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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhn2q1bCAIg&feature=channel_video_title


    Here's a neat little OP3 sequence... I wonder what program this guy was using?





    Here's a nice looking tracker I just ran into... I haven't personally tried it but it looks very promising. Give any feedback for anyone who's tried it already... Check out the link below.


    Adlid Tracker II Homepage


    You'll need DOSbox for this one.

  2. I believe it all depends on how you program the RISC... A while back I began to roughly compare the Jag RISC with the Super Nintendo DSP and found that the Jag is well capable thus have the potential to produce sounds that's better than the SNES sound chip if programmed correctly. There are some limitations like the 8kb of internal RAM in the Jags RISC sound chip compared to what the SNES is 64kb of audio RAM, but that little technicality can be overcome. I think the only reason most Jag games uses only 8 channels of sound (4 channels for music and 4 channels for sound fx) is because of the limited amount of internal RAM and this is just an assumption; I don't have proof to prove it, but all avenues of information seem to point to that conclusion... It's all theoretical at this point. The Jag RISC do have access to the Jags main memory, it would only be a matter figuring out how data will flow from a cartridge of CD. The Jag sound chip is generic by nature thus can do whatever you program it to do. In a sense, the same can be said about the Atari Lynx; if it can playback pre-recorded audio, it certainly has the potential to manipulate it audio the way a mod player does. And let's not forget that the Jag can do sound sythesis if you're willing to put in the time squeeze out good sounds. I think the it can produce even more sound channels then a mod player if you use full synth sounds. The Jag sound capabilities is a wide open canvas to explore for anyone that's willing to put in the time.

  3. Far be it from me to get too excited, but I just got an email from Legacy Engineering stating this:


    04/06/2011 Pre-order Expected Ship date - May 5th


    I got the same email... It's about time. :lust: :thumbsup:

  4. As much as I would like to have an actual XM system right now, I would rather Curt take his time and release a quality system than to rush any old thing out the door. I'll be waiting so make it fast. :)

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  5. There are some VST out there that emulates the 2151, but I don't know if you could actually used them as legitamit files on actual 2151 hardware. I've looked at the Yamaha DX series keyboards to see if there are any sequencers or trackers out there that can run a DX keyboard because if it can run a DX, it could possibly run a 2151 based hardware like the XM. There is a way to interface a DX keyboard via "midi to USB," however I don't know the software to use that would make it work. There's also thousands of custom made sounds for the 2151 or any other yamaha DX keyboard that are out there. I don't know enough to really do anything; I've been trying to get my hands on a cheap DX keyboard, which is very hard to find even on Ebay.

  6. I've been looking for information about the Atari Lynx comlynx and was unable to find enough about it. I know it connects lynx together via comlynx ports, but is there any documents that give detail to how it works?

  7. As much as I'd like to get my hands on the XM, I totally agree... I'd rather he produce a top quality product then another rush job Atari Jaguar. Yuk yuk :D

  8. Is ProSystem (V13e??) the 'best' 7800 emulator currently available?


    Its OK for legacy games. For implementing interesting tricks/quirks its a pain, so that sort of development I do on my CC2 and real hardware. It has no debugger so it's hard going in that respect too.


    What kind of hardware do you use to program the 7800?

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