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  1. He did those starting with files I posted a while back.. I did a couple runs of them then posted them open source. I think be simplified the design knocking out the micro controller and (thus) turbo fire but one doesnt have to design a pc ... I already did and posted them for anyone to use Getting them made is fairly inexpensive if you wait for snail mail from china and you get 5-10 copies
  2. road rash 1,2,3 Virtua racing Outrun Hang On Test Drive Road Blasters F1 (pretty much any of them by EA)
  3. Ill take the cable to update any documentation for it
  4. For Sale is a (late) 2009 mac mini its gotta 2.53 GHz Intel "Core 2 Duo" (P8700) GeForce 9400M "graphics" with a massive 256 megs of ram 8GB ddr 3 1333 Ram (maxed) 128GB Solid State Drive 100Meg network port 802.11 B/G/N wifi power adapter DVD drive seems to be dead, not bothered with replacing it, comes with OSX 10.11 el-captain VGA dongle (does not naturally support 1080p) DVI dongle OEM power supply Scratches Just on a whim I bought this machine from ebay as not working for parts. I cleaned it out with air and a brush, and replaced thermal paste ... added upgrades and its been fine. Its not a quick machine, being an earlier core 2 mobile chip, you can feel it in day to day operation. In my opinion its a toy, but maybe that is what you want If you want a daily driver, check out member classicrock909's post about 2012 dual core i5 mac mini's for 100 bucks (+ postage) slap an ssd and 8-16 gb ram in one of those and for less than 200 bucks you got a snappy arse machine for home/office/education use (I have been doing simple 3d cad, ie electronic enclosures for 3d printers, on mine in a 33 degree C (92f) garage) asking 65 shipped, USA and paypal only Thanks
  5. pump the bump Been very happy with mine, ordered another for a wedding gift for a buddy co-worker. Ended up upping my memory again from 4 to 8, then 8 to 16 GB DDR3 12800 (1600Mhz) . 2x8GB kits seem a little pricey for DDR3 laptop ram, but I have upgraded my moms laptop, this machine and the second mini coming in for a max cost of 50 bucks per pair of sticks ... if you keep an eye on ebay, the cheapest set was listed as a single 8 gig stick of ram for 21 bucks free shipping and they had 2 available, new in box ... so I bought 2 boxes SSD's one can get them for ~40 bucks I put this in my mac https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-240gb-internal-sata-solid-state-drive/6411188.p?skuId=6411188 lastly, I ordered a "second hard drive kit" off of ebay, shipped from the US for ~10 bucks https://www.ebay.com/itm/265138378423?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 and I was able to put the stock 500GB drive back in as a data/documents/downloads/whatever drive giving this tiny box ~740 gigs of storage so in total I spent (rounded up, not including tax or postage) Base machine 100$ 2x 8GB ram 44$ 240 Gig SATA SSD 37$ Secondary HDD kit 8$ -------------------------------- 189$ for a late 2012 mac mini featuring ... Intel i5 3120M (mobile i5 dual core quad thread clocked at 2.5 ghz with a 3.1ghz turbo boost) 16GB ram clocked at 1.6ghz 240GB sata 3 SSD for applications and system 500GB sata 3 HDD that came with the machine for document and whatnot storage 802.11 B/G/N 2.4 and 5ghz compatible wifi (which is great for me as I live in a dense neghiborhood and they almost all run 2.4ghz, so while they suffer with 23mbs I get 400) Bluetooth 4.0 USB 3.0 and thunderbolt Its a good little platform to spend a little money on to max out. Its small its quiet, heck it runs full tilt with its limited cooling in my garage which easily reaches 95F or ~35C while only feeling "warm" in that environment. Been running librecad(2d cad), freecad (3d cad), cura (3d printer slicer), Arduino and MPLabX (programming environments for micro controllers), kicad (electronics design), GIMP (photo editing) Inkscape & silhouette studio (editing for vinyl cutter machine) and online use ... its my new garage workstation so it should do fine for grandma reading the mybookface. as you receive it, its useable but not excellent upgrade to 2 4 gig memory sticks and it becomes more alive, a Solid State Drive will iron out the rest of the bumps and remember, the base machine is selling at half the general market price BUY IT
  6. its not sold as refurbished, so I am not bothered in the least And to your credit its just a film not like chunky bunnies
  7. I got mine today, out of the box the top is I would say flawless, the bottom well its been schooched around on its plastic but who cares. Performance with 10.15 is acceptable, not great, you can feel it when it has to hit the hard drive, and with 4 gigs it hits it a bit. I know from lots of experience with 3rd generation intel chips you slap at least 8 gigs and a SSD in this, its going to spark alive and move along quite snappy. Lastly you are going to want to pop the bottom and blow it out, these are not refurbished machines, they are bulk stock that has had the HD reset, so there be some dust. For around half market price you can afford to slap a 30-40$ ssd and a couple sticks of ram in it(eventually), installed OS is supported until 2022, you can bodge OS11 on it and get another few years Very happy, now I must shut this machine down and get to work (dust, apply new thermal paste, upgrade ram, and install new ssd)
  8. yikes I have had /still have back injuries I feel ya, its hard to get on things
  9. I did not know they even offered screens without backlight's in 2005 wait what year is it?
  10. had to bite I have been wanting a more recent mac for a couple years (the other 2 in house atm is a 667Mhz G4 and a SE), and the price is right. I only submitted payment tonight and I am already rummaging though my stuff and found a couple 4 gig sticks and a 240 gig SSD, that will get me started. Its replacing my daily beater garage computer as I get into more complicated cad work and microcontroller code (a 3rd gen i5 mobile with ddr3 will run rings around my ddr2 phenom X2). I do most of my complicated work on my "monster truck" ryzen rig but its such a pain if I have to make a tweak for 3d printing or laser cutting to run back to the house load software, do the tweak and run back out just to find out my stupid wifi is being a dork and run back in with a flash drive (ah nuts the baby just woke up from nap) meanwhile the model hasn't even loaded on the Phenom machine (running linux) while I accidentally kick its full size ATX tower with my foot as I sit down. I am even starting to look at thunderbolt GPU adapters to use the 750TI I have in the old rig with this mini (not that freecad really needs a beefy GPU, its not blender)... Can you tell I am excited?
  11. I have one I am not willing to part with, but its the Logitech model for the OG xbox, I would look out for those, if they are not trashed its one of my favorite controllers (make sure it has the dongle with it) example Get one of those for you and some generic gamestop junk for the buddy/kid, its your Xbox 😛
  12. First, just like many of my other postings here USA address and Paypal only please. This is my Nintendo NES, it has NESRGB board connected to a Nintendo multi av out port, so cables are convenient. It can do "enhanced" composite output S-video RGBS It has had its original 72 pin connector cleaned and resprung (but its a front loader so...) Its CIC lockout chip disabled Its original internal voltage regulator replaced Electrolytic caps replaced on the motherboard Expansion audio routed to the NESRGB board and mixed NESRGB board installed Nintendo MultiAV out connector installed Palette switch installed Case painted (cause it was beyond retrobrite and magic eraser) Comes with Console Tomee Aftermarket dogbone controller controller 9 volt DC power supply, switching power supply from Digikey (and its not a wall wart) Nintendo MultiAV out to composite or svideo + audio cable Nintendo MultiAV out to RGB + Audio SCART cable On the point of painted case, the top is painted metallic flake "aluminum" with the black stripe going from front to back. The bottom of the case is painted a dark metallic grey, the labels are re-applied with printable water-side decals, and under several (thin) coats of lacquer. I am not a pro painter, I am a dude standing in his driveway with an old TV tray, some Kyron, and watching the wind. There are defects in the paint (mostly trash) that the camera can not pick up... its not a huge deal but its not a close inspection Museum piece, its a half meter "that's neat" Asking 300$ (OBO or Trade for computer's) USA + Paypal only ... shipped
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