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  1. all made while this thread has been active (well to be fair the coleco chamelon was a started a bit before this thread, but wasnt finished until this thread started) PS all 3 machines came in at a total of around 1000 dollars if I include labor, and the nintendo has about the same horsepower as the slated VCS, who wants to chip in 3 mil? bet I could make a few of those for that kind of money
  2. Yea I had been saying from very early on, forget the stupid console, I have a billion ways to play netflix and pac-man I want the controller. But of course recent event's show us its just a thumbstick in a box so now I don't, but they had an idea and entered a quagmire
  3. when I think Atari VCS I think cutting edge 3d graphics ... just sayin
  4. ok to be 100% realistic boot it on a 3 year old intel nuc HDMI computer on a stick and there you go, cause that's essentially the platform they have gone with, intel, amd whatever its something that's going to be nailed at 100% any time an application needs the cpu you can do that just fine if you have dedicated software, see phone's and current closed ecosphere devices like firestick or apple TV, but bubba aint going to download ubuntu frosty unicorn shit LTS off the web and have it run well
  5. in today's technology it cost about 45$ in hardware to launch a saturn Atari had 3 million to make a generic content consumption device and 2.98 million left over to work on marketing / software ... but they didn't pay the bills
  6. Whats up with that rats nest of bodge and debug wires hanging out its ass
  7. I agree, its really not THAT hard to make even a last moment X86 SBC computer board that (can) function (not well and crash every 9 min but it "works") software is a son of a bitch so while people are wondering if ram is backside (hint its not a dimm socket, they are not making them without though hole mounting post, so its either integrated or non existent, both being a lie) im sitting here thinking, yea grats, you took a reference design and its DRC file, moved shit around and verified its less than X% in violation and had it quickturned about 1.5 years late software is a son of a bitch on this level, your not dealing with an arduino anymore so grats atari, if you do infact have a final design just now entering DV (design verification) your at least a proper 4-6 months of headache, PV (production verification) an additional 3-4 months, and the entire thing is based on a software ecosystem, in which we get an ISO of a playstation 2 archive and a generic linux ... made by whom? oh yea and a webstore to rival what...? if they had a web ecosystem that shit would have been on android, IOS, steam and my toaster a long time ago ... its "nutari" who failed to launch a shovelware game on fuckin nintenfo, the king of cheap gimmicks and shovelware ~osgeld~ IPC certified circuit board designer, EE , and before that IT / Software monkey for almost 20 years
  8. They are aware that Atari is a word and not just a name right? For all they know were all playing board games
  9. We own our emc chamber and a couple months is still a fast track and nothing as complex as a computer Even if it passes everything and works perfectly on development board(s) they still have a steep hill to climb to produce anything in quantity ... Should be interesting to see how this floats
  10. holy jeez they might have a one off board 2 months before shipping to backers, if that's the case, bout fukin time
  11. xbone and ps4 are not making sandbox mode as one of their selling points might I add, I have no idea how you modern console guys keep it straight, with names like xbox one x pro new U II VR 4 lite every 6 months, I kind of gave up on it back when playstation 1 and N64 games started listing system requirements on the back of the box
  12. but I don't even have a basement...
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