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  1. and some of us are still waiting, it will be three years in october that I paid for mine.

    I think of it like the "Pandora" system... It took a long time before it came out, but in the end it was whorth the wait.





    I guess that's just the nature of hobby released community... If the demand and resources isn't up to par like the commercial stuff, I guess that's just how it is sometimes. I remember when the "Krocodile Cartridge" for the the 2600 having some similar issues with it's release with there being a delay until it was finally mailed to my door step. Then came the software issues with the cartridge until it got fixed. It was almost the same way with the Skunkboards. They were able to get the boards out on time, but they had software issues in the beginning that eventually got ironed out over time thus it proves that these are some of the likely patterns in homebrew hobby releases. It's not going to be commercially savvy, but clearly Curt has a product or prototype of some-sort so that indicates to me that the system will eventually be released.

  2. The anticipation is killing me. Am I the only one checking his front porch multiple times a day in hope that the box will finally arrive?





    I know how you feel... I'd rather him take his time and get the release right, than to release a crappy system. 99$ is too big of a chunk of change to be squandered.

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  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97uaJrUmzho


    The graphics for the SMS doesn't look all that bad... I don't know a lot about the Sega Master System, but for the 7800 you'll have to take into consideration the 4kb or RAM and the fact that it deals with a display list compared to most other systems that only deal with tile map sprites and what have you. Another thing is that is that the 7800 doesn't have video ram like most other game consoles. Most graphics and sound will be dependent on what can be squeezed on cartridge. One thing I do know is that, despite the fact that the CPU has to be halted everytime the Maria graphics chip is in use, the Maria is so fast that I believe it's possible for the 7800 to display graphics at a rate, that if you program it and time it right, the CPU will barely miss a beat dispite it being halted so that's something that I like to keep in mind... Please believe me.:D

  4. Ok here are the Windows PCM conversion of the Pac PC sound effects... The sample rate and everything previously mentioned are all the same.


    I was thinking, some of the music for PacMan might can be redone using TIA native sounds. Donkey Kong for the 7800 was a good example of using TIA native sounds.

    MS Waves.zip

  5. Here's some raw pcm sounds that I converted from "Pac PC2" dos game... I wanted to convert them to wav but I have to do another time; I used "CoolEdit 96" to convert them. I downloaded the game from JROK's Homepage. I've used the sounds in some music I made a while back... The sample rate 16000 8bit mono; I hope this helps.




    Pac Man.zip

  6. My general understanding of the object processor is that a display list is created; the object processor reads this display list and converts the list into graphics by creating two scanlines. When one scanline is created, it shoots the scanline to screen while simultaniously creating the second scanline to be displayed on screen. It's a looping process until there's no more list to display. That's just my understanding of the "Object Processor;" Now as far how Tempest work, you'll have ask someone else about the technicalities for T2K.

  7. Well that'll do it... Ninja Turtles will getcha everytime. lol

    There actually was an EGA PC version too:

    (with -somewhat mediocre- adlib support rather like castlevania . . . mediocre in the sense that it's not really a good remix of the NES tunes, the ST, Amiga, and C64 versions were better in that respect -it's not the worst example of Adlib use though, unfortunately)


    I get a kick out hearing TMNT 1 music from something other than an NES... Didn't really consider other version of TMNT on other system considering I was an NES junky back in the day.:D I've been dabbling with TFmaker the past couple of weeks now so I becoming a big OPL fan these days. ;)

  8. I still don't understand why the USAers gobbled up the NES like they did.


    1. Fun games.


    2. Super Mario Bros.


    3. Computers weren't as prevalent in the average household as they were in the UK.


    4. The platformer craze of the late '80s.


    5. Fun games.


    Personally in regards to #3, I didn't even know what a C64, Amiga, or ST was until I started collecting in the mid '90s, nor did I know anyone else that did either. I could just be generalizing, but back then it seemed everyone knew what a NES was. Not so much for home computers though..


    I agree with number 3... I wish to God I'd had some kind of computer back in those days even if it was an 8bit. Computer just wasn't that popular where I came from. My friends had an NES so I got me an NES... I played the hell out of it. :D

  9. Here's a couple of YM2612 trackers for the Sega Genesis... I think MVS can be used on the Neo Geo, but it's not nearly as attractive as the TFM Music Maker. TFM looks very user friendly more so than Ablid 2 tracker.


    TFM Music Maker (This one looks very promising. It includes source codes for the Genesis Z80 processor to control the YM.)

    MVS Tracker (I've seen this one in Neo Geo dev tool links)


    Now this tool, I think is a vst plugin for other music programs; I don't recommend this as a possible candid as sound driver/music player for the XM... But what I do understand is that this tool can be used to create instruments for Yamaha DX style music chips. Personally I haven't used it; I don't have a music program that will except vst plug-ins so I can't vouch for this program... The website is in Japanese so you'll need Google to translate the site.


    VOPM-Virtual fm synthsizer, like OPM(for Win)

  10. I was just thinking if I had my way with the 7800 and the XM I would just use the 2151 for music only, use the Pokey for sound effects, and the TIA for voice synth when and where ever possible. I just finished listening to some of the demos that came with Adlid 2... I would love to see that kind of quality of music come from the XM. I think it would be worth making Adlid 2 formated music files compatible with the XM. I've yet to find a better OPL music tracker short of some VST plugins that only emulate DX style sounds for other music programs, but is not suited for composing music for the real OPL chip.

  11. I guess it would be balancing act getting the 6502 to run the pokey, the TIA, and the YM2151 while running graphics and logic in a video game and getting over the halt option for the 6502 to run the Maria. At least with the old atari system 1 arcade machines, they had the 68000 to do all of the game logic and what have you with the 6502 as an assistant for sound production. It would be all on the 6502 with the Atari 7800 XM to do everything.

  12. I just took a quick look-see at the Adlid Tracker 2 using "Dos-box" and found the program to be typically old-school dos. For those who still enjoy the wonders of DOS environments will find this program to be absolutely fabulous especially the Atari 8 dos tinkerers. It's all about knowing and remembering keyboard commands and I do mean memorization. There is definitely a learning curb to this program; it seems that it's going to take a little time to get to know this one. The source code is available for anyone that wants to put this program in a Windows environment to actually make a mouse useful??? There's definitely room for improvement with this one, but it looks like a goody so far despite its age.

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  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhn2q1bCAIg&feature=channel_video_title


    Here's a neat little OP3 sequence... I wonder what program this guy was using?





    Here's a nice looking tracker I just ran into... I haven't personally tried it but it looks very promising. Give any feedback for anyone who's tried it already... Check out the link below.


    Adlid Tracker II Homepage


    You'll need DOSbox for this one.

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