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  1. Today I found an old "Yamaha DX9 Synthesizer" at a local pawnshop for $120... This will be my fifth retro synthesizer I have along with the "Casio CZ 5000", the "Roland JX-8P, and three other rack modules. Along with an "Atari ST 520" just in case I need a retro computer to control these instruments, slowly but progressively building up for an in-house studio.









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    2. philipj


      I have a TX81z rack module I found at a thrift-store a couple of years back... I'm working on getting my hands on another kind of DX synth with more capabilities on it. The DX9 was a cheap and easy buy so I grabbed it.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      TX81z is a real keeper if I only ever really use it for the Lately Bass preset lol

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      Also nice JX-8P and CZ-4000...


      I have a JX-3P and while it is like a poor man's Jupiter-8 (uses the same filter) the JX-8P would be more useful in a MIDI setup. My Alpha Juno-1 gets more use because of this. 

  2. Still waiting on the "Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge"... Haven't gotten an email from AA yet after getting on the waiting list... I'm ready to buy now.

  3. I got stimulus money coming my way... When is that SD cartridge for the Atari Jaguar going to be released...? I'm waiting on it... Better hurry before I get the "Mega CD SD Cartridge", which I've be drooling over for a minute now.

  4. I got this at my front door Monday and I'm super happy about it... It's the "Roland DJ 808 Controller" and it looks fantastic... It's something for me to play with from time to time.

    My Roland DJ 808.jpg

    1. Atarian7


      It looks complicated.


    2. amiman99


      Nice, I still have my old MC-303 since 1998 I play around once in a while.

    3. philipj


      Yea... Have you heard of the new "Roland 707 Groovebox"...? Someone had suggested getting this one, but I'd already made plans for the "DJ-808 Controller", but it looks very cool. I remember reading about the "Groovebox" back in college around 98 or 99. Always wanted one but never really got one; I was just getting into software based music in 98 using a mod tracker style program to put all of the sounds together. It was a lot of fun doing it that way... It felt like I'd discovered a new way to make music. lol

  5. I just updated my "Cover Photo" for the first time with a picture of my "Roland JD-XA Synthesizer"... The keyboard functions much cooler than it looks please believe that; it was worth every dime.

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    2. philipj



      Another synth lover!

      Lol... Yea it does kind of feel like I'm collecting synthesizers these days. I use to be a comic book collector, but looks like I've swap one thing for another now. 😄 My first vintage synth was the "Casio CZ"; since then I've acquired a few more synth like the "Roland JX-8P", the "Roland System 8", the "Roland FA-08 Workstation", the "Korg MR1" module, the Yamaha PSR 500, and a some "Yamaha DX" derivative module I can't think of the name of... Trying to build a dream studio for myself. :D




      My Casio CZ 5000.jpg

      Roland Workstation.jpg

      Yamaha PSR 500.jpg

      M-Audio Midi Keyboard (2).jpg



    3. DragonGrafx-16


      My complete hardware synth list is:



      Alpha Juno-1

      HS-80 (Alpha Juno-2 but the keys are busted, works via MIDI)





      Blofeld module (black)




      DX9 (doesn't really work anymore but the TX-81z can do everything it can better)

      PSS-140 (toy keyboard with some nasty (in a good way) preset FM sounds.

      OPL3 (Sound Blaster 2.0... old OPL3 which uses two OPL2 chips) I count this as it is a synth and I can use Adlib Tracker 2 on DOS to make music with it.



      ESI-2000 (sampler)



      K1r (nasty 8 bit digital synth but I love it) Has the best one of the best digital choir sounds out of any synth. Used heavily by Warp Records artists (like LFO)


      I also have three Casio keyboards:








    4. philipj


      WOW... You're a veteran collector. lol 😂

  6. Just got a brand spanking new Atari XE65 delivered to my door step.

  7. is about to eat his din din... :-D

  8. is about to eat his din din... :-D

  9. Atariage has a new look today... That's pretty neat.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Don't get used to it.

  10. Good luck Chickybaby... We're all rooting for you. My prayers are with you.

  11. Good luck Chickybaby... We're all rooting for you. My prayers are with you.

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