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  1. sorry I have been sick (not the ronna but weirded out for a few days) I have been out of the atari modding scene for a couple years now but if you want to pay postage to me in TN (like ~9 10 bucks usps) I can trouble shoot and mail it back (though if its a TIA I am out of those with a vader sitting on the shelf waiting for one)
  2. an oscillating voltage measured with who knows what doesn't mean much IMO, I guess it could be some measure but don't go down the rabbit hole, your measuring megahertz with a ruler... sorry I have not provided more detail at this point, but I suggest you start a new thread tagging me in the title and in the first post ... I have sold over 200 machines since 2012 with this mod setup and it might be helpful to others in the future in case this comes up again (not blowing you off, but I do have a demanding day job 2 kids 2 cats and hobbies lol) PS not intending you to do more work by creating a thread from scratch, but maybe a thread with linked bullet points to this non related thread and link from here
  3. When I get home tonight I'll share what notes I have ... That board is just a video amp color is mixed onboard like normal
  4. More in stock https://osgeld.fwscart.com/CX-40_Atari_2600_Tactile_Switch_Drop_In_Replacement_PCB/p5988195_19269795.aspx
  5. new batch incoming, stock request notifications coming sometime tomorrow daddy needs a laser cutter 😃
  6. and yea I made that adapter cause I got tired of playing lemmings on my XT laptop screen that blurred more than a gameboy, glad its still in service
  7. Thats good you can use the faster ram. It's always good to use the fastest you can but the way ryzen is setup you can see much more noticeable improvement going to faster speeds
  8. the collective wisdom in PC land is that more than 16 gigs of ram "just for gaming" is where you start getting into diminishing returns, but that is starting to sound a bit dated as games like cyberpunk will suck down quite a bit of my 16 gigs while playing it. For what the VCS can pull off I think spending on more ram may not be the return one might expects... its a bit of a shame its limited to 2400mhz ram, ryzen LOVES fast ram and that's not it. (I mean you can put faster ram in it but from what I read its hardware limited)
  9. I started to get all fancy with video intro's and snazzy splash screens and all the bells and whistles and it would just lock the pi up, that was using a stock image just using the options in retropi so there's something not quite right with it
  10. do you already have all the components?
  11. HDMI is a licensed product dvi is not so on top of member fees, a butt load of complience testing and a cost per unit Ya you could ignore that for a small project but I dunno what thr penalties are for a "product" on sale to the public
  12. console 5 kits seem expensive until you spend hours on digikey or mouser doing a deep dive into million o parts if you do not use digikey, mouser, or similar just spend a few extra bucks and get a kit, even the worst one on the market from no name china listing on ebay will be as good if not better than the originals cause ... time and advancement just for reference those plastic top caps are not bad they dome totally brand new from the factory, cause the plastic is domed, and they blow out their arse, not their tops
  13. might help if you did not make every single post from the perspective of "colecovision is the only thing I have ever known" CV was my one and only games machine until the sega genesis came out, I love it its a great machine for its era, I do not make it the main focal point of every post I make as if it was as popular as the NES or something ... its a bit of an obscure main line 80's console.
  14. I dunno about you but I saw the gag at the time as a teen and wondering then what the fuss was about, it looked like all the other next gen systems in terms of 2d (oh look there's a off brand shaq fu fighter with slightly better color) and far behind PC in terms of 3D. To be fair I had checked out of console gaming for the first time during that whole "death to 16 bit all hail the moar bit's" period until I got hold of a PlayStation ... even as a rabid fanboi of sega I was looking at the saturn going "well there's a meh copy of daytona, what the hell is nights, and where the hell is sonic ... oooh ridge racer and crash bandicoot!" I honestly forget the PS4 even exists as well, I havent seen anything that just makes me crap my pants (IE gta3 on PS2) and want to buy a dedicated thing to play A game, and anything that is multiport is generally available on my computer anyway
  15. didn't say there wasn't, just a high crap factor google says there's 606 north american games released for the system, there's some gem's, a lot of meh, and a ton of direct garbage, its tiresome I honestly think that entire generation, wii onwards killed console games for me, all systems from the time were just chocked full of shovelware and lazy rehashes and I havent owned a console newer than that generation
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