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  1. I'd really love to work with a Lynx developer to bring the game I'm working on for the Amiga to the Lynx as well. I intentionally made all of the graphics in a small scale so enough action would be viewable on the Lynx's low resolution screen, sticking with 16 colours and a 12bit palette. I guess it's like a combination of games like Ghouls 'n' Ghosts and Wonderboy in Monsterland, not highly original but the Lynx could still do with more games like this. So imagine it would look like this, only cropped to a quarter of the size of this whole image, so this is just showing four screens-worth of the level map.
  2. Rebel

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Great work! I'd love to grab one too when they're available.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. Unfortunately I had no lives left when I got to level 23 and the giant Thundercat at the end caught me by surprise after I hit him a few times, so I didn't get to finish the game. Oh, and the other version I played was the Sega Master system version, running on the Amiga through AmiMasterGear. I should have taken the photo after I finished playing!
  4. Rebel

    Double Dragon

    Played Double Dragon 2-player with Cammy on our Lynxes the other day, it's a great port, I don't mind it being zoomed in.
  5. G'day everyone. Here's my high score for Rygar on the Lynx, and another bonus version of Rygar.
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