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  1. Thank you, so should wait for a better chance to get this game.
  2. What is a fair price for Hover Force? Is 60$ a fair deal, or is that too much?
  3. Thank you. I got many games from New old Stock, so at least 20 games were sealed when I got them. But I prefer Mattel Electronics releases (gatefold box), the most games are INTV Inc releases, maybe I replace them in the future, but this has a lower priority.
  4. Bubble Ghost would be much cooler than Bubble Bobble. Give me Bubble Ghost and North & South and I will be happy
  5. If someone can offer me a CiB and nice shaped game which is not already in my collection, I can offer a german (or lets call it european) version of Pitfall. But dont forget: I am from Germany, so shipping will cost about 15 USD or something like that.
  6. Its the same with some Soccer versions, were die NASL Label is on the cartridge, but not on the box. I guess its maybe new assembled stock after losing the licenses, at least this would be my explanation. In the future I wanna replace my german versions with US releases, because they look better, expecially the backcover. http://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=35602 The two slots were made to hold the localized manual, because the manual was representing the backcover. I really dont like it and the slots make the box more unstable then US boxes.
  7. Thank you for the responds, so it really seems to be an coincedence that on intvfunhouse is talked about three and my version has three.
  8. Like some other members here I am on the way to complete my 125 CiB and its nearly half-finished (unfortunately just by number of games, not amount of money to spend). I have 62 games already in my showcase, and 21 are on the way. Here is a list of the games I already own, if you wanna see pictures just click here: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Intellivision, Inc) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin (Intellivision, Inc) Armor Battle (Mattel Electronics) Astrosmash (Mattel Electronics) Atlantis (Imagic) Autoracing (Mattel Electronics) B-17 Bomber (Mattel Electronics) Backgammon (Mattel Electronics) Beamrider (Activision) Beauty & the Beast (Imagic) Big League Baseball (Intellivision, Inc) Bomb Squad (Intellivision, Inc) Boxing (Mattel Electronics) Burger Time (Intellivision, Inc) Buzz Bombers (Intellivision, Inc) Carnival (Coleco) Demon Attack (Imagic) Donkey Kong (Coleco) Dragonfire (Imagic) Football (Intellivision, Inc) Frog Bog (Mattel Electronics) Frogger (Parker) Golf (Mattel Electronics) Horse Racing (Intellivision, Inc) Ice Trek (Imagic) Las Vegas: Black Jack & Poker (Mattel Electronics) Lock'N'chase (Intellivision, Inc) Microsurgeon (Imagic) Mind Strike (Intellivision, Inc)Mission-X (Intellivision, Inc) NBA Basketball (Mattel Electronics) NHL Hockey (Mattel Electronics) Night Stalker (Mattel Electronics) PBA Bowling (Mattel Electronics) Pitfall (Activision) Popeye (Parker) Sea Battle (Mattel Electronics) Shark! Shark! (Mattel Electronics) Sharp Shot (Intellivision, Inc) Snafu (Mattel Electronics) Soccer (Mattel Electronics) Space Armada (Mattel Electronics) Space Battle (Mattel Electronics) Space Hawk (Mattel Electronics) Space Spartans (Mattel Electronics) Star Strike (Mattel Electronics) Star Wars: The Empire strikes back (Parker) Sub Hunt (Mattel Electronics) Swords & Serpents (Imagic) Tennis (Mattel Electronics) The Electric Compaty: Math Fun (Mattel Electronics) Thin Ice (INTV Corp) Triple Action (Mattel Electronics) Tron: Deadly Discs (Mattel Electronics) Tron: Maze-a-Tron (Intellivision, Inc) Tropical Trouble (Imagic) Truckin' (Imagic) Tutankham (Parker) US Ski Team Skiing (Mattel Electronics) Utopia (Intellivision, Inc) Vectron (Intellivision, Inc) Venture (Coleco) There are also a few homebrews in my collection (this number really needs to grow): Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents D2K Arcade Minehunter Space Patrol
  9. Maybe, I dont know. The only way to get sure about this is buying a sealed version, but its too expensive at the moment, I prefer to spend the money on games I do not already own. But if I can complete my 125 someday this upgrade could be made
  10. As far as I know there is just one known version of the overlays, but according to intvfunhouse the game came with three of them and the version I own (International Version) also has three. Here is the link: http://intvfunhouse.com/imagic/ Maybe one here bought his game sealed in the past? That would the securest way of answering the question if TT came with 2 or three overlays.
  11. I use this thread for another question. My Tropical Trouble has three Overlays and I didnt cared, because I just thought it was one from another game, but now I saw at intvfunhouse that the game comes orginally with three Overlays, is that right? Does someone know why there are three? I cant see the reason, because they are all the same.
  12. I always miss a game like Pong, but this gap will be closed by Paddle Party On the other side I really wanna have a game like North & South on the Intellivision, its just an amazing game and it would rock the Intellivision
  13. If there is a proof of seller reputation and a fair price, I am very interessted in that game. But I dont have stuff for a trade and I even wont pay the treple it costs some years ago new. There is a Spina on Ebay everytime I look, but 170 isnt what I'am looking for. Its not really the problem I cant affort that, its just I dont accept that price.
  14. Do anybody of you know something about an french version of Ice Trek? I know the US Version and the International Version, which included also french language, but my Ice Trek seems so be a bit different. Its this one: http://ogdb.eu/index...me&gameid=60247 You can see that it is exactly like the US Version, but in addition there is a black and white printed manual (its made very cheap, just copied the normal manual on unglossy paper and stapled the pages together) and a guarantee card, which seems to be printed by Mattel Electronics Division de Mattel France. My assumption is, that there were unsold US stocks, which were shipped to Europe and transformed to localized versions as cheap as possible, is that right? And are these versions more rare than normal US-releases? I mean, would you even count it as "French Version", or just as a normal US Version?
  15. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fitm%2FINTELLIVISION-TRON-DEADLY-DISCS-MATTEL-1982-NEW-in-BOX-%2F290878681800%3Fpt%3DAltro_Videogiochi_e_Console%26hash%3Ditem43b9b872c8 And even that is more I had to pay for a sealed Tron some month ago. But I dont get angry about the sellers, I get angry that there are people who buy this junk. I also hate VGA-stuff, there is no sense behind this dubious organisation. I mean serious, if I need somebody who tells me how good the foil of my new game looks... nah, its not my cup of tea.
  16. I wonder a bit, I thought the INTV Pac-Man is mine and so the Atarisoft Pac-Man is still there, did I get it wrong? By the way: The pictures so far look good, if the rest looks like this too everything fits.
  17. A few days after my Supply broke I found one on Ebay, even with THREE Controllers end it endet around 30 USD. On that time I was a bit out of money and thought it would be okay to wait for the next oppurtunity... well, I had some better ideas in my life
  18. In my case the answer is easy: The Power Supply simply broke up and there is no chance to open and repair it, so its just a piece of junk. Is here anybody who can offer me a original Intellivision II Power Supply? I dont really like 3rd party parts if there is a chance to replace it with original ones. And I would also like to get a fair priced Controller, because one of mine has a broken keyboard. If there are any offers please send me a PM
  19. Does the Multicard work like the Everdrive, so I can Play ROM-Files on my Intellivision, for example the Rocketeer-Demo? If that is what we are talking about I also would take one.
  20. My "fave" Sound is the Spine-Bomb in Astrosmash. Its so unbelievable annoying, especially in higher levels if there are three falling at the same time. But I really love the sounds in Thunder Castle, in my opinion its unrivaled in sounds on the Intellivision.
  21. Hm, I really like to get as much as I can, because its hard to find them on Ebay. 1 or 2 is very limited, because I also want so spare shipping (every single INTV Game costs me 15-20 Dollar just for shipping, so I like to buy bigger collections) So I reduce it to that: Super Pro Decathlon Tower of Doom Thunder Castle Sewer Sam Blockade Runner Nova Blast Safecracker 250 Dollar + Shipping
  22. Did you also thought about my offer? I'll also glad to hear an counterproposal if its not what you expected
  23. No problem, but the Intellivision-Fanbase there is very small, Jaguar gets much more attention (you surely noticed)
  24. Thank you. I have just 60/125 CiB and to tell the truth, the most games are the common ones as Intellivision, Inc Release from Venezuela. I mostly look for Fathom and Dracula CiB right now, because I want to complete my Imagic-Series as soon as possible (I also need Safecracker and Nova Blast, but for that titles I made an offer to Games for your Intellivision). Whats a fair price for Dracula and Fathom CiB in a nice (not mint) shape? I guess Fathom is really expensive right now. And I hope this is the right place for asking if someone is offering the titles, if not I apologize.
  25. I dont know if it really brought guests to this forum, but I wrote a news about the rocketeer pre-ordering with a Link to the Rocketeer thread on another (german) site. Maybe one or two who read this followed the link to see more about the game
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