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  1. Hello everyone; My name is Philip but I like to call myself "ACE". It's been a long time since I posted anything here, however i'm glad to be back. I'm hoping to someday make games for the various Atari platforms including the 7800 because I beleive that the 7800's best potential has yet to have been tapped and would encourage others to do so. It's also good to see that the "Pac Man" picture I drew apart of my description... My how time flys. Anyway it's good to be back and i'll be looking foward to comming back again. Thanks and God Bless; ACE
  2. philipj

    7800 dev

    Just last week I found an old 7800 at a local fleamarket. I was glad because over here where I live 7800 systems are very hard to come by. It'll be my second 7800 console because I'd hate to try and make a dev system and mess my only good system up. As soon as I get a good understanding on 7800 game development, I'm turning the second system into a dev system.
  3. You know what would be a good idea? If there was website that totally dedicated to posting screenshots of new games made for the Atari just to keep the whole new development thing going. Think about it... I know that there are a lot of development going on, but I don't know the full extent of it. Chances are if people knew the extent of the new Atari Lynx developments that art taking place it just might encourage more people to become active if they actually saw some any form of evidence of new Atari Lynx development(s). God Bless; P.T.W.
  4. Has anyone been able to use any other add-on sound chip other than a Pokey? I beleive that a good way to start a new thing with the Atari 7800 development is to try something new. What do you all think?
  5. I think it's a great idea to have some kind of definitive website for the Atari 7800 programmer. I don't have the skills yet, but I like to make games for the 7800 system. I had to look almost everywhere to get most of the programming info until I ran into the Atari Historical Society. The potential is there for new developments let's strike the iron while it's hot.
  6. I hope there is room for a beginner.
  7. I have a game called Eternal Champions for the Sega CD and the game starts off with short movie. The video format was a cinepack video that used 256 colors on a system that was only ment to show 64 colors total to my rememberance. With proper programming there is no telling what the maria chip can do.
  8. I'm not a programmer yet, however I'm very much interested in making games for the 7800 and exploiting the maria chip graphical power.
  9. Man I wish my programming was good enough to make 3D on the Lynx like that:)
  10. I'm very much interested in the Atari 7800 because of it's potential graphic capabilities.
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