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  1. Ah yes, that's what I bought for my II c before realizing it would not work in my II c due to the firmware revision. Apple IIc RamExpress II+ So OP, I guess it depends on which memory expansion card you have. I'd also check the ROM revision as well.
  2. I don't claim to be an expert on this, but I have a IIc and IIc Plus. From what I understand, a ROM 255 or 0 IIc can't use a memory expansion. If you have a ROM 3 or 4 IIc then I think you are good. I purchased an expansion from a2heaven for my IIc then realized it was not the proper ROM level to use it, so I installed it in my IIc Plus!
  3. Yes there is, but it is mostly for development/testing so not like running Altirra or something like that.
  4. FX/OS update a GUI for the C256 I believe that's being created.
  5. A new video was posted by the developer working on the kernel and BASIC for the C256: 65816 Assembly Tutorial
  6. Unfortunately no, it doesn't have a 64 mode or whatever like a C128 or Mega65. It will only run software created for it.
  7. C256 Foenix U (user version) is available for preorder if anyone is interested: C256 Foenix U
  8. The C256 is smaller than it looks of course. The FMX version I have is just bit smaller than an Apple Magic Keyboard (from side to side) but it's a bit deeper (front to back) than the Magic Keyboard. I was surprised actually how small it was when I received it. But you just buy a PS2 mouse and keyboard and you are set! See the pics I made in the first post. Of course this is not the "user" version.
  9. Something cool for the C256 being developed is a SID/Ethernet Expansion Card The C256 already has the Gideon FPGASID but it will be great to use a real SID or two if you want. Oh and Ethernet.
  10. Oh thanks, I guess I missed this video!
  11. Looks like we may get more info on the end user version of the C256 Foenix soon: C256 Foenix U The current price is listed at $195.55 for the bare board version with no power supply. No further info on it that I can find yet:
  12. A couple of new videos released from Stefany on the Foenix. The Foenix Live Stream - Testing + Let's get cracking C256 Foenix Stream - Jumpman use case - Episode II I'm glad she is keeping the project alive! Update: Made it so you can click the links
  13. There appears to be some RevC4B versions of the FMX available if anyone else was looking to pick one up. I just ordered an extra myself. https://c256foenix.com/product/c256-foenix-fmx-revc4b-black-3d-printed-enclosure/?v=7516fd43adaa Update: OK sold out again as of 9/9/20.
  14. "brain" should be very familiar with that site, as I believe he is the owner! Good job on the video Armitage. I picked up a download version of JiffyDOS from RETRO Innovations that I use for my Turbo Chameleon 64.
  15. I'm actually looking forward to the 4Cellerator when they are available. One of those very rare items you don't see everyday on eBay for the TRS-80.
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