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  2. Must have interface and at least one 3D game. Looking to do this quickly and will pay enough to make that happen.
  3. Tested, working, in nice shape. Comes with two third party sticks (they're good) and first party paddles. Games: Yars' Revenge Starmaster Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Football Riddle of the Sphinx Space Jockey Homerun Mario Bros Stampede Donkey Kong Laser Blast Armor Ambush Video Olympics Air Sea Battle Atlantis Asteroids Video Pinball Breakout Super Breakout Adventure Ms Pac Man Pac Man Combat Empire Strikes Back Mountain King Adventures of Tron Space Invaders Berzerk Moon Patrol Night Driver Keystone Kapers Missle Command Frogger Q Bert Raiders of the Lost Ark River Raid Warlords Space War
  4. bump, still looking, Odyssey2 voice unit, working.
  5. Preferably with a couple voice capable games but alone if necessary. Working is a must.
  6. Must work, not be broken, and come with the interface to the system. Bonus points if you have 3d games to go with it. Box not necessary but will consider a boxed unit.
  7. CIB ones consistently go for over $1000... don't thread crap please. It's called a free bump. Nothing crap about it.
  8. Wow man if the complete Imager sells for that much I'll be awfully tempted to dig mine out!
  9. That was Ebay's self calculating shipping being stupid. If you actually read the description you would see it was addressed there. I charged the guy less than three dollars.
  10. ColecoVision, tested and working, bare console. No power supply or controllers. I can throw in an RF switcher if you need one. The power and reset switches have been pulled apart and cleaned - they are not wonky. 2600 module, tested and working. A little dusty. $40 obo + shipping. If you have an extra power supply this is a nice setup for short money. I was going to sell it all as a big package but the power supply for this one turned out to be bad and the only other I have is my keeper...
  11. Still looking for a bare CV? I have one here that has a wonky power supply but tests fine with other power supplies. Power and reset switches are cleaned and refurbed. $15 + ship if interested.
  12. As shown in pics. It really does appear this has never been out of the plastic. I took the controller out to look for wear and found none. Box is in great shape. The only thing missing, as far as I can tell, is the game. $50 + ship from MA.
  13. All still shrinkwrapped. Pocket Bike Racer 2x Outlaw Golf 9 More Holes of Xmas 3x Outlaw Volleyball Red Hot Take all for $15 + ship.
  14. Bump! Might be the only chance you ever get to pick this one up!
  15. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300583671727 Item is mine, been sitting on my desk for years, time to pass it on.
  16. Box is not perfect but quite nice. Contents are pretty much untouched. The thing might have never been out of the plastic bags. Been on my shelf for years. Price does not include shipping from 02762. Please include your zip with PMs so I can get a shipping quote.
  17. Hyperion sold. Dora Dora Paradise still available. This chick is cute. Someone should buy this.
  18. Erm... off the top of my head: 2600: 5 5200: 1 7800: 1 Jaguar: 1 Lynx: 1 Arcade: Major Havoc, Space Duel, Asteroids Deluxe, Tempest, Red Baron, Battlezone
  19. I have long since sold my Laseractive so I can't boot it up but the sleeve is in Japanese for both. Deal pending on Hyperion.
  20. There's one on ePay for under $30 right now. Not a bad price for that game. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290565814283 I had seen that prior to my post. I haven't really been in the loop for a couple of years. I didn't realize console prices have shot up again so much. Thanks for looking out - I bought that one.
  21. I have long since sold my Laseractive so I can't boot it up but the sleeve is in Japanese for both.
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