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  1. I am running Stella on my VCS in PC mode. I bought a Hyperkin Ranger and connected its 9 pin connector to a 9 pin to USB connector but it won't work. Any ideas on a good paddle controller for Stella? I really like the USB Hyperkin Trooper 2 for joystick games. It is nice and tight and responsive.
  2. CrossBow is the absolute best!! I highly recommend his services!!
  3. This is by no means comprehensive, but I have compiled several 5200 game manuals into one list. I have attached it here as a Word document and as a PDF file. Please add to this if you have some that I don't. I want to print this out and bind it together to keep beside my system as a handy-dandy reference. 5200 game manuals for printing all.pdf 5200 game manuals for printing all.docx
  4. I love the 5200 and would definitely consider a smaller one. Especially with HDMI output. However, I would want it smaller than you propose. Sort of the size of the NES Classic, and able to connect my original controllers.
  5. That was easier. Thank you!
  6. That did the trick. Thank you. Now I just have to go through 1000+ games and save a snapshot.
  7. I am running STELLA on Windows 10 on my internally installed hard drive in a new Atari VCS. Most games will not show the snapshot. I have all the snapshots in the same location. What am I doing incorrectly?
  8. I am running Windows 10 on my new VCS and this controller works flawlessly for all the games I've tried in STELLA. I really like it.
  9. I have pictures below of items I have that I would like to get rid of. EXCEPT, I'd like to have one of the controllers refurbished and one of the trackball controllers refurbished so I can play with them. All cartridges are unboxed. All games work, except for Defender and the Sean Kelly multi-cart. Instruction manuals are included for these games: super breakout, did dug, choplifter, centipede, pole position, qix, defender, galaxian, berzerk, space invaders, ms pac man, missile command, pac man, super cobra, star wars, pitfall, meteorites No manuals for these games: qbert, joust, star raiders, astro chase Assorted 5200 system manuals are pictured. Assorted keypad overlays are pictured. The box top is in very bad shape but the bottom is ok. None of the controllers work completely. Some start games and move characters but most all buttons do not work. The trackball controllers work but not completely (one will only go up but not side to side, the other has buttons that don't work). The Wico controller works well and comes with the Y adapter. The Competition Pro controller comes with the Y adaptor. It works but you have to really push up to get it to go up.
  10. The pictures you see represent a miracle!! Jesse Hardesty took my old clunker and made it shine!! It wouldn't power on and was filthy. It now works like a charm. I HIGHLY recommend his work. Super fast and super thorough. He sent pictures of the progress and videos as well. I can't thank him enough.
  11. He contacted me with a very courteous message. All is well. Thanks everyone. In related news, I will soon have an extra 5200, newly modded, with after-market controllers (Wico brand), a 5200 trackball controller, and several loose game cartridges (including the elusive Meteorites) for sale.
  12. I need help from a moderator, or anyone, to get my 5200 back from atari-dna. I have messaged him and even written a letter sent through the mail, to no avail. He has had it since November and there has been no contact since February. Can anyone help?
  13. wt808 - COME BACK!!! I would purchase the mini 5200 right now. I have refurbished OG controllers and a new Matrixmaker controller and an unopened Atarimax cartridge just waiting!!!
  14. coachbrj

    5200 Mini ??

    I had seen these posts and read through them. I wondered if anyone had put one out, available for purchase.
  15. coachbrj

    5200 Mini ??

    Has anyone successfully made and marketed one? Similar to the NES or 2600 mini with connectors for the original controllers? And a card slot or cartridge slot?
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