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  1. HDMI is a licensed product dvi is not so on top of member fees, a butt load of complience testing and a cost per unit Ya you could ignore that for a small project but I dunno what thr penalties are for a "product" on sale to the public
  2. console 5 kits seem expensive until you spend hours on digikey or mouser doing a deep dive into million o parts if you do not use digikey, mouser, or similar just spend a few extra bucks and get a kit, even the worst one on the market from no name china listing on ebay will be as good if not better than the originals cause ... time and advancement just for reference those plastic top caps are not bad they dome totally brand new from the factory, cause the plastic is domed, and they blow out their arse, not their tops
  3. might help if you did not make every single post from the perspective of "colecovision is the only thing I have ever known" CV was my one and only games machine until the sega genesis came out, I love it its a great machine for its era, I do not make it the main focal point of every post I make as if it was as popular as the NES or something ... its a bit of an obscure main line 80's console.
  4. I dunno about you but I saw the gag at the time as a teen and wondering then what the fuss was about, it looked like all the other next gen systems in terms of 2d (oh look there's a off brand shaq fu fighter with slightly better color) and far behind PC in terms of 3D. To be fair I had checked out of console gaming for the first time during that whole "death to 16 bit all hail the moar bit's" period until I got hold of a PlayStation ... even as a rabid fanboi of sega I was looking at the saturn going "well there's a meh copy of daytona, what the hell is nights, and where the hell is sonic ... oooh ridge racer and crash bandicoot!" I honestly forget the PS4 even exists as well, I havent seen anything that just makes me crap my pants (IE gta3 on PS2) and want to buy a dedicated thing to play A game, and anything that is multiport is generally available on my computer anyway
  5. didn't say there wasn't, just a high crap factor google says there's 606 north american games released for the system, there's some gem's, a lot of meh, and a ton of direct garbage, its tiresome I honestly think that entire generation, wii onwards killed console games for me, all systems from the time were just chocked full of shovelware and lazy rehashes and I havent owned a console newer than that generation
  6. I had a buddy like that, would come over insist on playing sega sport game he dragged with him and turn down the volume and play some shallow garbage music (hey want to play NHL 95 and listen to Dave Matthews Band? GET OUT 🖕)
  7. PSP is like that as well, A lot of people say the library for it is great, but the problem is BITD you would walk into a game shop and be greeted with a wall larger than xbox or playstation, almost as big as wii full of games, and a 90% chance you were going to waste your money. It became tiresome real quick
  8. 225 for some inkjet fabric sent free to everyone that filled out the form, gotta love starwars (I don't)
  9. 20 bucks for an int and a foot ... sold no wait what I hate about this garbage is outside of the int II its 4 bucks worth of scrap in unknown condition and its going to cost like 25 bucks so ship a friggin balance board half way across the country ... and since its from the middle of jack squat nowhere, every place in the country is half way ditch the 99 cent balance board and the 95% chance bricked xbox, ill pay you 10 bucks for the controllers and the intellevision + postage, and you get to keep your foot
  10. im sure it is, I couldn't tell on my tiny 40 inch tv where every single thing on the screen was 16x16 pixels on a whopping 480p res and it thinks particles are the best thing since pixels , its one of those games you appreciate where you might accidentally whack the screen with the controller cord
  11. Mc Donalds ... just cause its popular doesn't mean its not crap
  12. if you want the simple answer GAMEZ AND COMPOOFERS ARE DA SHIT, OMG NABISCO SO BEHIND crash FAAAAAAACK does it really need 10 pages of circular arguments? its happened like 3 times since then just in the tech sector
  13. not calling it the worst, just calling it the most overhyped garbage of its moment in time, a OG creme n spinach game oh boy's only redeeming factor is that its library is only 40% shitware, and if you mod the holy piss out of it, risking permanent destruction (I have killed two out of the 20 modded) and it never got much better until the advance SP ... though to be fair, its got a better crap to meh ratio than the PSP Its also to note that batteries cost a butt ton less back in the day, aside from vacation or trips, if your in your room burning 6 sets of batteries a day on a game gear ... buy a genesis
  14. I get that, I did all that as well ... just on a shat for console / arcade games Apple II, so instead it was carmen sandiego, trolls tale, the hobbit, and how to use a proper office suite. That's the thing, our non toy computer that was an over decade long (over due) investment that ran a biz, gave me entertainment, thought me math, science, research and harbored both my dad's and my masters thesis... it was expensive, it was a sacrifice for us, it earned its keep ... its not worthless cause it plays a meh game of ms pac man, and that gets lost in these type of discussions DURH which game computer toys R us runs lode runner better, who gives a fuck, games on apple II suck in comparison ... they are still in use to this day driving cnc machines, its a better computer that can play ok, but not "better" games
  15. I didn't either, but now its my most played system, add a bivert mod and a backlight and most of its issues go away (bivert mod inverts the screen which helps contrast and speeds the apparent switching time up so blur is reduced greatly, then you use a polarize to flip it back normal again)
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