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  1. My comment about the videos and music is not overblown for the one time I was there. Maybe I was there on a non-typical day so your mileage may vary. The people were friendly enough, so don't think I was being disparaging about them personally. I just found the place overwhelming for the reasons I mentioned before.
  2. Fletch


  3. I am only about 15 miles from Kemner's and I have only been there once. Frankly, the place is overwhelming. Stuff is everywhere and mostly without reason. Angry fire and damnation Christian videos and music playing throughout the store. I found the whole experience unsettling.
  4. The 520STm likely already has TOS in ROM.
  5. You will regret getting rid of the Falcon. So many ST games have been adapted by Klaz and PPera to run on the Falcon that getting an STE in exchange is an interesting call.
  6. @AtariGeezer - Sweet! I appreciate you looking about for it!
  7. Amiga Bill and I will be there both days, but since we are exhibiting we cannot leave the booth for long stretches of time. But be sure to say hello!
  8. Saturday's are definitely more heavily attended, so it has more of an event feel to it. Joe Decuir is speaking on Sunday morning though, so that might be a better choice from an Atari perspective.
  9. I am so excited to be involved in this! Come see us on May 4 and 5!
  10. Anyone have a copy of this? Digispec Works with your Computereyes digitizer to capture 512-color images from a video camera or VCR. Then it displays the image on your color monitor and lets you adjust the color balance, brightness and contrast before you save it to disk in Spectrum 512 format. On top of 512 pure colors, Digispec's dithering capabilities bring the number of simulated colors to 24,389. And the program is compatible with Amiga 1FF files and CompuServe GIF files. You can view any Amiga picture, even a 4,096-color Hold-and-Modify mode picture, and convert it to Spectrum 512 format, then touch it up in Spectrum 512.
  11. It works. The key for me is to have the 8-bit host though. If I host on an ST the connection seems to drop like mad.
  12. I had an SC1435 many moons ago. Damn fine piece of kit!
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