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  1. The code is on GitHub: https://github.com/Rasmus-M/raycaster
  2. I want to do more work on the texture code branch before I share it. The textures are not edited in Magellan but in an editor I wrote for that purpose.
  3. I think we should still maintain the rpk format in the TI community, even in the event that MAME stopped supporting it. And I would very much like to see Classic99 supporting it too.
  4. It looks like UTF-8 encoded characters that are not properly decoded. Maybe I will look at it tomorrow.
  5. I like the rpk format because it's one program one file. In a browser you cannot load a file that the user didn't ask for, so you cannot load digdugd.bin if the user asked for digdugc.bin. One thing I believe the rpk format is missing is the ability to load GROMs at different bases.
  6. Thanks. You're welcome to improve the graphics. I have attached the Magellan file. It also contains the first level map if you want to design another one. map2.mag
  7. I fixed a number of issues, and now it's close to working correctly. But I still think there is some issue with the textures in the horizontal direction. js99er-20200808201555.webm Although the code is not yet optimized, clearly textures are too slow for the a person shooter, so this branch of the code intended for something like an RPG.
  8. After fixing a mask it looks like this. js99er-20200807201725.webm
  9. My first attempt to add real textures to the raycaster. It looked like chaos at first, but wait, there is a shield on that wall! js99er-20200807185454.webm Now I have some debugging to do.
  10. I'm sure if any original AMS cards exist then @Ksarul will have one. Maybe I will try to implement the card in JS99er, but if would be nice to see some proof first that it does in fact enable Expanded BASIC 3 to use AMS memory for program and/or stack, which would be unique.
  11. I'm sure someone can hack it to fix the detection, unless the hardware is working differently [edit: in a non-backwards-compatible way]?
  12. JS99er is only interested in whether the ROM is inverted (paged379) or not (anything else).
  13. I'm still not sure if Expanded BASIC 3 is expected to be able to use SAMS memory if only it could detect the card?
  14. I added sprite editing a long time after the original author stopped maintaining the program. I have not kept the binary format up to date since I have no need for it, but the code is now on GitHub so it's possible for anyone to contribute. You should be able to extract the sprite data in hexadecimal either from the .mag file or from the assembly export.
  15. What does the SIZE command report?
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