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  1. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 360627402515 It wasnt sold two tomes for that amount, I hope he gets the hattrick.
  2. Price is the keyword: What is the value of a boxed (box not very good shaped) european version of the ECS? I am talking about the brown one
  3. Anyone need a CiB Fathom? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140946838485
  4. I prefer to wait a bit longer and get a finished game. If you ask me, take as much time as you need and finisch the game as good as possible. So dont worry about a couple of weeks
  5. Is there a chance you can put a oldschool mode on the cart? I dont know if its possible, but if I got it right, there are at least two different game modes, maybe you can ad the primitive and coolest version of the game as a goodie? I am no developer, maybe its impossible or very hard, but it would be awesome to see Pong on the Intellivision like it was in the 1970s Edit: It would be even funnier if KillRobotz has a oldschool-Pong mode Seriously, I cant await to use my IntelliVoice for that game, hopefully there will be many more Voice-Games in the future.
  6. Whats about Pong? I know there is Paddly Party this year, but I also want a damn simple version of Pong. Black screen, white lines and just one sound effect (maybe two if the return is slightly different). Maybe its not the most beautiful game, but its the best multiplayer game alltime. Add a challenging AI to the multiplayer and my most wished game is ready to go.
  7. Adding the year seems to be a great idea! It makes the repro box more authentic, because its a bit senseless to write 1983 or something like that on a box produced in 2013 and its also very nice if there are several runs of repro-boxes. Its also a very dicreed evidence on the outside if its a real deal, or a repro, no need for asking for pictures of the flaps. I would also prefer if the part "distributed by INTV Corp" (just an example) would be replaced with the new distributor.
  8. I dont claim the creators of the box as resellers, but in fact some people encroach the work for gaining profit. Its a pity, but its Ebay reality. And wouldnt it be even more creative to make a new looking box, with a new artwork, than "just" copying the original style? I respect the work behind projects like the Repro Box Set 1, but I also see the problems which came along with that projects. If this set were made like this box here, as gatefold, it would be no problem. So I appreciate the conversion of INTV Box to Mattel gatefold box.
  9. Well, I dont like fake boobs and so I dont like fake boxes I dont understand why I need a box which seems to be original, but in fact just is a copy. Like I said: This one is easy to figure out, but the repro boxes for Spiker and co arent that easy and it doesnt hurts if there is an obvious sign of reproduction on the outside of the box. Of course its not neccesary to write "fake box" on the cover, but it would be nice if there is something helps you to figure out the real deal and the fake on Ebay except the small flaps which were often not shown. But I already noticed, boxes are a sensitive topic
  10. Tons of bacon? I dont know how much bacon costs in America, but in Germany one ton costs at least 20.000€ (and its the cheapest bacon you could buy) Bacon is pure gold
  11. Is there any sign of reproduction box? Of course its gatefold, so every experienced collector knows its just a reproduction, but if someone is new on the Intellivision this could confuse him. To tell the truth: I am no friend of reproduction boxes which look as close as possible to the original, it brings to much trouble, like figuring out if its original or reproduction on Ebay. Of course its a nice work, but I wish there were more differences, like a new artwork, a different color, or just a "Reproduction" written on the Cover. Its annoying to ask every seller if he could show me the flaps.
  12. Ebay.it lists a sealed Shark Shark, but it costs 25€, which is something like 32 Dollar + shipping. Not cheap, but at least a very good upgrade.
  13. In fact there is a Spiker on Ebay for 1600 and noone cares Maybe a great shaped is that worth, but if you accept just a good condition you'll get it much cheaper. And dont take the two Learning Fun peaks as a benchmark, that isnt a way to determine prices. There was a Congo Bongo for 500 on Ebay, but there are plenty more ended at 300-350. If you take the most expensive auctions to determine the worth of a complete collection you surely get over 10.000, but thats not the real worth of the collection. Of course you need some patience. Just my 50 Cents, but also if we take 1600 for Spiker and 500 for each Learning Fun you can get a complete collection with around 6000 Dollar or Euro (Euro is much more worth, but as a european collector you have to pay a lot more shipping costs). Edit: By the way: If we say the worth of Learning Fun is 500, which is more than the double of what you had to pay just some years ago, we dont have to wonder about the crazy Ebay market. It didnt become any rarer the last years, just the bidders seem to become richer (oder more stupid, its just a point of view)
  14. You took very high prices for Spiker and also Super Cobra is often much cheaper (I got mine just two weeks ago for 90$) and you should keep in mind that you get many titles nearly for free, you often get 10 or 20 games for 30-40 Dollar, the common stuff like Star Strike, Astrosmash and so on. Of course the top games make it look very expensive, but its really not more then 6000€ and that is for CiB in good condition. Lose you can afford a complete collection for around 2000€.
  15. I calculated it just one week ago and with actual prices its about 6000€, shipping partly included. But that is extrem, because we are just talking about 125 games and 48€ as average price per game is crazy.
  16. I have a question about the Thin Ice Variation. I know the versions which have "Thin Ice" written in white and in yellow on the box, are there more? And if not, which one is rarer to find and does anyone know why there is a difference?
  17. I dont think its pre order right now, but of course I'll buy a copy too.
  18. Thanks Mike, do you own these german versions? If yes, may you send me a picture of the manuals? This would be great
  19. Sorry for starting a new topic, but I couldnt find a matching. Does anyone knows if the IntelliVoice + Games were ever released in Europe? According to my sources there were no PAL-release, but retrocollect.com lists them as PAL games, is that right, or is that wrong?
  20. Damn, I start to hate boxes and manuals Just be happy and thankful for the new game If you really need boxes, make one by yourself, its much more fun than buying it.
  21. Currently I cant find Tutankham, but just look the next weeks on ebay.de, ebay.co.uk, ebay.fr and ebay.it, I guess there will show one up soon.
  22. Why? Ebay.com is so cheap, he can try it hundred times. Ebay.de is MUCH more expensive, there he may would think about a fair price, but not Ebay.com. How much does such an offer cost? I just listed an item for 150 Bucks and had to pay one Dollar. On german Ebay its about 4 Dollar
  23. Do you have anything nice for a trade? I just have one copy of Tutankham, but its much easier to get in Europe than in the USA, but therefor all the other rare titles (except Super Cobra) are not easy to find over here. I wont sell, a trade would be the only thing I am interessted in.
  24. http://rover.ebay.co...=item2a2b142913 I wonder if he really sold the 34th game, or if he lists it in a new auction. If it were my game, I would take the highest offer as starting price and start the bid-war.
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