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  1. Oh thanks, I guess I missed this video!
  2. Looks like we may get more info on the end user version of the C256 Foenix soon: C256 Foenix U The current price is listed at $195.55 for the bare board version with no power supply. No further info on it that I can find yet:
  3. A couple of new videos released from Stefany on the Foenix. The Foenix Live Stream - Testing + Let's get cracking C256 Foenix Stream - Jumpman use case - Episode II I'm glad she is keeping the project alive! Update: Made it so you can click the links
  4. There appears to be some RevC4B versions of the FMX available if anyone else was looking to pick one up. I just ordered an extra myself. https://c256foenix.com/product/c256-foenix-fmx-revc4b-black-3d-printed-enclosure/?v=7516fd43adaa Update: OK sold out again as of 9/9/20.
  5. "brain" should be very familiar with that site, as I believe he is the owner! Good job on the video Armitage. I picked up a download version of JiffyDOS from RETRO Innovations that I use for my Turbo Chameleon 64.
  6. I'm actually looking forward to the 4Cellerator when they are available. One of those very rare items you don't see everyday on eBay for the TRS-80.
  7. Looks like she is making some of the boards available still: https://c256foenix.com/product/c256-foenix-fmx-revc4b-black-3d-printed-enclosure/?v=7516fd43adaa For anyone that wanted one, this might be your chance. Maybe there is hope still!
  8. Yeah, sad unfortunately. But since she will release everything (except the FPGA stuff) in theory it could live on.
  9. So it's not the vertical collapse issue. I'd still shoot Ian an email. He refurbishes a lot of TRS-80s. Maybe he's seen this particular issue before.
  10. If you plan on using this 64, I would not run it on the original power supply for very long. But I'm sure someone probably told you this.
  11. How about reaching out to Ian Mavric from AU? Chances are, he will have some info for you: http://ianmav.customer.netspace.net.au/trs80/ The issue (if you have the same one) seems to be common in older TVs. The TRS-80 monitor is just an old TV with the tuner removed if I'm not mistaken. I forget the brand it was though. Look at this YouTube video. Just an example, the TRS-80 Monitor doesn't have vacuum tubes: NOTE: I found out the brand of monitor that Radio Shack used was RCA. Look at this picture I found on the internet:
  12. Yes, this initial FMX version is kind of like the deluxe version. The ROM is flash based and the custom chips are FPGA (3 of them) so they can all be updated. I think it remains to be seen how much of what is provided in this developer version will remain in the cost reduced final version. Here is a video from the creator of the C256 Foenix on what may come next: There is a developers guide available as well it seems with additional information: https://github.com/Trinity-11/FoenixIDE/blob/master/Manuals/c256-foenix-devguide.pdf Here is a video from last year where she talks more about the C256:
  13. I wanted to show a few pictures of the C256 Foenix - Rev C4A I received. I'm super happy with it! Go here if you want to learn more about the project: https://c256foenix.com/
  14. Looks great! Power supply and all, I still don't have one of those for my Model 100 yet.
  15. I noticed 2 DVIs for sale on eBay if anyone is looking. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RADIO-SHACK-Vintage-TRS-80-Disk-Video-Interface-Cat-26-3806/333396605315 https://www.ebay.com/itm/RADIO-SHACK-Vintage-TRS-80-Disk-Video-Interface-Cat-26-3806/233401502421
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