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  1. Damn, thats awesome. The first game reminds me to Superfly on the Jaguar. I'll order one copy, but I send you the PM at the end of the month (salary time). Thank you for another great game (collection)
  2. I am doing this on flea markets sometimes. I normally just collect CiB games, but often you can find loose cartridges. Well, I never seen a Intellivision cart in Germany, but I sometimes find SNES or Mega Drive (Genesis) carts, but to tell the truth: I just buy them if its a bargain.
  3. He Man CiB is much more expensive than a loose cart. Maybe its the comic, I dont know.
  4. Is this offer ment to get extra copies? I would appreciate if really people get the chance to put there hands on games they dont own. If there is any stock left after a certain time its something completely different, but its just announced. Just my 2 Cent. Edit: Of course I can understand that its tempting to buy a game for 60 which was sold on Ebay for 400, but its not the sense of homebrews in my opinion.
  5. I know its not what you wanted, but I you really have problems to sell your DK stock throw it on Ebay, you see what happens with other homebrews and I would appreciate it if at least one time the publisher gets the crazy Ebay prices and no reseller. To tell the truth, it was Ebay and much luck that I found Elektronite and D2K Arcade, because I searched on Ebay for recent homebrews. I am sure there are many people out there who would buy DK Arcade, but they just dont know that it exists (which makes me stomachache if I think about the Kickstarter for DotC )
  6. Thank you, I calculated with 60, so I am close to the right amount. It would be pretty awesome if I can get my hands on these nine homebrews for the original prices, hopefully everything goes right.
  7. But to tell the truth, some more details would be very nice, for example what "soon" means and what price I could expect
  8. The limited subject line was the reason why I wrote 9 mails
  9. I dont expect a respond of you, I just wanna say thank you to give people like me the chance to buy the games to fair amounts. I wrote a single mail for every title . which means I wrote 9 mails, sorry for spamming (I dont received any confirmation in my mail folder, but I hope it worked).
  10. And if somebody could bring the rotary mode to the Intellivision for games like Tempest (I know there is no Tempest right now, but it would be great to bring such features to the INTV)... Unfortunately its just a dream. The only thing which is missing on this Atari controller is one button, because if I am not wrong the INTV has one more button
  11. You call it Atari Controller, in my opinion it looks like a Intellivision arcade stick! Damn, I really wanna see a "INTV Arcade Stick Pre Order" Thread!!!
  12. Hm, Groovy developes Gyruss and DZ the Intellivision Rotary Controller to play it. Now we need a third one who could bring Tempest to the Intellivision
  13. How much would shipping to Germany cost? I am maybe interessted in River Raid, but I am not quite sure
  14. I dont know if the variations were rare, but the games are common. I would say the price is okay.
  15. @ IntellivisionDude Thank you I also cant imagine that its resealed, because the Coleco boxes were glued and I had to open that glued flap on the top.
  16. I got my NiB Mouse Trap today and something was a bit strange. Is it normal, that the overlays are in a transparent plastic bag and stapled on the manual?
  17. Also if I like to see me on top, my score was just 102,200, not 107,200, actually the Dude is on top of the list.
  18. Why not? Like Nigel Mansells World Championchip Racing or Lord of the Rings on the SNES May its not possible, but it would be awesome
  19. I really hate ToT Its not the game I have in mind. I dont know if it is possible, but may there is a way to develop an RPG with back up batterie? Something like the early FF's, just much more simple. Grind, safe the stats, go on the next day with slaying dragons. This would be awesome to see such an RPG on the Intellivision. Do you know if its possible to make games with savestats? Batteries would be very cool, otherwise may EEPROMs Edit: By the way, I would like the gameplay more like Tower of Doom. Of course the console is very limited, but a small area with some enemies and the option so save the process. Its more the feature of saving which I would like to see.
  20. This is a new season, so may I am allowed to enter? I dont really understand the rules when I am allowed to enter the competition
  21. I would also like to see his reaction if someone tells him what "new in box" means
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