PAT66 PAT67 PAT68 PAT69 PAT7 PAT70 PAT71 PAT72 PAT73 PAT74 PAT75 PAT76 PAT77 PAT78 PAT79 PAT8 PAT80 PAT81 PAT 82 PAT83 PAT84 PAT85 PAT86 PAT87 PAT88 PAT89 PAT9 PAT90 PAT91 PAT92 PAT93 PAT94 PAT95 PAT96 PAT97 PAT98 PAT99 SPR1 SPR10 SPR11 SPR2 SPR3 SPR4 SPR5 SPR6 SPR7 SPR8 SPR9
  14. Maybe I'm dreaming, I thought Paul Urbanus posted a few times here on AtariAge recently, but I can't find any trace of him now. Maybe I remember when he commented on the Mega Demo on YouTube? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to ask him if he was aware of the typo.
  15. I have never actually noticed that before.
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