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  1. Great you found it. I rarely had the need for multiple breakpoints, so I guess that's why I haven't seen this before. The reason I mentioned interrupts (besides the point that you should never access the VDP with interrupts turned on) is that I have a vague idea that sometimes I have missed a breakpoint if I continued execution at the same time as there was an interrupt, but I really don't know.
  2. I thought the same and tried that, but it didn't help in my case. For me it misses something like 3 out of four of the second breakpoint.
  3. https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Computer 🙂
  4. Why don't you put your F18As in US consoles then? AFAIK you have plenty. 🙂
  5. I have tried to assemble the code, and I'm seeing the same issue as charlietunaz (also with LIMI 0).
  6. Maybe you get an interrupt at that point? Try turning off interrupts with LIMI 0.
  7. Does that mean it should not increment the record number in the PAB for variable records?
  8. It does work with the HELLO program in JS99er. The only thing I noticed is that if I press ENTER after the assembler, it hangs. The other option - pressing QUIT - worked fine. But there's a big advantage of using Classic 99 where you can run in overdrive mode. The fast mode in JS99er is not that fast.
  9. Yes I am. I think it was working at one point.
  10. Have you tried to use F1 to resume the program instead of selecting Normal speed?
  11. I don't think any of my smooth scrolling games would be possible without it. But that's probably not what they thought about when they designed the 9918A.
  12. It's not possible to save anything permanent on the FinalGROM from the TI-99/4A. It is cartridge (emulator) and not a storage device.
  13. Great. Here's a teaser of my project. The map consists of 700 tiles that are loaded on the fly as needed. I have already added a few sprites like the gas tanks. I'm not sure if it will be possible to turn this into a game and maintain the original graphics - even with 64 sprite patterns - but with only 32 patterns this is not going to proceed beyond the demo stage.
  14. My request would not break any existing software or create any backwards incompatibility because no F18A software has been created that expects the address to wrap around, and on the 9918A it's not possible to place the sprite pattern table so that it would wrap around. This is the VDP layout I'm hoping to be able to achieve: nametb equ >0000 ; Name table base namet0 equ >0000 ; Name table page 0 (64 bytes free) namet1 equ >0400 ; Name table page 1 (64 bytes free) namet2 equ >0800 ; Name table page 2 (64 bytes free) namet3 equ >0C00 ; Name table page 3 (64 bytes free) ptrntb equ >1000 ; Pattern table base ptrnt0 equ >1000 ; Pattern table plane 0 ptrnt1 equ >1800 ; Pattern table plane 1 ptrnt2 equ >2000 ; Pattern table plane 2 nam2tb equ >2800 ; Name table 2 base (64 bytes free) tilatb equ >2c00 ; Tile attribute table spratb equ >2d00 ; Sprite attribute table (640 bytes free) sprptb equ >3000 ; Sprite pattern table base sprpt0 equ >3000 ; Sprite pattern table plane 0 sprpt1 equ >3800 ; Sprite pattern table plane 1 sprpt2 equ >4000 ; Sprite pattern table plane 2
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