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  1. Hello,
    Thanks everyone for your support...thanks Albert for the plug and I hope you all enjoy it for many years to come.
    As I wrote in the "apologies" thread... in case you didn't see my reply there.

    My wife told me that my Gorf arrived on Saturday, #30 of #50 thanks, I just

    wish that I could play it, but work keeps me away from wife and kids, and

    Gorf too!I really look forward to playing, and I'll for sure take a cartridge as

    well. It's just great to see the release, and all the fans you've made so happy.


    Ignore the people who only crawled out of the woodwork to nitpick or to start

    flames, clearly if they can't be bothered to be an active part of the community

    normally by posting (in general) then they have negative reasons for doing so

    now. I know lots of Jag fans who don't post on forums but are very happy to

    see your excellent release, and everybody should be impressed by your very

    positive response to finding a bug. You could so easily just have said that you

    would fix the bug and put that CD in with Gorf Pluz perhaps, making people

    buy another version to get the fix. I applaud you, you've done us all proud.







    I agree... And I think quite profound to know there are other fans out there outside Jag forums getting a real kick out of the release of "Gorf". :) I don't think I've been this excited since the release of the "Krocodile Cart"... Congradulations.

  2. I'll have to lookup up the term "Baud" to understand how it works... I also need to get my hands on "Alpine" :). Let's say you wanted to the Lynx to upload a file that's maybe "1MB" in size without considering the Lynx RAM; would it be possible for that file size to be up loaded in real-time.

  3. That's definetly one system I'd like to create a better music software for. I forget the location of the link where you can download "PDF" on subjects about the Lynx, but it's here somewhere. I think Carl Forhan had something to do with posting it, but it's definetly whorth reading... You'll find a lot good stuff the Lynx sound system in the PDF's... It's a big file size though.

  4. I don't have any games that uses the "Comlynx" and I know very little about it... Does anybody know exactly how much data can be transferred via "Comlynx" and how fast in can be transferred? I'm simply curious.

  5. I've always thought that Checkered Flag's frame rate could be fixed with some better coding.  It would be nice if the source was found for it.  I assume rebellion still has it somewhere...





    Hey... What just happened? I posted that. Not Tempest. :? :? :?:



    Sorry about that... I thought my computer was freaking out on me. (Embarrasing :ponder: ;) ) Please resist the temptation to laugh :P :D


    Anyways... I remember a while back when I was comparing the 32X version "Virtue Racing" to the Jaguar's "Checkard Flag" and before I know what the Jaggy was capable of doing, it often puzzle me why the frame rate to Checkard Flag be as smooth as Virtue Racer. Has anyone ever requested the source to Checkard Flag?

  6. I've always thought that Checkered Flag's frame rate could be fixed with some better coding.  It would be nice if the source was found for it.  I assume rebellion still has it somewhere...





    Hey... What just happened? I posted that. Not Tempest. :? :? :?:

  7. I'd often thought about hacking "Flip Out" and just converting it into a Flash ROM... I was very disappointed when playing that game after I bought it. :D


    I think it would be cool if the "source code" to Checkard Flag were released.

  8. you forgot the side scrolling shooter... umm I cant even remember the name

    but I rem it was pathetic and featured a guy who had a lion's head??




    I know that all too well... That's "Trevor Mcfurry", but I love the graphics. ;) That's one game that showed the Jaguar's potential. It's too bad it didn't turn out better.

  9. Seriously, i can´t read all those jaguar is full of bugs things any more. What particular

    bugs did you stumble across you had to change your whole design due to limitations or

    bugs of the hardware ?

    In my opinion most of the hardware bugs people are complaining about today are

    not hardware related and just buggy source code. Jaguar is a complex machine, most

    the things should be done in assembler which makes it even more difficult.


    We had no problems with bugs when we developed Native a couple of years ago and

    it is using quite a bit of the hardware in the machine.

    Of course there are some limitations and the most obvious error seems to be the

    famous network bug.


    There are some bugs in every system, Lynx, Falcon, Dreamcast, all the newer systems,

    I don´t see jaguar to be a lot more buggy then those.


    Johannes / Duranik




    If that's the case, I see no reason why there shouldn't be a flood of releases for the Jaggy. :) I hope to make arcade style games for the system. The thing I have problems with is getting hooked up via BJL especially in WinXP... :| I know there's some way it can be done using the "DOS Box" emulator and some other Window plug-in, but I just can't seem to get a connection. This is why I'm so glad that Matthias is making that cartridge hardware for the Jaggy, that is if it actually get released. It's much needed and it's certainly long over due. ;)

  10. To me, the Jaguar has great potential for newer developments from a software stand point. I think the only regret I have about the Atari Jaguar is that I can't seem to find a C compiler for the GPU and DSP... I really hope I see more developments for the Jaggy and I think it's just amazing that the Jaguar community has lasted this long. If that doesn't merrit for newer games for the Jaguar then I have a bridge in Manhattan for sale. It's good to see that the community is holding strong.

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