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  1. I look at your website nearly every day, I will see when its available there. But dont get me wrong, all announced releases are on my list to buy.
  2. What's about Paddle Party? Of course Kroz and DOTC are more impressive, but I really cant wait for PP, its my favorite of your upcoming releases.
  3. Well, I have to change my offer anyway I really would like to get Super Pro Decathlon and Super Pro Football too. I would raise my offer to 520 then (+ Shipping to Germany) - but if you accept it dont rip my head off if I dont like the condition of some titles after seeing photos, I have huge problems with missing Overlays, Flaps (also the small ones), tape on the box and deep cuts. And your offer about D2K and Minehunter is great, but I still have them both in my collection, cant wait for the upcoming games.
  4. I would buy Nova Blast Safecracker Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Pole Position Pac-Man Centipede Defender Qbert Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man Word Fun Sewer Sam Blockade Runner I would say 400 $ at first, if you accept I am also interessted in other games, but if not I have to think about an new offer But I need to see detailed pictures before buying. I am sorry for asking, but is here any kind of valuation system for sellers, or is Games for your Intellivision a very high reputated member? I am completely new here and so I am a bit afraid of bidding such amounts, or are you the man behind D2K Arcade? This would be a great reputation, it was my first Intellivision Homebrew
  5. Are there any known problems with fake Intellivision-games? I am a bit afraid of very good shaped ultra rare titles like Turbo and Super Cobra.
  6. Thank you The problem is the shipping cost every time, so I wanted to buy not just two games :/ By the way: Is here a Market-Place? I think about buying some stock of this italian seller for a collective order and wanna spare shipping costs. Wanna buy 6 Tennis and 6 Soccer, keep one of each and resell the rest for about 10€ + Shipping. If there are some users who want to get one copy of World Cup Soccer or Championchip Tennis let me know
  7. Thank you for the quick answers, but they still are rare games and Italy is a good opportunity to get it low priced? If I knew that some hours before, I could have saved some money
  8. To resell them on Ebay for the treble of what you have paid for? @ Rocketeer Like I wrote in the PM, I would like to buy one Cart with tracking ID, the Box is something which I can build by myself
  9. Today I bought White Water, Slam Dunk and Championchip Tennis on Ebay, all complete in box and good shaped, all in all they costed 109 USD + 25 Shipping to Germany. I am satisfied at all, because its hard to find fair prices on Ebay the last months, also if it wasnt really a bargain (just White Water with 31 USD was imo very fair). Here a picture of the games (and the IntelliVoice I bought for 20, but I am still waiting how much shipping is) I dont know the time years ago, because I am just collecting Intellivision-Games since 2 Years, is the price quite okay, or much to expensive?
  10. Hello, its my first post in on AtariAge and I have to apologize if my English is terrible sometimes, but I hope you'll get what I mean. My question is about World Cup Soccer and Championchip Tennis, because they are rated as rare in every Guide I found in the internet and also this thread names them as rare games. But, like cmart said already, an italian seller seems to have an huge stock of the games and sells them for 10€ each, or 40€ if you take a box of 6 games. Are they really original games? I wonder why its that cheap compared to the rest of Europe and the USA and especially wonder why no reseller bought the whole stock if that are original copys. Are these two games still rare, or changes this new-old-stock the situation?
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