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  1. OMG, I made this Cocktail Shaker when I was about 15 years old: https://www.cpc-power.com/index.php?page=detail&num=8501
  2. Thank you, I didn't notice. When you export from Magellan you can choose the line number where each block start, so it should just be a matter of setting those appropriately.
  3. I get the same result as you, and I can see that the characters are not all redefined as they should, but I don't know where the issue is. EDIT: It looks like CALL LINK("CHAR2",0,CC$) is setting char 96, CALL LINK("CHAR2",1,CC$) is setting char 97 and so on.
  4. @Lee Stewart you could make your code even faster if you had two MOVB instructions after each other in your loops and used DECT. You would need to handle the edge case when you only move 31 bytes by moving 30 bytes and adding an additional MOVB after the loop.
  5. I have often thought about making an OSD palette tool using the F18A bitmap overlay triggered by a key press, but unfortunately it would be wiped out by most software. Maybe if it was loaded from Force Command's autoexec?
  6. I don't think I have ever used refs of defs. I think it's only relevant if you use object code. So if I want to play music and sound FX in 60Hz on the TI, which files do I need to assemble? Sorry but I never got past the first section "What is it". Then it starts referring to things that implies that you have already read the documentation. 🙂 Well maybe not as bad as that, but I have really tried a few times to understand it. Thank you for the primer, I know what to do now. 🙂
  7. I'm considering using the new VGM tools for my Zaxxon demo, but I have a few questions: What are the most important advantages or disadvantages compared to the old tools (I'm thinking of speed, space, sound quality, features)? I could probably find out be reading the whole thread again, but if I can get it from the lion's mouth... Which assembler do I need to assemble the code? It has macros like .size and .section and some comments incompatible with xas99. Do I have to use refs and defs or can I just assemble a bunch of files together? Which of the many tools do I need to convert a VGM for our PSG into playable format? Thanks, Rasmus
  8. That would be so much faster. Why not also for RROLL and LROLL?
  9. I found this image that looks like a pixel accurate screenshot from Acorn Electron. There are only 4 colors in the entire image. But when I tried to import it into Magallan I could see that the import was broken in version 4.1.0, so I have fixed it and uploaded 4.1.1 to https://magellan.js99er.net So after fixing the bug the image can be imported, but it still uses 344 characters, which is quite a lot for a relatively simple image. With some careful hand coding of the characters I think that could be reduced a lot.
  10. No there isn't. But you can stack multiple sprites, and if you offset them vertically it takes a little longer before you run into the 4 sprites per line limitation. One more option is to add an additional color using background patterns, like the ghosts' eyes in Ms. Pac-Man.
  11. I put the binary distributions here: https://magellan.js99er.net
  12. You have used ECM3 color mode and 256 characters. Unfortunately that won't work in XB without assembly support and F18A hardware.
  13. So maybe you meant to use the background color used in the image, but Raphael's data model doesn't know anything about foreground and background colors. Each pixel just has a color.
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