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  1. I'm interested in getting a couple of skunks... Can't wait for the release.
  2. The first time I saw "Cybermorph" on the Atari Jaguar was in 93 or 94 when it was displayed at a "Sams Club" store... At that time I thought the game looked pretty impressive for that time period. It certainly looked better than "Starfox" for the SNES.
  3. The XM was Curt's pet project wasn't it...? Very sad... I really was looking forward to the module being released at some point in time. It would probably be wishful thinking for the module to be released "as-is" in its current state. Very sad state of affairs indeed if the project has been let go at this point; it wouldn't be too surprising, but it would be a little sad. If they do release the XM, I think it should be labeled the "XM Legacy Module or XMLM" (or something meaningful like that) in honor of Curt Vendel himself, but that's probably more wishful thinking. 😥
  4. I first read about it in the EGM magazines in the 90s... Then ran into one on display at a local "Sams" store in the early 90s, but never actually got one until later in the late 90s early 2000s. I accidentally ran into the Jaguar scene after finding an old Atari Lynx at a local thrift store, getting on the internet to find out more about the Lynx and saw that "Native" and other titles were still being made for the Atari Jaguar as well as some Lynx title. By the time I got myself a Jaguar, it was well off of the store shelves for some years... I wanted to make "Playstation 1" game, but settled for the Atari Jaguar instead; been stuck with it ever since.
  5. I know right... What's Atariage without "Curt Vendel"...? He's the official historian here isn't he...? Very sad and very shocking news.
  6. Wow... Just sad man... I couldn't believe it when I first heard the news... Condolences. 😞
  7. That's on account of the Motorola 68000 isn't it...? The interface was designed to work with the Motorola.
  8. Today I found an old "Yamaha DX9 Synthesizer" at a local pawnshop for $120... This will be my fifth retro synthesizer I have along with the "Casio CZ 5000", the "Roland JX-8P, and three other rack modules. Along with an "Atari ST 520" just in case I need a retro computer to control these instruments, slowly but progressively building up for an in-house studio.









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    2. philipj


      I have a TX81z rack module I found at a thrift-store a couple of years back... I'm working on getting my hands on another kind of DX synth with more capabilities on it. The DX9 was a cheap and easy buy so I grabbed it.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      TX81z is a real keeper if I only ever really use it for the Lately Bass preset lol

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      Also nice JX-8P and CZ-4000...


      I have a JX-3P and while it is like a poor man's Jupiter-8 (uses the same filter) the JX-8P would be more useful in a MIDI setup. My Alpha Juno-1 gets more use because of this. 

  9. Look buddy, you chase your dreams your way and I'll chase mine, thank you... Until I master this programming thing I'll continue to theorize based on what I know and post accordingly. If you can't handle it, that's your problem, not mine... But seriously I'll work harder to keep my post correct as possible, but I get the feeling that's still won't be satisfying to some here so the heck with it; I'll post what I think is best... This is a forum after all, I'll take my chances. Besides most of the stuff I post publicly are based on general knowledge most are familiar with... I haven't even posted the crazy off the wall ideas I have yet for concern folks would really think that I'm off my rockers; I keep that part secret. 🤪 That's good to know. Yes please... Let's get back on topic.
  10. Yea... I just returned before this turn into some kind of crap show... I heard about that little mess... I don't know the full details, but it's unfortunate whatever happen in that regard, we shouldn't be fighting with each other at a game forum of all places. My knowledge of that is from rumors and rumors only, if you're implying I had anything to do with whatever that mess one, please understand that I visit forums and try and input the best types of post that I can put out there to keep the vibe as positive as I can. We all know what flame wars, trolls and other arguments. You posted before I could get my post mine; was still typing when you posted... No one has told me anything, I have a mind of my own. I don't post at AA as often as I use to and when I do, it's usually just one or two or just a few subjects I'll visit from time to time. I know what it is for someone to be worrisome and I try not be that or erroneously start throwing accusations around on people unless I have reason to, but even with that, I usually keep it to myself to avoid situation like this unless someone ask me come out with it. I came out with it so there it is, but CJ came at me first.
  11. I think he wants me kicked out of Atari Age... Saying certain things to try and push my buttons so he can report it and get me banned or get certain topics I frequent locked just so it can be said that philipj is causing problems. You wanted to know, there it is... I'm not one to accuse anyone of anything, but I'm not a fool either... I just call it like I see it. I also take offence to to his "Verbal nappy" comment! 😠
  12. Knowing you CJ and your underhanded shenanigans, it probably won't be the last either... You know I can't code yet, but if I was to code and bring here, you'd probably just find some other way to sneak some insult jab or some smart remark to get someone out character thinking no one is wise to your slick antics. But I get the feeling I'm not the only one to call you out on that... Carry on.
  13. Shinobi 3 had good music... TMNT Hpyerstone music seems to be a direct port from the arcade game minus some instruments. Thunder Force series definitely had good music. A few others you've mentioned, that I haven't played yet, XMEN 2 had some great music on it. I guess the few games I've played on them would better define my statement, but the Genesis certainly had the chops to do great music... I have to admit though that the music I was hearing on the SNES when I first got in 93 certainly blew my mind from games like Super Contra, Super Castlevania, Super Adventure Island that Mr. Street of Rage himself composed for, and I don't won't to forget all of the stuff "Tim Follin" did on both the NES and the SNES... He had such a ear for musical depth and range and was able to convey that on every system he composed on; it was like listen to a full band or an orchestra on NES system let alone the SNES. Yea I heard about that on a documentary concerning the Genesis the mediocre music software Sega gave developers... It's too bad about that; Nintendo pick right on up with supplying the SNES with a better sound chip, but I enjoy them both. But you touched on something, that's mediocrity was just what I was referring to... I ran into quite a few of them at the rental stores.
  14. I see you still get a kick out of putting words into other people mouths when you know better... But this coming from a person who some how finds a way to slip insults by way of sarcasm underhandedly. There's always a way to do things, it's how you do it that others are looking at including myself... Coding is great for games and ST pirating, but it doesn't build character, which is something you tend to lack, but then again character means nothing to some people... There's you verbal nappy.
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