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    This is what I was originally planning on doing myself, but after doing the math on paper and ink costs, I realized it was more expensive than tracking down used copies of the real books, so I start doing that instead.


    Well... I use the cheapo inks from ebay to print everything. I have an HP 8600 and that thing is a serious work that print on both sides of the paper in one roll and it does very fast. I find that it's trial and error with ebay ink where some inks are not of that good of quality, but when when it comes to printing large amounts of pages, I'll take the quantity over the quality. The ink I get only cost around $11 a set so I just buy a couple of them a month just to keep plenty around and that's just pennies on the dollar although I do have to admit it's been some trial and error using third party ink; some inks aren't always full to capacity so you really have to find a good source at a good price. HP machines will send error messages...? It knows HP products from other third party products and sometimes will lie and say the cartridges is running out of ink or can't read ink quantities or some times will halt printing while the error messages are up... Just ignore them, exit the error messages and keep on printing until you actually see the ink physically running out as it prints to paper. It's a bit crude but has been very beneficial and has all but worn my printer out. Below is a pic of my print outs; some binders has up to four books in them. I've printed books before using lower quality printers even manually reversing pages to print on both sides to save on buying more paper, but the 8600 is a beast printing both sides rapidly in "Draft Mode" and I've been loving every minute of printing all of this great information.



    My Hard Copies.jpg

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    Nice - I have quite my share of 3-ring binders of printed manuals 😞  Just notices your sig mention JS2.  Don't know if I posted with you over there, but had my Jag since 95 (still have them).


    Chances are you probably have... lol  I just put that in there because over there I was known as "Ace", but I was a member here at AA before I was there at JS2 so I wasn't able to change my name here without starting a whole new account.  I spent a lot of time in the Jag forum and the Atari 7800, in fact I was a moderator for the 7800 forum in hopes of making new games for the system, but it never worked out that way. Stephen I think I talked to you in the Jag section here. I was just re-introducing myself here because I haven't posted in the 5200 section in ages man just in case someone new is here. Really the Jaguar and the 7800 has been my main forums.

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  3. Hi... My name is Philip and I made hard copies of some Atari books I was suggested some time back thanks to my HP workhorse of a printer... I even got a few custom prints for the Atari 7800 and the 5200 which includes official docs from Atari concerning the hardware, schematics, notes, copies of websites I found useful with information, all to help gain understanding on Atari hardware.



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  4. I had quite a few stuff in my video game collection before selling it off to ebay, which was quite a lot of stuff... From the Vectrex, Atari Lynx, Fairchild console with about 11 games, Sega CD with a crap load of CD titles and cartridges, Dreamcast with 20+ games, just a whole slew of retro stuff that I sold on ebay shipping whole console lots out of the door myself. People were really buying these games collections, but that's because I had good little collection of stuff and it sold especially when the price was right. I had the good stuff and not a lot of sports games that you'll see in bulks on ebay at cheap prices that tends to sit for sale for a long time either. The lesson I got out of that little selling experience is that people will buy the games if it's good enough especially if you have exclusives like the portable "Turbo Graphics 16 console" that I was fortunate to have two of them from a thrift store find for $38. lol 


    I think if the game is of a reasonable quality, people will buy depending how good the game is, but it would be a niche audience because of how old the game system is. The experience kind of showed me something about selling retro games and that's the fact the people will buy if the game is really good, everyone likes to buy a really good classic game that's really fun to play rather it pushes the game system or not. That's why I say if you consistently make really good titles over time, people will buy your stuff if it's good like they did with "Battlesphere" at $80 a cartridge in the beginning despite it taking a while to make; but I think it would always be a risk when considering how old the Jaguar is. There wasn't that many games released for the system so I think there some room for new titles... It depends on the developer.

  5. I think the Skunkboard as a cartridge format is great; I'd like to re-purpose the Skunk for home-brew custom games... I got a lot of reserved skills I haven't used in a while that I can certainly put to good use making home-brew games. I think if you make a really fun game with good quality art and music to back up the fun factor, it could pay off over a consistent long-term if people know your stuff is good. But with home-brews, it's never really about the money unless you need it, then it turns into something else... There's never really been a lot of money to be made with home-brew games unless it was really good; As a comic book and video game collector, I would shoot for both the hardcore gamer and the hardcore collector.

  6. The Motorola 68000 really does seem to have some good qualities in its own right... I was just looking at how the ST handled "Zarch" just using minimal polygon and a particle system as well as handling all of the sound fx. I wouldn't put all of my chips squarely on just the 68000 when it comes to the Jaguar, but I think the if it can pull of simple task quite reasonably on the ST, it's just a matter of finding how to make the best out of it. If only "Checkered Flag" had been optimized a little better.



  7. 9 hours ago, JagChris said:

    Not really. Sounds rather contrary just to be that way. Almost like saying buy an ST to play an ST game. 


    It's a near totally different system. Of course engine would need rebuilding. You know who Burger Becky is? 


    I dunno. This opportunity has a lot of potential. It's a shame of all the 100s of people who would love a good port of this the one voice that pops up immediately is someone who's gotta bash it. And then those who would enjoy it instead of voicing a yay go on big rambling posts babbling about how in the next life they want to use the WMCJ source code to port Revolution X.


    This community is depressing. 

    No seriously... I've wanted to do something for with WMCJ for a while and sort of let the idea go over time, but the "Revolution X" thing...? Really the idea came with "Zombie Raid", but the Rev X game with the pseudo 3D perspective along with the fast action (just something I fancied), the closes thing to something like on the Jaguar is WMCJ having the similar effects like Rev X, but I think the game is using real 3D perspective beyond simple scrolling and scaling. I just posted the Rev X as something possible to shoot for; it doesn't have to be a direct port of the arcade game, but a different or new game design that has just as much impact; I am an artist after all. But yes I'm pretty serious about such an idea despite the slow wheels of progress and real life. But keep in mind I'm just getting back into things after being away for a while, I'm also trying to bring an optimistic point of view on things to help bring some positivity to the table, but I guess it doesn't always interpret as such, but I still have hope this Jaguar forum.



    Also... I mentioned this idea on JS2 some years back so the idea is very old but still very good. 

  8. Revolution X was a really good arcade game compared to the piss poor Genesis version... I also like "Zombie Raid" arcade game; I use to play that at a pizza parlor. A while back I wanted to use the "White Men Can't Jump" source code to make a shooter similar to Revolution X... But I think that game used real 3D versus the pseudo 3D used for the RevX arcade; a very good example of 2D sprites in a 3D environment... Still I would love to make a game like that. Someone posted "Beast Buster" earlier...? Great game also.




  9. Ok since this is a theoretical "Pipedream" subject, here's a couple of inspirational imagery from two of the best games to ever do it graphically on the "Playstation 1", Grand Turismo 2 and Ridge Racer Type 4. These games were simply masterpieces really showing off the PS1 hardware toward the end of the systems life cycle... It would be neat to see something like this on the Jaguar.




  10. Ok... WARNING...! Massive pixel overload. I've uploaded this once before, but I'll do so again. Below are some car concept I did back in 96 or 97 inspired by a few games I played back in that day; games like "Outrunner (Data East Sega Genesis game), Rock-N-Roll Racer (SNES), Ridge Racer, Wipeout, and Need For Speed". This was once my pipe dream game concept at one point and still sort of is sitting on the back burner; I used an old "IBM 386" with Windows 3.1 to draw the images from scratch with just a couple of them actually copied from actual sketch drawings I did; all images comes directly from old diskettes. With only 16 colors to work with, mixing colors to simulate shadows and other colors was very effective; a real learning experience for me. If you look at the images that actually have landscapes on them, you can see those dithered like color mixes using no more than 3 or 4 colors. Maybe one day I'll revisit the old drawing and do something for the Jaguar system.


    Cobra 2.jpg

    Moon Duster.jpg

    Nice Truck.jpg

    Traxx 2.jpg

    Taxi Racer.jpg

    SA Racer.jpg

    Taxi Racer.jpg

    Space Rally.jpg

    Space Rally Traxx.jpg

    Saturn 1.jpg

    Saturn 2.jpg


    Kitty Kitty.jpg

  11. That game seemed very simple as far as how the game was designed... Some kind of equivalent would be very nice for the Jaguar just for show. I've always admired how both "Assembler" and "LISP" was used to make the game versus using C or C++, which was the normal of that day. I found that there's a version of "FRANZ LISP" for the Motorola 68000 out there that was abandoned for to the public around 1984 in favor of for an ASIC standardized version. Very cool stuff IMO. Not to say the same kind of thing can be done considering the Jaguar is very different animal then the Playstation 1, but I find it very cool none the less.



  12. The SNES version was pretty decent; the music to the game was very good... I only played the Jag version when I got my first Skunkboard a while back... The music to that game was OK, but the high resolution made for a somewhat different experience in the game play versus the SNES version. 

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  13. 59 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:


    You can stop now. And run off back to facebook to continue trashing AtariAge.

    First you put words in my mouth, you blatantly lie on me saying I'm trashing AtariAge, then you put a post of my quote as if to legitimize the lie as if you got proof when you know that isn't at all true. I have nothing but the up-most respect for AtariAge as an Atari fan myself; why would I want to trash Atari Age for...? I have nothing against AtariAge, but once again you spew off with false accusations against me, but I'm the one releasing false information. I mean put yourself in my shoes; if someone did you that way, what would you do? It's usually good manners to do to others what you want done to you, if you don't want it done to you, you probably shouldn't do it to anyone else.

  14. 9 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:



    Sigh. I'm not sure I can make it simple enough for you to understand.

    But that's just it... I never said it couldn't be done... You're putting words in my mouth. Not so simple. I fully understand the "Buzzer" response, but where is it I said it couldn't be done? Those are your words, not mine.

  15. 2 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:


    I did, with my youtube post. It's not my fault you can't understand what you are talking about on any given subject or the responses that correct your mistakes :)

    The only one I see who's says I don't understand what I'm talking about is you, but I suspect there are others since wolves travel in packs. I gave the best description to my understand and you put a name to that description, but then you insulted my intelligence by telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about. It's no wonder there's just a flood of people over to let loose there discussions and talk like normal forums do because guys like you make them feel welcome by insulting their character... NOT. You're good for releasing ST games, but you have bad people skills, you really should look in the mirror sometimes, but I bet on some level you get some kind kick out of this trying to get people's dandruff up. On one you you tell me I don't understand what I'm saying, but on the other hand you put words in my mouth by making assumptions you know nothing of; two wrongs don't make a right.

  16. 7 hours ago, CyranoJ said:


    Apology accepted, and thank you once again for admitting you were wrong and spreading more incorrect information around the internet.

    Number 1, I'm not admitting to anything, I'm merely having a decent conversation on a public forum... Number 2, I don't know what "incorrect information" you're referring to; please enlighten me, other wise don't make or respond to assumptions with sarcasm and smart alley remarks. It tends to rub off wrong or just turn people away from an already troll weary Jag forum... It's not what you say CJ, but the way you say it. If I have incorrect info, simply point it out to me without insulting my intelligence with accusations of spreading incorrect info and I'll explain or take the correction like I've done in the past.



  17. That's not the one although that's not a bad ST demo in it's own right... It could've been I saw it on my Facebook feed...? I did have my cellphone at the time I saw it; Anyways... The one I'm referring too emulated the TG16 synth chip with all six channels playing along with the ST native sound chip with a scrolling sprite background. I thought it was pretty impressive; I think the ST would've benefited quite considerably if that had been out back in the day with better sound capabilities. It reminds the "Rikki & Vikki" game for the Atari 7800 using the extra sound chip on the cartridge... It also reminds me of the "SPL or Sound Programming Library/Language?" for the Atari Lynx that I read about a while back; it was some sort of sound engine "by musicians for musicians" for the Lynx sound chip. I don't spend hours researching, just whenever I get the time to do so and it usually pays off for me.

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    Always remember Ocean Software Musician Jonathan Dunn saying whilst they used similar soundchips, you could achieve more on the 8-bit 128K model ZX Spectrum, as that had a buzzer you could use in conjunction with the AY,  which gave good results..:-)) 


    He's right... Check "Chronos" music composed by "Tim Follin." He programmed the Spectrum buzzer to produce 1bit synth music through a serious of clicks the ZX sound chip would naturally produce, which I thought was pretty brilliant. He took basic synth theory used in the more analog machines like the "Hammond Organ" and applied to the buzzer on the Spectrum. My first introduction to Tim Follin's work was "Wolverine" for the NES and then "Magic Johnson's Fast Break", which both games sort sucked, but the music extraordinary for an 8-bit machine; It wouldn't be until later I would find out about him and his brother "Geof Follin's" work on the Commodore and Amiga machines. The synthesizer I used on the PC called "Jaytrax Sequencer" originally started out as synthesizer on the Amiga computer using the 68000 processor. Also I ran into a demo on YouTube where someone was able to make a working synthesizer on the "Atari ST" emulating the "Turbo Graphics 16" sound chip with all 6 channels working with graphics floating around in the ST demo. I can't find the demo on YouTube anywhere, but I bet someone here knows about it.




  19. 1 hour ago, phoenixdownita said:

    I was attempting to point out that the presence of 68Ks is merely an historical accident rather than the reason why those games run with such good gfx.

    I like the 68K processors but by any means they alone are not gfx specialized chips, pretty sure a 286 in those boards would perform about the same if not better, as to the reason why so many arcade boards opted for a 68K is anyone's guess albeit I find the accepted response here plausible https://retrocomputing.stackexchange.com/questions/9738/why-werent-discrete-x86-cpus-ever-used-in-game-hardware


    The topic is skewing a little bit, but I can think of a few arcade machines that came out in the 90s that used the 286 boards very decently; the article only confirmed what I always thought concerning the 68000 in so many arcade machine particularly the early systems like the "Atari System 1" where the cost factor played huge role with IBM charging an arm and a leg for their Jr. computers in the early 80s. I spotted an article in an old "Byte Magazine" from the late 70s that seems to debut the "Motorola 68000" that had a big "splash cover"of a "monolith" just like in the "2010 Movie" with the words "LISP" written on the bottom right, which was known for AI language at that time; very interesting article on the 68K. It seemingly highlighted some features that was favorable toward simulation task, which I found pretty promising or it could've just been a lot of hype to sell the product for that time. lol


    As far the graphic goes with the Motorola, a few weeks ago I was looking a some comparison between versions of "Wolfenstien 3D" for the "Atari ST" and for the "Sega Genesis" help get a picture between how both display the pseudo 3D with the Geny using its sprite based graphics chip and the ST using the graphics Shifter. Another thing to consider was the ram in both systems can make the difference, but I understand the ST works very differently than the Sega Genesis with the ST's chip-set all glued together using ICs compared to the Geny graphics chip being very sprite based from a hardware standpoint... It's basically a System 16 arcade shrunk down for home use.





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    as you can see there's a whole lot of custom Taito chips to deal with the graphics, pretty sure the 2 68Ks didn't have to do too much in that department.

    Well that much is pretty obvious if you want to go into details about the arcade hardware; it will always have the upper hand in the graphics and sound department; the machine costed a few hundreds in comparison to an ST hardware performance so it shouldn't be all of that surprising. I've always admired Sega's early arcade machine particularly the "Sega VCO Object Hardware" and how it handled scaling sprites... Back in 80 and 81 they didn't even call them sprites, rather they were called stamps, but still has a very interesting history; Sega always had a good handle on graphics that scaled and rotated... They say the scaling hardware was a very primitive form of scaling or "zooming (Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom)" that was used in Television effects prior.  I hope to one day master that genera of programming, pseudo 3D will be my thing one day, but that's for another topic. 

  21. 16 hours ago, Lost Dragon said:

    Never tried in the arcade,  do remember the ST version :



    I never really owned an ST back in the day so I never really played the ST version... But it's not surprising the game would be ported to the ST considering most of the arcades of that time used the "Motorola 68000". I have an "Atari 520 STM" on my hands today I got of ebay a while back so I'll definitely be tinkering with it soon enough at some point in time. Home-brewing for it has been on the back of my mind for a minute now, but I have to say the sound chip for the old 16-bit suck something awful IMO plus the ST community seem a little quite theses days/not too active (I could be wrong); I'm not really sure if anyone is interested in anything new for the old computer as far as new games is concerned. Also I'm still getting to know the hardware from some old "Abbacus" books I hard copied, but despite whatever, I still optimistic and have big plans for the ST computer. To get back on topic, I like the way "Cisco Heat" performs on the ST; the real arcade cabinet used 2 Motorola 68000 cpu's to pull off its graphics so the way the ST handles the pseudo 3D graphics in comparison to the arcade version is very promising, not to mention the music is pretty decent on the ST with the drum samples playing while the native sound chip do the music; sometimes I wish Atari had used a Pokey along side the YM sound chip for add sound channels. It shows me that the 68000 can handle both graphics and sound with samples fairly decent; something I'll remember when I tackle the Atari Jaguar.




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