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  1. Is there any certification? If so: Display it like it is, its epic this way. But to be honest, I am a bit in a doubt, because the dragon doesnt look like the one on the box. The colors are pretty off and the tail looks a bit different curled.
  2. Round is closed, I post the current standings the next days, probably the day after tomorrow.
  3. Here is the last round. I havent played the game yet, but the manual doesnt mentions different skill levels, so I guess its without different modes. This round ends on 29th of April 23:59 CET. I will add the current standings the next days, at the moment I am quite busy.
  4. Same in Germany, shipped by FedEx. They made deep cuts in the shipping box, damaging the games and it not stopped there, they also took a knife and opened, with a fucking knife, a sealed game. Not removing the shrinkwrap, not opening the game as intended, just take a knife and cut it into pieces, like you mentioning it. And neither the custom clearance nor FedEx took responsability, both told me "it was the other side" and I got no refund. Nice
  5. If there is a next HSC. As I mentioned very early I am out of this. The reasons from back then are still viable, but on top I get a new job and have much less time.
  6. So we will finalize this HSC with some bumbs and some jumps. Havent checked the game, but as usual hardest mode if there is more than one. The thread for the last round opens probably on tuesday.
  7. It was listed on Ebay.com, but just for about 10 seconds until I bought it. Its the same I bought some days ago and I was in contact with the seller since he had the game back (as you may know he shipped it to the wrong buyer and cancelled my order). But in generell the best way: Just check every ebay now and then. I use Revs link collection, because it saves time: http://intellivisionrevolution.com/gamesearch
  8. Well, lets try it again: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Intellivision-Game-Learning-Fun-II-INTV-Corp/192505014198?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  9. I'll be honest, I hate this game. May I am too stupid, but it feels just bad I dont know if I will play it tomorrow, probably not, so this is just for participation.
  10. I completely forgot about that, sorry So the vote is just until sunday, 8th of April 23:59
  11. And he also wrote me a very kind mail. So I also have no doubt in this seller, he seems pretty kind and just made a mistake. Hopefully he can sort it out. Thank you for sharing your positive experience.
  12. Thank you, but at the moment I am not optimistic. Plenty of things can go wrong, may the game doesnt get back to the seller, may someone else will buy it faster when it goes online again. So I hope I get it, but right now I dont think so. Possibly the best mindset, prevents beeing dissapointed like I am now.
  13. Update: Item is cancelled. The seller sold LF I some days before and says he sent LF II to this buyer. He said that yesterday and asked if I want a refund. I said "no", because I am fine when he sorts it out, even if it takes a bit time. Today the cancellation was in my mail box and he will contact me when he got the game back. I really hope so, but at the moment I have not bought the game. Pretty sad to be honest
  14. Thank you for the kind words, but its not here yet. I hope it will arrive in mid-April.
  15. I offered 300, but it was just to ask a question, I knew that this offer isnt realistic. It was not possible to write directly to the seller, so my offer was the only workaround. And finally I paid 610, the asked price. It seems a bit too high, but the condition looks great and I did not wanted to wait for the next one just because of maybe 100$.
  16. So here we go, the last game finally has been bought, now it just needs to find its way towards me:
  17. Well, so I will be excited to get it Thank you for your opinion. If its really a scam its at least a chance to claim it through PayPal. But I also thought the account looks awesome and the item itself looks great, but also not too great to be original.
  18. What is your opinion on that, of course you can not give a final judgment without holding it in your hands, but from the pictures.
  19. We play skill level 4. I did not checked the game yet, but I guess you need to press number 4. You see if you are playing the correct level if you have 3 lives. This round ends on 8th of April 23:59 CET Current Standings: 1. Ignorama - 70 2. m-crew - 50 3. S.Baz - 19 4. Mr_INTV - 18 5. Crade - 13 6. Alpha-Male - 11 7. Intymike - 11 8. jblenkle - 10 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. Roadrunner - 2 13. darthkur - 1 14. Mister-VCS - 1
  20. Yeah, it was okay, but I dont need to visit Rome again. If you ever want to go to a ancient european city may choose Athens, for me it beats Rome in every single point ^^
  21. So Popeye it is. I'll open the Thread tomorrow. Havent checked it yet, so as usual: If there are several difficulties the hardest is the difficulty of choice
  22. Because there is a little bit time until the next round I decided to make a special voting this time. You can suggest any game that has a high score mode. The game with the most mentionings wins. You also can just like a suggestion, which counts as a vote and makes it easier to see the current standings. Please be realistic with the suggestions, because even of a game like Learning Fun has a highscore mode (I actually dont know it) its definitely nothing which makes sense to play in HSC. If a game hase more modes we always play the hardest mode in the competition. Voting ends on 25th of March 23:59 CET. I may not be able to open the new thread until 27th, but as usual you can just start playing and keep the pictures of your scores.
  23. Ranking: 1. Ignorama 2. mr_intv 3. m-crew 4. s.baz 5. jblenkle
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