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  1. why its a 20 year old "gamer" computer power supply with a bunch of goofy shit smurf stickers slapped on it
  2. next month AMD is going to announce its 4th followup to ryzen (Zen, Zen +, Zen 2 and soon Zen 3) since 2017 this shitbang started with a A8 was it? from 2014 then moved to embedded zen 1 ... maybe zen + one could build a zen + cpu with a dedicated gpu with 8GB ram at this point for around the same price, maybe even with a windows 10 license just for fun here's my wife's 3600x computer I built for her birthday, discounting the fact I had the graphics card already its about 500 bucks worth of parts ... with 5TB of storage and 32 gig of ram
  3. then turn it off and stfu, you know why I never complain about kingdom hearts, cause I played the first one for like a full hour and returned it to the store. wow
  4. And this is the biggest misconception, no it is not a clone, its an approximation and just like I said at the beginning of this thread it all depends on who makes it. There might be emulation that is extremely accurate There might be FPGA implementation that is just enough to make it work it might be vice versa, but that magical acronym doesnt mean its instantly the best of the best and flawless, its just a chip off digikey that someone chose (I mean here's one for 1.18$ im sure it plays a mean game of breakout, has to its FPGA)
  5. production has begun? heh ...
  6. make sure the physical size is the same (measure it) and that the volts and amps are correct, which means you might be better off getting it from digikey, mouser, etc rather than onehunglow who knows aliexpress
  7. nothing turns up on findchips, its just a generic rocker switch anyway, nothing special about it
  8. really? must be cause I always buy off brand cheapo's lol, I know my tiny little craig does pal fine, as do my 2 older TCL's and I am in NTSC land
  9. I have never ran across a LCD (LED is the backlight) that doesnt work with NTSC and PAL... they use a universal decoder board and the panel is not locked to the wall frequency
  10. yes the PBP is a executable playstation portable file, not just a disk image and can be anything from simple programs to game launchers or bootable disk images, I think but am probably totally wrong but I think its Playstation Binary Package
  11. yea but now I need to make an ataribawx
  12. yup, I have not used this thing in a while, work is tight, baby on the way, looking at my BOM cost I am selling it pretty much for the price of the base material, not including labor, paint, graphics, 3d printing filler plates for the jag shell, and setup ... but yea couple bills would pay a baby bill and its sitting around
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