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  1. When the money get right, I'm just going to buy crap load of games for the Jaguar... I wish I hadn't sold my old collection, but I sort-of needed the money, but some point I'm going to get my collection back up... I have a Skunkboard, but there's nothing like having the physical copy. I actually miss having physical copy of the games.
  2. Oh man I use to play this game at a pizza joint in the mid to late 90s... The arcade cabinet had the "Atari" logo on it so they must have distributed the arcade machine... I thought it was an Atari game for a brief short while till I looked up the company who programmed the game online. This game is definitely suitable for the Atari Jaguar. Another hidden gem arcade is a game called "Great 1000 Mile Rally" by "Kaneco"... Really good game; has a good since of speed and very fun to play... Another pipe dream to aspire to.
  3. Yea that's it... Don't really know why I get those two game confused especially since I played the daylights out of them both in my youth.
  4. "In The Hunt" is an Irem masterpiece... For some reason the game sort of reminded me of the submarine game on "Combat" for the Atari 2600. Really almost all of Irem arcade game from that time period has incredible artwork. They really push for a very immersive gaming experience; it kind of make me miss the old arcade days.
  5. When I was selling my game collection on ebay, I was able to sell all of it due to other people over pricing their stuff... Most of the stuff I sold, I didn't pay near what I sold it for on ebay, but because people were over pricing the same thing I was selling, I was able to make sales at affordable prices. It was a very good learning experience for me; I'm thinking selling Jaguar at maybe $57 or $65 seems reasonable. If I ever get any games out, I'm thinking along those lines as a way to actually get people to buy the games. The $80 price is very high, but very tempting at the same time, but when selling on ebay I've had to swallow my pride so many times just to get things out of the door less it sits there for a long period of time... That means no one really wants to fork over the cash for some reason so I have to sweeten the honey pot to actually make a sale.
  6. I use to have 3 of them before I sold them... I have one now, but I'll probably be getting one or two more down the road.
  7. I have so many projects on paper from ideas I've accumulated over the years... I think I have enough fire to keep going. A lot of art styles I want to experiment with plus the programming, I have enough to keep the wheels spinning for a good while; I like to believe that I'm in it for the long haul. I've spent a lot of time reading the Jag manual, I may as well do something with it the knowledge. I think if I can manage to make triple A stuff for the defunct system, people will gravitate toward my games before long even if they don't buy it right away. Well... I've had my second thoughts about making Jag games... The only thing is all of those ideas I've written and planned for over the years, I'm not ready to throw them away yet. Seems like there's still a following for the old system, which means there's still some interest out there so I'll be around. Besides I want to know if I can pull off making games for the Jaguar and be successful with it; I want to make the games no one else are making. I like how the sound and music on the "Rikki & Vikki"... Without going into how the 7800 could compete with the NES thing, I hear the sound engine for that game uses something similar to what the Atari Lynx sound engine could do. The Lynx had it's own sound engine that I would like to see emulated on the Jaguar... Been making plans for that as well.
  8. Yea both the song and the drawing are oldies... I still have drawings I did even in the early 90s; a lot of I lost over time, but a lot of them I also kept... Takes me back to simpler times. I keep it around to remind me why I enjoy drawing and making music. The song on YouTube was posted in 2010, but I composed it around probably 01 or 02 a couple of years after I did the drawing. Usually if I think I got a good idea I'll usually draw or compose and then just put it away until a later date (much later date lol) when I can fully use it if not for archive sake; no need in throwing it away. That's the life of an artist; just keep at it until something pops. As far as the music goes, I'm not really sure what you mean by YT... The Jaytrax "Instrument Editor" allow me to use standard wave forms like triangle, saw, square and sine as well as the ability to custom draw the waveform, which is probably what most of the synth instruments used; very flexible tool, but also a little volatile as it would crash sometimes so I had to save often. You can use up to 16 wave forms, but will only allow for two oscillators per instrument. It was originally made between 98 and 99 when people still had their old 386 PC around so it was targeted as a music program you could use on a low end PC of that time. It came with a player you could use to put in your game programs or whatever; it was geared toward the video game market. With the tracker having up to 16 tracks, too many synth instruments used all at once could be processor intensive unless the PC was at least 150 megahertz or higher, but most of the demo songs for Jaytrax only used 4 tracks with the occasional 8 tracks to a song. The stereo is probably the result of me experimenting applying one or two of those source waveform to the stereo output and I just kept it that way; it seem like a good sound at the time lol. I was doing all sorts of crazy things back in those days with the music. I had already had the drawing thing sort-of nailed so to speak. Jaytrax was used in as a sound engine for a game called "Moon Child", which I think was originally an Amiga game title... I remember "Reinier Von Vliet", the guy who made the program said that the synth engine started on the Amiga computer before he moved it to the PC... I think you can play the game on cellphone or tablet today.
  9. A while back I sort of dabbled with the idea of a futuristic "Pac Man" clone game... I wasn't quite sure how the game play would be, but would've been based around the classic version of Pac Man with a futuristic theme and game-play. I started drawing the pictures for a proof of concept and kept it on the back-burner... Later I would toy around with the musical aspect just to breath some new life in the concept. Of course I got the music also posted in another topic I started sometime back.
  10. I've always been a fan of "Jaleco" games since "Rival Turf" for the SNES... I don't think the Jaguar has really had a good boxing game released for it. I'd love to see a stylized boxing game like this on the Jag.
  11. I like what "Atari Karts" pulled off... It looks very close to what "Top Gear" is doing on the GBA; that would make for a great experiment.
  12. Well... I enjoy comparing arcade hardware to the Jag system looking for an angle to some graphical feat... If nothing else, I'm not able to produce good graphics on the Jaguar, I'll stick to the 2D stuff, but I perfectly get why people feel the way they feel about the Jags hardware. But having committed to making something for the Jaguar, I'm not sure if that's the right kind of attitude I want to have toward the Jaguar until I've felt the pain of programming the system in Assembly... Then I might have a legitimate reason to finally clear out all of the speculation about the system and I'll know exactly what kind of monstrosity I'm dealing with the Atari Jaguar system. But I guess too many empty promises got people feeling some kind of way about the Jaguar and I totally get that; I just feel very different about topics like this, but JagChris was probably right... I probably should've kept this topic in a previous discussion similar to this one... My favorite 3D vector boxes were the ones that used a series of "AMD 2901" 4-bit bit-slicers to yield 32bit floating point numbers for computer graphics like the ones used on this old graphics workstation from 82 back when they had computer terminals hooked up to larger machine with custom graphic cards the size of whole motherboards. The terminal sported a "Motorola 68000" doing all of the regular task while the AMD 2901 did all of the floating point math and graphical display. I think with the Jaguar, you can't look at systems like the Playstation 1 or the Sega Saturn, but rather trying to learn something from the system of old in order to find a good angle to work is where my head is and as long as topics like this are around, you might see me in it.
  13. That's funny you should mention that... I was just watching a YouTube of "Racing Hero" arcade by Sega and was thinking about all of the large sprites they were able to fit in the game. I'd love to see something like that on the Jaguar.
  14. I use to have 3 of them... Today I only have one, but I'll probably be getting 1 or 2 more in the future.
  15. Yea that was the point or printing those books... Someone a few years back someone had suggested these two books for learning Atari BASIC and Assembly language for the 8-bit computer game making. It's one of the gateways into the world of Assembly language; I also have a couple of books on the "Motorola 68000" Assembly language... Just diversifying myself a little bit; with Atari hardware's, the "big two processors" are the 68000 and the 6502 with the JRISC being the more exclusive CPUs for the Jag system. The main reasons is to play around with 2D graphics on my favorite systems; I got a lot of big 3D dreams for the Jaguar system, but in order to get there it probably wouldn't hurt to skew off into the 8-bit world where there's not a lot of temptations to pursue unreasonable 3D ideas that'll only let me down in the end programming the Jaguar; not acceptable. I'm hoping to develop a good strong foundation on 2D graphics in BASIC and Assembly with the 8-bit computers and then learn some foundational 3D programming in Assembly with the 68000 using a couple of books I printed up on the matter, which is one of the reasons I purchased an Atari ST. I figure if I'm going to learn hardware I probably need to have the actual computer at some point; I never really owned an ST before but the book deals with the 16-bit computer... An ST emulator is cool, but the actual hardware is even better. Besides whatever the 68000 can do, the JRISC can do it better twice as fast so whatever 3D engine I make for the Jaguar, it won't be nothing out of the unreasonable, but maybe a little out of the ordinary since the Jag isn't as beefy as the Playstation 1, Sega Saturn or N64 when it comes to that particular kind of 3D... No, you have to make something really special for the Jaguar's hardware, the traditional way of doing effective dynamic 3D with bells and whistles...? a few tricks will have to be pulled at some point... Perhaps a few non traditional and maybe unconventional tricks on such a high potential, but very limited hardware. So I'm preparing for the long game, but based on past experiences, I going to try and keep things as simple as possible if I can. Sigh... Well... Can't blame me for trying but try I must. 😁
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