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  1. Its kind of funny, because I am at pretty much the same score as you guys, 69k something, but I think its much more possible, so I dont post a picture right now ^^ When I look in the old thread I wonder what run this must have been. 149k was my score back then (original hardware, no Arcade Stick). Seems out of reach at the moment for me.
  2. Buts it not really a great game in my opinion. Its not bad, Imagic made a pretty good average quality, but its just okay.
  3. Trust me, you learn to love it. In the first rounds I thought as well "hm", but later it got pretty good.
  4. Mission X is the game. Hardest Mode (press Disc in the title screen). Round ends on 11th of March 23:59 CET Current Stantinds after 7 of 10 rounds: 1. Ignorama - 60 2. m-crew - 46 3. Crade - 13 4. S.Baz - 16 5. Mr_INTV - 12 6. Alpha-Male - 11 7. Intymike - 10 8. jblenkle - 8 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. Roadrunner - 2 13. darthkur - 1 14. Mister-VCS - 1
  5. Mission-X won, River Raid and Tron are tied. I will open the thread tomorrow evening probably, maybe on tuesday. I dont remember if Mission X has different difficulties. If yes as always: Hardest mode ^^
  6. No better rank, but slightly better score. Oh oh Lord does this game suck. Its not very smart to put it in isometric graphics when you seem to have no idea of 3D design. I got hit so often by something which was clearly behind or in front of me 37.470 Amazing score by m-crew by the way.
  7. Thank you guys. It will be in Italy by the way, the Intellivision Eldorado of Europe
  8. As you can see in the title, there will be a short delay for round 9 of this season. The reason is: I am on a two week vacation and can not do anything for the HSC, so I can not make a new thread, nor count any scores or any stuff like that. I am sorry about that. Round 8 will be as scheduled from 26th of Fenruary to 11th of March. After that there will be a break for two weeks, so round 9 will start on 26th of March. I hope that I will be able to make a poll for the 9th round from my vacation, but I can not promise it. If I can not the 2nd place from the voting for round 8 will be the game for the 9th round. I am sorry about that, but I hope this will not be a big problem for anyone.
  9. Poll ends on Sunday (not Saturday as usual) the 25th 23:59 CET.
  10. This week its Congo Bongo time. Burn some Apes! Round ends on 25th of Februarty 23:59 CET Standings after 6 of 10 rounds: 1. Ignorama - 56 2. m-crew - 36 3. Crade - 13 4. Alpha-Male - 11 5. S.Baz - 10 6. Mr_INTV - 9 7. Intymike - 8 8. jblenkle - 7 9. scalpel - 5 10. Robin Hudson - 2 11. Gernot - 2 12. darthkur - 1 13. Mister-VCS - 1 14. Roadrunner - 1
  11. Football: 1. m-crew - 98 1. Ignorama - 98 3. mr_jntv - 84 4. jblenkle - 77 4. s.baz - 77 Space: 1. Ignorama - 83 2. mr_intv - 78 2. m-crew - 78 4. jblenkle - 72 5. s.baz - 57 Battleship: 1. Ignorama - 44 2. m-crew - 42 3. jblenkle - 36 4. s.baz - 34 5. mr_intv - 31 Maze: 1. Ignorama - 48 2. m-crew - 44 3. jblenke - 32 4. s.baz - 29 5. mr_intv - 24 Average Rank: Ignorama - 1.0 m-crew - 1.75 jblenke - 3.5 mr_intv - 3.75 s.baz - 4.25 As always: If I messed it up please let me know
  12. So Congo Bongo it is, Thin Ice goes in the next voting. I will open the thread for round 7 on monday, as usual you can already play and keep the screenshots. Again there is no difficulty as far as I know. If there is choose the hardest.
  13. Btw: I feel a lot better, so its not "despite beeing sick". It does not handicap me in any way at the moment.
  14. Thank you and to be honest: I am pretty amazed by the Space score. I never thought it can go that high, because you and Mr_INTV reached the 78 and also in 2013 we had two players tied winning at 78, so I had thought this is the best possible score. Other than that I am satisfied. I remembered Maze wrong, because I thought the highest score back then was 44, but it was already 48. So I reached my PB.
  15. Football - 98 Maze Shoot - 48 Space Gunner - 83 Submarine - 44
  16. Just use google, I am not a bit more in that topic than you.
  17. If you count it that way you also have to count the different games in Mr. Basic meets Bits 'n Bytes. But its not useful to count it this way in my opinion, where draw the line? Is every disciplin in SP Decathlon a game on its own as well?
  18. Hm, so I really dont know, may just search another ROM, there are plenty download sites.
  19. Yes. The Classic NES had 30 games, the Classic SNES 21. Look at the actual console, it says "Entertainment System". There is no mentioning of Nintendo. But even if it doesnt matter, because there are no variants in the number of games. Its always 30 and 21.
  20. These are cheap fakes. So its not comparable to licensed stuff.
  21. Did you climted on the small hill? Thats the goal of this screen.
  22. You have to jump on the back of the hippos from the leave you are standing on and as far as I remember the hitboxes are pretty bad, so you have to figure out which spot you can stand on. I dont think the ROM is broken to be honest, but the game isnt very well programmed About the scores: You can look up the scores in the old competition, I think its on page 3 or something like this. I dont think I can do better than that and to be honest: I dont even think I will reach these scores at the moment. In this game the controller wont change anything for me, as I was fine with the side buttons and you really just hit the button in all games
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