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  1. yea that is what I was thinking, its complex, doesnt matter if you have a 16TB hard drive, its a hard system to deal with considering its from the ground up design ... not saying its the hardest system do develop for, its just the least understood and its defiantly like driving a pro dragster on the highway
  2. disparaging really? get a grip, its a game console announced in 2017 that still hasnt been seen in the wild and what do you expect
  3. I have tried blue-tak on them before, it doesnt last long. in the past I stick them in their own container and stir frequently
  4. realistically case parts dont float that much, just poke it with a stick every hour or two, its the damn keycaps that cause you hell cause they always want to go belly up floating case parts not that big of a deal, they are more or less wet and exposed to light, just want to keep them wet
  5. no, removing 4 screws wont void your warranty, at least in the US, they made that unenforceable and companies can face fines if they try
  6. lack of contact with liquid where the glass is touching
  7. yes everyone should hate *insert current version of windows here for reasons that the vast majority of people really don't give a shit about* that does beg the question, if I can get a thin client running windows (ffs windows 10 for pi is free isnt it) how come a "big name" like atari can't strike a deal? Long-dong or OneHung-Lo managed to do it, and have been able to do it for years now off of aliexpress
  8. slap some wood grain vinyl on its top and call it a day, think I paid 8 bucks for the stuff I got to be used for interior car trim and it was enough to do an entire icade
  9. But they are competing with Microsoft Sony directly, Joe consumer wants a game console, and has 300$ in his pocket, here is his choices XBOX One X, 299$ Nintendo Switch lite, 250$(ish) Playstation 4, 299$ Atari VCS, 299$ Yea OK where's the list of software, we know the vault, but you can get the vault on every single platform that has existed since it came out and ...?
  10. except you ignore the fact that there are a pile of (even more powerful) consoles on the market that do exactly that, and you can go to any local reseller and buy one right now today, plug it in and get AAA games, indy games and all your media center needs fulfilled with a simple to use plug in tv box for the same price atari isn't exactly inventing the home media center console here, they have been out for 2 (going on 3) generations now
  11. depending on the size your local hardware store might have them, otherwise off to the interwebs
  12. why? do you think every barn find is going to be fully restored to perfect before shoved out the door? It will sell cheap and someone who cares can clean it rather than someone who doesnt hits the outside with a pressure washer and satisfies your twitch
  13. 400$ would buy me... A video card upgrade for my gaming pc (and the one I have now doesnt exactly suck, its just rather budget today) + A cheap electric power washer + a meat smoker + meat to put in it for a nice bbq with a couple bucks left over for a soda and a candy bar from work's vending machines
  14. I also would love to discuss the Ataribox and its merits, but the thing is just a embedded computer in a special box that doesn't exist, and that has not changed since they announced the damn thing in 2017. But I guess that's our fault.
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