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  1. Thanks Robert. I had no clue this was even in the works!
  2. Great, thank you for the confirmation.
  3. George, OK, I managed to get trsvid/cmd loaded on my M3SE and it shows CPU: medium. Does that mean I use -m4b? I think the choices are a b c?
  4. oops, replied to my own message, see the one below.
  5. I'm pretty sure when the TRS-80 first came out it used the Shugart drive. I believe the Model II used them as well for the 8" disk. Model 3/4 etc.. were the Tandon.
  6. Thanks for the reply, but seems maybe the built-in LS-DOS disk can't be modified. That's OK though, I have the one I use as listed in my initial post.
  7. Thanks George, I will try trsvid and see what it shows me.
  8. Hi George, OK thanks! That -ld uses the date and time from the host PC I guess instead of having to type it in each time you boot. What exactly is that "sysgen" doing on boot? When I use -ld it also does 4 drives, which obviously I don't have on my real Model 4. I think I'll stick with my disk for now with it even though there is a couple of extra steps needed to get it to boot, but that's the way it is on my real Model 4.
  9. Hi, I've been trying out trs80gp lately since the previous emulator I use TRS32 seems to not be updated any longer. I love the "authentic display mode" George has created in trs80gp and also the fact it runs on my PC and Mac. I have a questions or maybe just verification what I'm doing is correct. I have a real Model 4 non-gate array version. I've copied the ROM from it that I've been using with TRS32. My Model 4 has 128 K of RAM and I have the new Ian Mavric graphics board installed. I'm starting trs80gp with a shortcut from the desktop and using these options: trs80gp.exe -m4 -rom model4.rom -gg -mem 128 -d0 ld4-631.dsk Does this look right to match my real Model 4? What exactly does this mean (2 wait states per instruction)? -m4 Emulate Model 4 (same as -m4a) -m4a Emulate Model 4 with 2 wait states per instruction Have no clue if that mimics my non-gate array Model 4 or not. Even though my Model 4 is not a gate array version, it does have the green screen and the newer keyboard. I'm using an LS-DOS disk I download from the Tim Mann sight and modified for the date by TRS-Tools. I like to match on my emulators the real configs of the computers I'm using if possible. I know George the creator of trs80gp posts here, but if anyone else has knowledge of trs80gp please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time.
  10. I thought it would be cool to run Linux on in PC Mode.
  11. For anyone that hasn't seen my post about the C256 FMX in the Commodore 8-bit section, I wanted to show the next evolution of the C256 coming out soon from Foenix Retro Systems: C256 Foenix Gen X Figured this was a more appropriate section of the forum for this new version. Note: I don't have anything to do with this project other than purchasing the hardware and learning to use it of course. Just trying to spread the word a bit. If you have some time and want to learn a bit more, Stefany goes into a bit more detail about the Gen X Here are a few answers to questions people will have from my previous post about the original C256: Cost will be $599.99 (based on the website) fully assembled. The CPU module (extra beyond the onboard 65C816) price will vary. I've decided on the $99.99 MC68SEC000 for myself to start with. There will be a $499.99 version that will require some assembly (no soldering of course). This is a new (retro) platform. It's not designed to be something like the Mega65 that will run existing Commodore 64 software or that sort of thing. Obviously this will not be for everyone, especially due to the cost. And finally, here is a link to their store
  12. I think on a 1571, most of the chips will be soldered, unless it was repaired previously.
  13. COMMON PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS From Ray Carlsen, former Commodore tech. You can also email him Email: rcarlsen at tds dot net
  14. I've been watching eBay for a PS for the Tandy 100/102 but just couldn't go with the old ones listed on eBay for $30 or more. On the Model 100 mailing list someone posted this one from Jameco that Club100 used to offer. They work great! So if you were looking for a PS for your Tandy 100/102 feel safe with these.
  15. Well, not sure if anyone has been following what has been going on with the C256 these days, but have a look at what is coming next:C256 Gen X Keep in mind, it will still contain the onboard 65C816 but now with added options. Probably the bad news is, it's not going to be cheaper. I decided to go for the MC68SEC000 CPU module for starters. An i486 DX2-66 might be in the cards for me later as well. It's cool to have many options available. If you have about 2.3 hours, you can watch a live stream Stefany just released yesterday as well where she goes in a bit more detail about things: C256 Gen X - The Product Video Review
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