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  1. Asteroids, giant ass rock floating in space UH DURH I am going to make a spin off where you blow up shit on planets, that's never been done god help us all
  2. interesting question that would change the history of the world, do you have a USB or ps/2 mouse - keyboard converter that goes to ADB, you could print money with that I have made a few but talking to ADB devices is much simpler than talking to ADB host's ... crack that nut 100% and its free money
  3. This is a box that simulates the voltages, dialtone and ringing of a USA POTS (plain old telephone system) so you can connect various telephone devices, including a fax-modem without a land line just incase you ever want to modem connect 2 machines and cant find serial cables to direct connect them ... comes with instructions, box, and power supply free, pay postage, paypal only
  4. these still lingering? Ill take the mobo's
  5. Heh it was a legit question that virus is shutting down factories left and right to help keep it spreading and in response they say "shut up someone held one a month ago"
  6. please notice the date of said post, how freakin long does it take to shove a puter in a bawx?
  7. some odd reason made me think, just how easy and quick it would have been for them to do an official ataribox ras-pi shell and save a lot of grief
  8. yea I am not a big fan of holding peoples money in exchange for promises, I got a G4 mac for sale, a G4 mac to finish, a switchless region modded overclocked genesis, and a av modded 2600 to wrap up final details on and that's more than enough to cover 2 batches and a few lunches from panera bread, working on it 😛 and chas don't you already have a few sets lol
  9. I have said that since day one, forget the box I want the controller, that's all they had to do and the would have probably made enough profit to totally fund this dumpster fire
  10. yepper, and I am quick to remind people, this is not a Ryzen desktop chip, nor is it a Ryzen APU, its embedded Ryzen, ultra low power that you bury in something you want to smartify like a information kiosk or a refrigerator
  11. yea I am scurring up the funds to produce a batch or two here soon my hobby projects are funded by my hobby projects to fund hobby projects, and we have had a bit of a crisis mode at work which is keeping me there 12 + hours a day 6 (on occasion 7) days a week, but things are starting to slack off there (that crap happens once in a while in JIT (just in time) manufacturing on a unstable market like automotive, its just been a big one that started back in labor day) bonus points for life and home stuff, currently it seems the demand is for another big batch which I am not comfortable taking out of the household budget and not having an accurate gauge of demand, cause its hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours.. if I dedicate the resources to make 20 it cost 2x as much than to make 80, but if I make 80 and sell 20 then im in debt blah blah blah I run a tight checkbook
  12. There's that lightly scented air of smugness that everyone loves about vegan's.
  13. yea that totally makes sense for the FPGA is god crowd
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