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  1. 8 yes, 10 ... its like they took the best of 7 and the worst of XP least 10's search isnt functionally useless (what kind of file is it, where is it located, when was it modified what is part of the filename, what do you want to search for ... 25 min and 30 mouse clicks later, no search results... ITS A EFFIN TEXT FILE ON MY DESKTOP!)
  2. does anyone really enjoy that? XP is truely a garbage OS that people only love due to it being around their entire childhood or stockholm syndrome it was piggy when it came out and did nothing better than 2k, it held back any modern hardware it was installed on when it died, and it had more holes than swiss cheese which just made it run even slower when they plugged another cork in the rotting corpse but it had that useless fugly UI and that down syndrome dog going for it
  3. I had one last friday, I cant resist a taco
  4. mmm beef flavored paste in a taco shelll dipped in the fry machine actually the one I had was pretty gross for a taco, buck twenty five I can get one from the taco stand down the street where only one person speaks english and its real deal mexico city style and I have better confidence there, the EMS ambulance drivers are always there chowing down like mad, if the people saving your life are a regular at a place its probably a good bet the food is safe (much like the "sketchy" looking BBQ place that the fire fighters go to once or more a week)
  5. ok I have to ask since I dont live in a city with a large pigeon population, its the bread necklace a common thing... seems that way but ya know ... internet
  6. looks like I got 2 TIA's sitting in the parts drawer if your interested I am sure we can work something out less than 25 bucks
  7. yea .... they are not worth a dollar I tried one Friday
  8. I might have a TIA kicking around
  9. not really but in comparison they come out looking like a saint
  10. 25 -30 (not sure cause I bought them and who the hell pay's attention to things like purchases with money) of a penny stock maybe if everything goes to plan he will earn a whole months of adult pay
  11. Buenos Días...


    Estuve mirando la información que enviaron, realice los cambios que dijeron pero no tengo señal de audio ni de video, mi consulta es como puedo saber si por que no tengo señal, ya verifique que llegue los 5v al Ic U3 y U2, todos tiene los 5v.


    Saludos desde Paraguay



    Good Morning...   

    I was looking at the information they sent, make the changes they said but I have no audio or video signal, my question is how can I know if I have no signal, and verify that the 5v arrives at Ic U3 and U2, everyone has the 5v.   


    Greetings from Paraguay


  12. gut it and put a modern system in the retro case, suprised the boat anchor actually still works pentium 4's were in that magical time where all the capacitors were made out of lead and snot and had a 3 year lifespan just sitting in the box
  13. or GR (return) COLOR = 9 (return) should be orange on a color monitor) HLIN 0,39 at 20 (return) VLIN 0,39 at 20 (return) should draw a cross in the center of the screen please note I have not delt with apple II hardware faults or apple II in general in like 5 years now so I am just shooting from the hip (grew up with them, had a collection, moved on to machines I didn't have)
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