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  1. What the fuck? Are you blaming the publisher of the game right now? Dude To be honest: I doubt mjarnold made this box himself. He isnt a guy who does something, he just uses the work of others to resell it. So I guess he just bought this box, of course much cheaper, from someone else. And I am completely with BBWW. Its his game and you should just respect his wish in this case. I dont care if its legal or not, I am not a lawyer. But its just wrong, even if its maybe legal.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intellivision-Frogger-Super-Cobra-Both-Boxed-With-Instructions/333188962784?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Seems to be a pretty okayish price
  3. Edit: Double-Post by connection lag.
  4. Just check out the Ebay pics, they are much better to see what I am talking about. All the folded edges look really ugly, not as crisp as we used to see it from Intelligentvision or Revs releases. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Intellivision-game-Quo-Vadis-homebrew-limited-edition/323788392171?hash=item4b634ac6eb:g:ItgAAOSwZENcvdBR&frcectupt=true You can see it very well on the second picture, the edge looks like the cardboard is more broken then folded. The coating has flaws and is torn.
  5. I wouldnt call that nowadays standards, the game of Kai are outstanding in my opinion and raised the bar by a lot. If that is the standard there are just a hand full of games hit this standard.
  6. You point out what I said. It was in a time when much heat was around, because the whole "new game" thing got out of control. @nanochess Havent played it enough, but first impression was not overwhelming. It got a lot hype out of the situation back then and even I voted it to the GotY, caused by my grieve towards Elektronite back then and the situation that my vote could lose them the GotY title. Pretty sad move from my side and even more sad if you look at the whole story and how it turned out. All in all its quite simple: The game came out long after the announced and paid games should have been released and somebody was bragging all over the place that he could get a GotY done in two weeks. Unfortunately thats everything he got done in all the years. So sorry, but I really can not celebrate this piece of software for anything else than beeing a piece of the dark past of the Intellivision-homebrews. Yeah, I definitely could sell it, but I wont do this for 30 bucks, because its the shizo situation I live in as a collector. 30 bucks seems not worth to get rid of a hard to come by game. So I just put it in the dark corner of my shelf, as a memorial to not follow every hype and be more critical about supporting some projects. And as some may know I am no reseller-Dude, so selling it with much profit is just not my way of collecting.
  7. Box looks like crap quality. Ooof, if the sound hasnt changed a lot it sounds even worse than the box quality looks I have to wash the blood out of my ears.
  8. I have everything, but I am not sure if Tattoos were included. To be honest, I I'd knew who the programmer was I never would have bought it. So its kind of the shame corner in my shelf. Its ironic that it was a game to criticize cash grabbing and was programmed by one of the biggest cash grappers the community had seen so far Edit: I checked it and its lust the cart, the bag, the small piece of paper and the lolly. No Tattos were included in my copy, because I am 100% sure I just opened the bag to take out the cart and closed it right away.
  9. Will the price be normal about 60-70ish $ or much higher, because its Spiker?
  10. I finished it right now and its as good as I hoped it to be. Great game! I am looking forward to get my hands on the physical copy for my collection. As I said before its the best game for this console for me.
  11. I play it with the Arcade Stick from Grips. I really love the details, for example the shadows of the boxes which disappear when you blow them up. Or in the town the color change when the sprite walks under the shadow of the roof. And yeah, Bomberman Experience really helps to avoid the suicides I am very excited to see the other areas. And I will not spoil the experience, so its hard to tell much about the game, but I really recommend to get hands on it.
  12. I played the game a bit and just finished the first dungeon and it sucks... that no other game is even close to be this good. Honestly, I was hyped from a video and now playing the game it blows my mind even more. It looks like a NES game and it plays so awesome. I am not exaggerating, this game is pure gold. For me its BY FAR the best game I played on the Intellivision. It looks great, it sounds great, it plays great. Just perfect. Congratulations Kai Magazine, you came new into the scene and literally blow it up! And if you dont know it: I am noone who celebrates everything on this console or any homebrew. In fact my relationship to new releases is pretty messed up for years now, but your game is just amazing and a long time needed quality title. Of course there are other very good new games, but for me TNT Cowboy is a complete new theshold of quality. I enjoy the ROM and I am happy to get a CiB copy for my collection when its done. And congratulation to Elektronite as well, this is a real bomb!
  13. I already received my ROM, about 10 minutes after the first mail. It works, but I have no time at the moment. I will try it out later, but the first impression is great, it really looks and feels like a different console!
  14. Thank you, I ordered a ROM then to play the game while waiting for the CiB version. Nice offer and I am sure I will love this beauty.
  15. Thank you, but another question crosses my mind: I have two LTO Flash Carts, but I guess the ROM is just working on the one I'll send the serial number for? And to find out the ID: Is it the number I covered with the red bar on the attached picture?
  16. What is the estimated shipping price to Europe? If this is true for european buyers of course.
  17. So yeah I said it: Coleco Donkey Kong is way better than Deep Pockets.
  18. I know its not the official reason, but its really not good. As a collector: Sure, I'll take it. As a gamer: Wow that game sucks. May its nice as a tech demo or something like that, but its really a bad game and if it would have been released as the 126th it would be the worsed by far of the whole library. I get your points with some impressive things, but all in all its really nearly unplayable (and personally I cut the neartly, its just unplayable)
  19. @Mike I know the game, I own it. And its terrible. The flickering is bad, but the gameplay and the physics are awful as well. There is a good reason why this was unreleased imo
  20. Are the ROMs if the other games any different, or exactly the same? Because if its really Deep Pockets its pretty unplayable and I am not sure if the other games are very polished. Just look at this monstrosity: Its just terrible, really
  21. Looks great. To be honest, I am pretty sure the TNT Cowboy Gameplay is more my cup of tea and I also prefer the art-style there, but this is a must buy as well when its ready to order. Great job!
  22. I just remembered: If Spiker gets a reprint, its a obvious assault towards this club: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241592-the-exclusive-intellivision-i-still-dont-have-a-fcking-spiker-club/
  23. Personally I am not a Fan of gatefold (here the booohs, dont mind them), but I take what I get. And I am a collector who plays with his games
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