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  1. I like the way of thinking of this collector. If I see a box which has a name on its cover I just think "damn, that sucks", but his first reaction was "may the developer?" There are some funny things in this video, so I never heard of the Intellivision game Space Attack (I wonder if he ever will find the right console for this game)
  2. I like Congo Bongo Spiker seems to be a great game, of course its too expensive, but its may the best sports game on the Intellivision. But Learning Fun I and II is ZERO Fun and on the top of the price guide, I wonder how anyone could mention Tutankham before Learning Fun. By the way: I also like Tutanhkam, it isnt the best game on the system, but quite playable and I drove 500km (more than 300 miles) to pick it up from the seller. It was the sickest thing I ever done for a videogame, because in Germany one gallone of gasol costs about 7,80$, so I may just imagine its a good game ^^ But its definitely better then Turbo, which is also very expensive.
  3. Yeah, but unfortunately I see that bargains just in the completed listings CiB Tutanhkam for 60$, this one for 30, sealed Fathom for 75... Maybe I have to luck to see such a beauty in an active bin, but I bet if I have this luck its an US only listing
  4. 60-80$ for a 45 games + console lot? Really? To tell the truth, I am very happy the times have changed since that, because it hurts me to see that the worth of the Intellivision is close to zero ^^ I also hate the price increase for games like Congo Bongo, because its starting to be sick, but its also a shame if good shaped games from the 80s are worthless.
  5. Master Component boxed: 40 - 50$ Math Fun: 8$ (sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive) Word Fun: 8$ (same as Math Fun) Microsurgeon: 8$ Dustcover (like it or not): 12$ Makes around 80$ There are 32 more CiB games and 11 cartridges. The condition of the boxes looks okay, so I really cant see why its a bad price, you also have to keep in mind the shipping costs for every game if he buys it in a single game auction. To tell the truth, I am a bit dumbfounded about the headline of this thread. Edit: I wrote already when you posted again
  6. Is it that expensive? I thought he may paid 500 or 1.000 Dollars, but it seems not that much overpriced. I wont spoil the price, because you didnt, but just calculate what he had paid per game and remind the value of a boxed master component. Its no bargain, but its not even close to be folish, stupid or something else. Maybe I dont get the joke
  7. @ Roberto I guess you missed your great chance some days ago: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FSears-Super-Video-Arcade-Intellivision-Console-System-4-HTF-games-Frog-bog-%2F221220319523%3Fpt%3DVideo_Games%26hash%3Ditem3381c23123%26nma%3Dtrue%26si%3D0gKA1WIltr3EVREviUNX7lxY1dc%25253D%26orig_cvip%3Dtrue%26rt%3Dnc%26_trksid%3Dp2047675.l2557 Damn, it hurts to see that at the completed listings and not in my purchase list
  8. Most overpriced video game with the smallest price-to-fun ratio: Learning Fun I and Learning Fun II Tutankham is a lot of fun compared to this games and its comparatively cheap Most Impressive Gameplay: Tower of Doom
  9. Isnt there a newsletter from intellivisionrevolution? If I've done it right, I already subscribed this one, but I dont get any newsletter the last days. Thanks for the advice with intellivision.us, you cant have enough newsletters about the Intellivision Edit: My mistake, I already subscribed the Newsletter of Intellivision.us, but for some reason I dont get any mails, so just subscribed again
  10. Nice, is there anything known about release or pre order details? I wont miss such a beauty
  11. I just recognized: Sunday April 27th, 2013 No wonder there is no stock available
  12. To tell the truth: I dont know if I like the methode to sell very low serials this way. Of course its your business and I can understand your point, but in my opinion it has a negative connotation. If there is really a need for serial numbers (I cant see the reason why), may make a competition for the very low ones or sell them to the early birds. Just my point of view. If its not a secret, what was the price for the Number 1?
  13. @ pimp Whats about Star Wars @ slab Impressive, may I ask how much you paid? If you would tell, I am very interessed in the top 10 of your most expensive buys
  14. @ slab Yeah, I guess paying the shipping twice is much better then the risk the game may is sold out when DK Arcade is in stock.
  15. Thanks, but I dont ask for a discount, I just ask for combined shipping of DK Arcade and Minehunter
  16. So the ordering starts on 5th May? And can I order it bundled with DK Arcade, or is there no release date right now?
  17. I am also very impressed about the speed. Some people said I was fast the last weeks, but I bought many common games, not rare beautys like SMB and Body Slam. I am a bit jealous But congrats, really nice collection. May you have pics?
  18. It would ne stupid to cancel the order. Now or never, thats the way to buy homebrews and also if it sounds like a long delay, everyone has to keep in mind that its a homebrew, so there is a man in his freetime creating a game for our Intellivision. Unexpected things can happen and also big studios get often in trouble about there release dates (everyone heard something about "The Last Guardian" or "Final Fantasy vs. XIII" ? ) Like SoulBuster said: Take the time you need and everything is right. The only thing I expect is to get informed about complications and delays and you do so, so everything is fine for me
  19. Yes, the Retrode is awesome and there are some add ons for Master System and Game Boy. Maybe Groovy or Joe dont need to develope a complete "Retrode" system, but a attachment for this system. But I guess its a bit unfair to ask for such development, its difficult and time-consuming for sure.
  20. I know its no multicart, but I thought it may works like a Retrode, which allows to plug cartridges and controllers to the PC. If I understand it right this interface is the same like the retrode, except it dont support original cartridges. If someone dont know the retrode, its that beauty: https://www.retrode.com/?lang=de I wish there is a system like that for every console. Edit: Thank you, now I understand.
  21. Can I plug original cartridges in this to play it on the TV PC, or is it neccesary to load ROMs from the Internet?
  22. Thats not right. Colecovision has overlays, the Atari Jaguar has overlays, so overlays cant set the Intellivision apart from other systems. The Intellivision is fascinating because of the innovations for its time, not because of a stupid piece of plastic. Most of the best games dont have overlays, so I dont know why collectors are so addicted to get them for new releases. I also dont need a manual for Rocketeer and if you are honest, you also dont need instructions to play it The only point I can completely agree is the box, but its really no problem to make a custom box. Maybe not in gatefold style (to tell the truth: I dont like this style that much), but its easy to make a box in Parker style, which is my favorite. But everyone has known from the beginning: Its a cartridge only release and GroovyBee underlined that not just one time. Dont get me wrong, I wont deny your desire for a box or manual, but I could imagine it becomes exhausting for a developer if every third post (exaggeration) in your thread is about paper and plastic. By the way: Box and this stuff just take time and time is needed to release KillBotz asap after Rocketeer, so let Groovy develop the games and someone else create a box
  23. Self do, self have. A game is for playing and so I start to wonder why the box or manual seems to be more interessting than the game itself. I also cant see any sense of overlays for such a self explaining game. If you ask me most of the custom made overlays, like for Thin Ice, look unlikely to the original Intellivision style. A box would be nice to put it in the shelf, but its not that hard to make a box by your own, manual or overlays are completely irrelevant, especially the overlays which a collector would never use to keep them minty, also if the had some. Just my two Cent, but I hope this endless asking for box and manual dont annoy GroovyBee someday.
  24. I also like the Imagic releases, especially Swords & Serpents and Atlantis!
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