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  1. On the 1st problem, I've seen CONST limitations, DEF FN can be used as a workaround. 'asm BitStreamX: EQU ((label_BITSTREAM_END - label_BITSTREAM) * 16) DEF FN BitStream = ((VARPTR bitstream_end(0) - VARPTR bitstream(0)) * 16) 'PRINT AT 120,<>BitStream Too bad IntyBasic can't use asm constants. I'd probably use placeholder IntyBasic constants, then replace them in the final .asm source.
  2. The way I've done it with a constant, multiplying the character code by 8. SPRITE 0, avatar_x_pos + VISIBLE, avatar_y_pos + ZOOMY2, ("x" * 8) + SPR_WHITE SPRITE 1, avatar2_x_pos + VISIBLE, avatar2_y_pos + ZOOMY2, ("\95" * 8) + SPR_RED '--solid block
  3. A while ago I made a rom in IntyBasic to interactively set PSG values, play sound, and show IntyBasic sound code. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/262842-intybasic-sound-playing-routine-optimization-help/?do=findComment&comment=3863733 For the game Princess Lydie I did things differently, using data for values, where odd values also decrease volume. There's also a sound test option in the main menu. You'll find rom and source code is in the 2018 competition forum.
  4. There's a tutorial, in the Start Menu look or trpe "IntyBASIC SDK Tools Usage Guide.rtf" which is in the IntyBasic SDK folder/section. To summarize, from the command-line, just do each of the 4-5 steps: REM To create a new IntyBasic from scratch REM Please note that IntyNew auto-sets your current directory to "MyProject" INTYNEW MyProject "My Inty Project" REM When you launch from the SDK command-line, Change Directory to the project folder! CD "MyProject" REM Let's edit the source file, using the 2nd worst text editor ever made Notepad MyProject.Bas REM Let's compile the program. If there are 0 Errors, it's read to run INTYBUILD MyProject REM Let's run the program INTYRUN MyProject I absolutely recommend a good text editor, I recommend "Visual Studio Code". There was a topic discussion in here about other great editors.There's also an IDE for IntyBasic somewhere, but I haven't used it.
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for the feedback!. About the enemies, mutated pookas? radioactive sno-bees? alien goombas? Not really... Enemies were designed to use the same "eye background" in different ways, to make it less apparent it's the same card. The unofficial enemy names (source code) are snake, walker (the angry walking eye), spinner/demon (the zombie pacman one), Birdo (SMB2. New code broke its beak), Jumper/Monkey. Update, June 2018: PrincessLydie.rom PrincessLydie_SourceCode.zip
  6. I use a Mod tracker (MilkyTracker) to "compose" songs, I use an Intellivision instrument/sample. Then in OpenMPT (another tracker, that can read MIDIs too) I copy track text (right click on pattern numbers, "Copy pattern"). That text is easy to translate to IntyBASIC MUSIC data. I initially used Notepad++ macro recorder and search/replace, but I later ended up programming my own utility. (I'll probably include it in the next Lydie release.)
  7. MarcoFont it's essentially for BITMAP data (monochrome), ideal for sprites. When processing an image, almost any color is considered foreground except the background and grid color (shown at top left). When image is loaded, it initially picks pixel (0,0) as grid color, and, (1,1) as background color. It needs to know a grid/border color because it was originally designed for small proportional fonts... it should be able to process 20x12 cells but I haven't tried it.
  8. Hi, I posted not long ago software + source of an utility that converts pictures (bmp, png, etc) to IntyBasic BITMAP: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/169024-programming-resources/?p=3914583 For Princess Lydie I created a custom converter: 20x24 (double y: BG and FG) images using the Intellivision 16-color palette. The utility then creates RLE compressed data, and the IntyBasic decoder figures out which cards to use (corners and if it needs inverted FG/BG cards). If you think the source will be useful, I might include it in the next release of the game, it's C#/.NET but Windows-only (uses WPF).
  9. Hi Dz-Jay, thanks for the usual (and extensive!) feedback. Music on/off: Agreed. I only noticed recently when I was re-testing. Menus: I had to delete a few (no asm), might return later. "Clear" not bug, moves to the 1st + clear digit entered. "Insane" is semi-hidden option. Font: It was worse before, and it's neater than my handwriting, so let me know which letters. Some are hacks: 7N=M, VV=W, 4=Y, 9=G, etc. Loose diagonals/jump up: I only test #backtab each 8th Y coordinate. I'll try 4th and see if it doesn't eat too much CPU. Flying kick: It's slightly faster, ian catch-up falling enemies. Any faster was buggy, it might work now with other bugfixes so i'll re-check. Front jump: I can try. If works, maybe both jump styles, assigned to different buttons? Countdown: Intentionally short to encourage "chain combos" (extra bonus second) and playing aggressively. Secs + bonus : 2+0, 2+1, 2+2, 2+etc. Continuing: Yes, it's a bug. As far as I know, it's a recent bugs I prefer to know why than just fixing it. Running out of time + new level: Yup. I could eliminate it if I add password/save functionality. Helps with 2 tricky levels, especially Sound test: It was quickly added to test "chain kill" sounds (they barely differ). On the emulator it works. Any control B0 or B2 replays, B1 exits. Thanks!
  10. Entry 2018: Princess Lydie Hello all! This is my entry for the 2018 competition, Princess Lydie. Source code included. You play as Lydie, and the objective is stomping/kicking enemies, then kick them out of the screen. There's a bonus of few extra seconds, chain/combo gains additional seconds. You'll only lose a life when running out of time (unlike the previous release). Move Lydie with the gamepad (can be also held sideways). Any button to jump, and while jumping, again for a flying kick. Tip: Lydie can move a bit while falling (not when kicking), and can even float the opposite direction if you switch directions as soon as she starts to fall. Lydie won't always bump her head on corners when jumping diagonally, and on low floors she can just jump up. To-do list: Technical information: Enjoy! Feel free to comment about gameplay. - Marco PrincessLydie.zip PrincessLydie_SourceCode.zip
  11. Here's "MarcoFont", a utility that converts picture/bitmap to IntyBasic source code, BITMAP data. It's for Windows, but source code compiles/runs in Linux (MonoDevelop, project .NET/Mono 4.5). Code should compile in .NET 2.0, but project file is for newer versions. Windows 7+ should already have the .NET 3.5 compiler, use: "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\msbuild.exe" "x:\path\to\MarcoFont.sln". How to use: Bitmap: cards must be surrounded by a grid (See examples above). Load (bmp, gif, png), verify auto-detected colors (it assumes 1st top/left pixel is the grid color, and pixel below is the background color), then click "Process Image". Cards should be 8x8, but (in theory) it supports variable-sized grids, shown in the generated code, for example, [8,8]. Why that name? Many years ago I programmed it to convert proportional fonts to hex, I modified it for IntyBasic after I made SpaceVS. Enjoy! MarcoFont-binary.zip MarcoFont-Source.zip
  12. Good concept! it does need a few tweaks. It reminds me of Antarctic Adventure (Kojima was co-designer of sequel, Penguin adventure), and also somewhat of 80's Casio watch racing games, GD8, and GT6. I think 2d videogames are a great as an introduction to programming. There is a lot of material in the forums: great code, tutorials, documentation, tools, and advanced techniques. I viewed the source code... very few comments. Some should've constants, for example, const ROCK=1. Code is very well organized and readable, but, I still prefer reading 1 comment than mentally interpreting 2 lines of code. About gameplay, the 1st level starts OK, but later levels are too slow and too easy. The animated road can be white, text shouldn't flash, I recommend more obstacles, player should bump/shake when losing a life, and there should be more variety of object placement.
  13. If your #BACKTAB data is from a large map, maybe a mini-map (look-up table) in cart ROM can do the job? I can't think of a good approach. Maybe the mimimap should cover 20x10, combine the surrounding 4? ...Maybe it's easier updating all 14 definitions, but, at least 4 at a time.
  14. I recommend SCROLL, and it's the easiest to use - if you don't mind losing a few 16-bit variables. I've used the hardware registers for the shake effect.
  15. I recommend programming an external tool to convert bitmaps to data. Princess Lydie levels were created with an icon editor, and the tool converts to RLE (compressed) data, if I remember correctly, 2-bit color and 6-bit run. I can release the source code if anyone here likes C#, .NET and Windows.
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