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  1. Unusual country, which is always a risk for shipping and a pretty bad seller profile. So I think the price is okay. When you add shipping and fees its not so cheap anymore.
  2. Final Standings: 1. Ignorama - 76 2. m-crew - 62 3. Mr_INTV - 38 4. S.Baz - 23 5. jblenkle - 16 6. Crade - 13 7. Alpha-Male - 11 8. Intymike - 11 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. Roadrunner - 2 13. darthkur - 1 14. Mister-VCS - 1 So the HSC 9 has come to an and. Thanks to every participant, especially m-crew and jblenkle who were motivated in every single round and mr-intv, who was pretty insane in the last couple of rounds. As I said I dont have the time to make HSCs in the future and as some feedback had shown I am also not fitting in this role. So everyone may feel free to take this position.
  3. I think its good, but I guess it would be even better of you use the same design as the original box did. So no black controller, just white lines which show the outlines of it. I would also copy the angle of the pic, because its probably looking more interessting if its not just the view from the top. I attached a picture to show what angle I am talking about and of course: Its just my opinion and its not ment to disrespect your work or own ideas.
  4. Was that actually in stores like that? Pretty amazing how much interessting stuff exists
  5. I am sure you will sell this stuff and even I am not interessted: I think the Atari-Reference should be removed. May alternate it to a tribute and put a sketch of an Intellivision controller and "play with disc" (or something like that) in that place. That would be pretty cool and depending on the price this little detail may even get me into buying it. I love little details.
  6. Yeah, I didnt knew about the 50k bonus. Well, its pretty upsetting if the other cars commit suicide
  7. Pretty amazing scores. I am too busy to find much time for playing, unfortunately, because unlike Popeye this game is pretty fun. So at least a small score with 16.416. I havent really figured out yet if its a better tactic to crash as many cars for the bonus or to get as far as you can, but I guess especially in the later stages the bonus will stack up pretty much.
  8. Gread find, Congrats! May contact Cmart if you want to get rid of it for a good price.
  9. May some people have died while waiting Hopefully not, but also not impossible.
  10. I dont agree. And its kind of disrespectful to call a 400$ offer for a game which was sold for 60 or something like that "lack of interest". Declining maybe, putting it on Ebay: Why not. But then start honest and tell from the beginning "not selling below".
  11. You had a 400$ offer and call it "lack of interest"? Okay, the greed makes many people blind.
  12. Congrats, its always a nice surprise if there is more stuff than you expected and the box it pretty nice to have
  13. May he stood there on different days and just was able to make one picture every day, exactly at the same time Unfortunately I am a bit dissapointed, I thought cool old posters from the time back then.
  14. Thank you for the congrats! And of course special thanks to the guys who supported me on the way. I probably forget some people and who knows who of you sold me stuff on Ebay, so I apologize if I miss somebody right now. Special thanks to Scalpel, who sold me games and a keyboard-controller for very, very, very fair prices. And to cmart, who made a pretty awesome trade with me to get closer to the goal. Than I know for sure that I bought a game from Fushek, I think it was Body Slam? Mountain Madness was also from this board as far as I remember, but I forgot from who exactly. I also had a bigger deal for several games with William before our relationship went a bit sour. And Rev, who organized the sells for a not AA-member from who I bought LF I. I also wont forget the homebrews from several publishers and the Arcade-Sticks from Grips which I just noticed because of this board. Or the awesome goodies for some competitions from Rev (again) and Freewheel! In fact all of this kept me motivated. I will probably do that, but first I will take pictures of my hardware as well and a picture of the whole collection in the shelf. I also would like to add the special stuff, a few posters and some goodies to the linked thread. I have to see when I find the time for that.
  15. I guess he is talking about the missing copyright information. Dont know if they are rare or not, following intvfunhouse.com (great source of information for variants) they were part of the Intellivision Inc versions.
  16. Oh damn, I realized I made a mistake. The end of this round should be 22nd and not 29th, so I gave three weeks for this game by accident. Let me know if I should change it or if you are happy either way. In a tied situation I rather would stay with the 29th, because its a bit unfair if somebody thought he still has time.
  17. Here the current standings in the HSC: 1. Ignorama - 72 2. m-crew - 56 3. Mr_INTV - 28 4. S.Baz - 23 5. jblenkle - 13 6. Crade - 13 7. Alpha-Male - 11 8. Intymike - 11 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. Roadrunner - 2 13. darthkur - 1 14. Mister-VCS - 1 Took way longer than it should be, but I was pretty busy.
  18. This round: 1. Mr-INTV 2. m-crew 3. S.Baz 4. Jblenkle 5. Ignorama Overall: 1. Ignorama - 72 2. m-crew - 56 3. Mr_INTV - 28 4. S.Baz - 23 5. jblenkle - 13 6. Crade - 13 7. Alpha-Male - 11 8. Intymike - 11 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. Roadrunner - 2 13. darthkur - 1 14. Mister-VCS - 1
  19. It started some years ago, but today the journey is over and I completed the 125 original Intellivision-Games. Here the last missing piece: All games are complete in box, you can see pictures of each game in this thread: https://www.nexgam.de/forum/thread/80520-intellivision-weg-zur-komplettsammlung/?postID=1850895#post1850895 I guess I need small upgrades (Slam Dunk and Cool Aid are looking a bit rough), but all in all I am satisfied with the condition of the collection. It was fun, may I get some spicy variants, but the hardcore-collecting is done (at least for now).
  20. May its just due to its age. Some things change there color, just think about old Nintendo consoles which suddenly turn brown. I would be sceptical if the dragon came from another place, but if its the storage of the company its the best proof imaginable.
  21. I never said it isnt curved, but if you look at the pieces and the picture I am not sure if the repaired tail would be curved this way. On the cover the tail makes a circle. So on the sheet you have to turn around the smaller piece of the tail but it would still not be curved to form a small circle, that is what I ment. May its just the angle of the picture, who knows.
  22. Well, if its from the storage of the right owners its definitely something. May this one was smahed back then and they had to buy the red one Still a bit confused about the color, especially since they did not showed much effort for the rest of the cover, but its nontheless part of the history. Congratulation, its probably the coolest collectors item for the Intellivison I ever saw. We had several Blue Whales, but we probably will never see another dragon again. So as I said: I wouldnt repair anything. It would may just cause further damage. I proably would look for a nice way of displaying it like it is now.
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