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  1. Is there a known issue with the game and european Intellivision consoles? I have two copies and both are crashing at a radom moment. Also if I could play to a good score, its a gambling to make screenshots for the competition. I guess I have to play it on a emulator this time, but its really sad, I prefer the original hardware pretty much
  2. Oh come one, not even 24 hours online and already at 50+ Dollar?
  3. I have two bad news for you and one good Shark Shark and Turbo are for my personal collection, but I already own Super Cobra and so I would trade or sell it. If you are interessted just make a offer But I only trade for CiB games.
  4. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 171040416611 This could be very interessting.
  5. If you are looking for another Super Cobra: Check it again
  6. Surprise surprise, but is there also a release date?
  7. So where I can buy this new Homebrew?
  8. Ebay.it, again! And its strange, but it was originally a auction with starting bid 90€ and I asked what he wants to change it into a BiN and he just changed it and sold the lot for 90€. Its the second time that italian sellers made it this way.
  9. Look at this nice lot http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fitm%2FGIOCHI-INTELLIVISION-16-GIOCHI-COMPLETI-SUPER-COBRA-QBERT-FROG-POPEYE-%2F171040167037%3F_trksid%3Dp2047675.l2557%26ssPageName%3DSTRK%253AMEWNX%253AIT%26nma%3Dtrue%26si%3DgMmpe1P3XIehBydyEgT6foJbcmE%25253D%26orig_cvip%3Dtrue%26rt%3Dnc I am so unbelievably satisfied right now, what a bargain. Dont overlook the game at the right bottom corner!!!
  10. This thread gets derailed by the Krauts Serious, are here so many Americans with German roots? @ Topic Are the games gone? I am working on a deal right now and if that deal goes through I might have Fathom, Super Copra and some semi rare titles to trade. But I am not sure: How rare/valuable are this japanese versions? Of course they are quite rate, but they are also very very common games and so I dont have a glue what the worth is. To tell the truth: I dont get a good feeling to trade one Fathom for all of them
  11. Ah come on, Carol is a game which you need in your shelf, not on your computer! Great gameplay, funny cutscenes, beautyful artworks. Everybody who misses this game (I guess its not available forever) will surely be angry with oneself. How many copies have been sold?
  12. I am talking about this game: There was also a thread here on AA: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/201896-would-you-buy-space-war-for-intellivision/ But I see, its not listened under games on Elektronite.com, but still under news, so I guess it never was listened as a game but is still in development.
  13. I just checked elektronite.com to see the planned releases and I am confused right now: I miss Space War (or Space Wars? I am getting older ...). Please dont tell me this project was canceled, or even worse, just a joke. It was my second most wished release for the Intellivision after Paddly Party. I hope its just not in the release list, but still in work.
  14. Do you have a List of the games you have for a trade?
  15. @ Dave I also have a PS3, but I do not collect for new systems. I am very much interessted in the history of videogames and the Intellivision was a pioneer in the early 80s. I also enjoy the simple gameplay (if we dont speak about games like Utopia or Tower of Doom... I dont really understand how to play them ), its relaxing to play. I like to play retro games, so I am very addicted to the SNES. Its hard to explain, but I further interessted into retro systems than into new systems.
  16. I am 25 years old, I bought my Intellivision in 2009 or 2010 I guess. To tell the truth, I never had heard of homebrews. Now its hard to believe, but two years ago I didnt had any idea that there are people who are releasing new games for old consoles, because on my first community no one cared for them and so no one shared its knowledge about that. So I know from my past that its not that easy to find the scene, because if you dont know what to type in on Google, its hard to find anything
  17. I would like to see a Shoot em Up. You can use Caverns, remove the obstacles and put in enemies. I dont know if you heard about Sturmwind on the Dreamcast, but something like that (of course I am just talking about the gameplay) would be awesome. I know there are some games like that on the INTV, like Super Cobra, but I guess you can do it better
  18. I wont start a flame ware here, I just want to mention one thing. Some people said that the games were available for weeks or month and so you had to take several copies to help the publisher. I totally agree to that fact, like I said in my first post to this topic: If there werent people who are buying many copies, it may become hard to release new Intellivision games. So that is the point I have to say thank you to you guys. On ther other side, there is a huge advertisement problem. I know that there are many collectors out there, who just never hear of new homebrews. That is the reason why I announce new release on my german community, because its the only way to spread the word. Like I mentioned in another thread, I found my first Elektronite game on Ebay and just after that I hat a glue were to look for homebrew releases. From now on its easy for me to buy every new release, which I surely do, but its more coincedence that I am in that position right now. Oh, dont get me wrong: I never would tell the publishers or developers to make some noice about new releases, I would prefer if users who are members in several communities would do this job. Unfortunately my other community is not much interessted in the Intellivision (I really try to change that, but its a hard job), but at least I give them the information they need to buy the games from the developer.
  19. I also appreciate the limited order. Its no secret that I am no friend of hoarding homebrews and using them to get profit. Also hoarding them for trades is a kind making profit for me, because someone offered me ONE homebrew for my Tutankham and told me about the high value on Ebay... I wont denounce that behaviour too much, because some homebrews couldnt be released without multible orders, but its a very difficult theme. Anyway, I am happy to get these homebrews for less then 189,90 + shipping, so thank you
  20. Answered with yes or no? I just know the pause-mode is activated by two buttons, but I guess its everything?
  21. You mean all the time? I dont know any game and I know at least 95/125 on the original Hardware.
  22. I hope my order comes soon, I cant await to put my hands on these two games (I ordered DK Arcade too). Its like christmas, also if its not Carol But serious, this year is sick. If everthing goes right I get at least 17 NEW Intellivision games :!: (I hope I get the chance to buy all of the nine offered Intelligentvision games).
  23. I hope its no problem for you Groovy, I spread the word again and shared the news with the community of nexgam I know the Inty-fanbase is small there, but I am working to fix that problem: http://forum.nexgam.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=80938&highlight=
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