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  1. I thought about a "Weapon Lord" remake for the Jaguar... Not a port but a remake of the game with better graphics and animation. All of the sound and stuff is already there, just improve on what's already there and move it over to the Jaguar. I remember when I rented this game in the 90s and thought it something different than the normal games of that time, but I'd love to remake this for the Jaguar. Just a wishful thought at this point. When the Conan game would come up, I'd often think of this game for some reason.


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  2. Agreed... It was an original release title before Atari went belly up. The first game to actually crack the Jags encryption before the official Atari encryption key got released to the public and from what I understand, the game actually load faster than the games that used Atari's keys... A milestone few people could do accept they had the keys or a BJL hard wire.

  3. Yea... The ST version is very lack luster. Atari really should've pushed a little harder for that game on their computer even if they had to do a cartridge version with extra hardware; it would've been totally worth it, but this was during a time when the arcade version was always better than the home version. Just another product of the 80s I suppose. Of course I'm very bias about "StunRunner" arcade version; that game incredible at the arcade in the 90s... I wanted to take the machine home after playing the game; felt very futurist TRON like for its time. That game is probably the result of early works they did on "The Last Starfighter" and "Air Race" back in 84 or 83 (I could be wrong). A lot of fun looking back on stuff like that.




    Getting the ST out the door meant an aggressive-and-accelerated development window. Shiraz couldn't get the AMY working in the ST so Atari Corp went to Sight+Sound for assistance. That meant ditching the AMY from the initial ST and why it was then planned for the 65XEM. Atari Corp would've probably included it later on in future ST models had S+S supposedly not double-crossed them. Atari Corp tried to get the YM2151 as a replacement for the AMY in the ST but Yamaha would only sell them the YM2149 because they were saving the YM2151 for their own music computer that they hoped would outsell the ST [the ST still demolished it outside of Japan amongst musicians].


    Yea true that... The ST is still being used today in some studios. Would've been great though if it had that synth chip in it considering it was supposedly a better synth chip than the YM2151. The AMY was inspired by the work of "Bell Laboratories" work in music synthesis, which had a broader range of synth attributes to simulate real instruments. Certain would've only added to what the ST was offering.


    Now back to the topic. lol :D

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  5. I might be over-reaching a little, but It think it would be jaw dropping to see "Primal Rage 2" on the Jaguar... I've always been a Killer Instinct fan and if PR2 can be ported to the Jaguar, that would technically prove the Jag can do KI arcade style games. Man is someone could pull off porting that game and make it a reasonable close arcade port to the Jag, that would just be awesome. If KI can be ported to the SNES and still relay a close arcade port, Primal Rage 2 would be an awesome game for the Jag, but that's just me dreaming at this point. lol


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    I think with arcade sounds that would improve that a lot.


    I was looking at the Lynx version and was thinking the Jag's blitter can pull off what the Lynx did with the sprites... It'd be cool to maybe create a sprite and 3D based version of the game to get a close proximity of the arcade version.


  7. Thanks guys,


    I've got some trimmer pots coming in and some fresh breadboards, I've cleaned off the entire audio section and I'm going directly from the 3 test points I have and I've wired 3 lines from it along with Analog GND and +5v that'll go to the breadboard and I'm going to spend some time working this through. I agree with Perry.... instead of running both Ch1 & Ch2, what I found was the volume increased substantially from the DAC when I combined the two lines. I went down as low a 4.7k on the resistor and while volume was improved, the gain and distortion was too high.


    Sounds like some audio clipping with in the decibel; too much loud audio for the speaker to pick-up... I like how the Sega CD module had a mixing audio jack in the back of it to cover stereo sound exclusively from the module. It's possible to do the same on the XM using some cheap method to compensate to whatever changes will be made to the hardware.

  8. Hmmm...? Isn't that what Atari did with the "Amy Chip" for the ST...? They had problems getting it to work so the ditch the whole thing all together and ST users were stuck with the mediocre YM-2149? A slightly better chip than the Pokey, but still no where near as good as what the AMY chip had to offer. Sounds a little bit like a repeat of history if you cancel the YM 2151. Just saying that's all, but I can certainly understand the impatience for a final release of the XM module.

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  9. Thanks for the response... For a minute I didn't think I was going to get one; was thinking I might be asking the wrong question. lol


    its not as simple, the Sega Genesis had alot of hardware options to help, like hardware sprite, more color on the screen, also think to remember it had hardware zoom.




    Yea I was thinking about that considering that the Genesis was created 4 years ahead of the Atari ST... Great little system; I think it was the Sega CD that had hardware zoom.


    to describe the plane ST.

    it have a video chip, that in low resolutions had 16 colors out of a palette of 512 color, and 320x200 pixel, and that was it.

    so all you wanted it to do you need to code for it. even a simple task, like putting a character on the screen(i know it had rom call for this, but they was still soft coded).

    Sprite also need to be soft code. so the video shifter on the ST was very simple.



    The last few days I was at www.archive.org looking at some books on the ST hardware as well as "Wikipedia" and finally get some kind of rough understanding about what made the ST hardware a little more affordable to buy than the other competitor computers during its heyday, which were the IC chips inside the ST that really kept the whole system "GLUE(ed)" together versus a typical standard system, which I thought was a bit clever and a bit risky at the same time.


    i would even say, that many of the 8bit computer had more advanced video chips that the ST.

    but they was lacking in resolutions, color on the screen and cpu speed.




    Jay Miner were responsible for those 8bit chips... Enough said. lol Yea I think it would've been cool if they had put a better version of a GTIA in the ST; although I think the ST video SHIFTER coupled with the 68000 CAD and 3D applications. The ST seems to shine a little bit with racing games like "San Francisco Heat" that uses pseudo 3D style graphics and such.


    the STE did improve little on the video chip, it expanded the palette to 4096 but it still only 16 color on the screen

    but it also add the blitter to help move memory from one places to an other places. (plus it have some other functions like scrolling the bit planes).

    it also had hardware scrolling.

    so you really need to know the hardware on the ST/STE to do wonders, this is also the reason in my book, why many of the new things that have been done on the ST/STE, the last couple of years, is even more impressed



    What's the name of your book and where can I find it? I'm always looking for new material on the ST versus the dated material I've been reading.

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  10. Hi... I just purchased an "Atari ST 520" off of ebay for the first time "Ever"; I never really owned one before so I am a first time of one of these machines. I was wondering has anyone ever programmed Mode 7 style graphics on the Atari ST? I've posted picture of a demo of mode 7 on a Sega Genesis and wonder if anyone ever tried to pull it off on the ST yet? It sounds like a neat little project for somebody.



  11. It's been a while since I posted anything here in this topic... This is a bit known "Jaytrax" specific, but very music composition related. Having looked at the history of music composition using midi interface, I felt a bit compelled to get my hands on an "Atari ST" to do a little retro digging into what the old computer had to offer. Never having owned one before, in the 90s, my first computer wasn't really a computer; it was but it wasn't... It was an "IBM Portable Word Processor" that came with it's own printer so I was doing homework and writing poetry in my teen years. I did have a couple of keyboards in the mid 90s, but nothing to really do any real composition back in those days so to get an Atari ST now really served as bit of a "What-If" throwback. I probably should post this in the ST section, but it's kind at the heart of my curiosity of what I could've really done with the old ST if I had it back in those early 90s versus discovering the "Jaytrax" sequencer in the late 90s as well as some other great programs like "HammerHead" beat machine for beat loops or the "TS-404 synthesizer" program to make synth loops. Among other thing like learning to program the "Motorola 68000" for other experimental projects and ideas, I might be prematurely putting this out there... Screw it; I'll take my chances anyway. To be honest the Atari ST actually looks better than the eBay post, which are the last three pictures.





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  12. Why the quotes? Is it an exotic modded FrankenConsole? In any case, I’ve really warmed to the 7800 over the years, and homebrews make it worth owning irrespective of the XM.


    You're right... Ever since the "Cuttle Cart" the 7800 has been an interest of mine for some time and I'm currently without one at the moment. I'll eventually get a 7800 at some point in time, possibly before the year is out. It's just when the XM ships, I'll most likely be getting much sooner than later.

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  13. I just purchased an "Atari 5200" with 12 games for it yesterday and a 600XL computer... Looks like I'm going to have to get myself an Atari 7800 system as well where as I sold my old one a couple of years ago. Can't wait to get my hands on the XM; I've been wanting to learn to program the 7800 for a long time.

  14. It reminds me of "Sub-Terrania" for the Sega Genesis. The company made this also did "Red Zone, Batman & Robin", and a 32X demo. I think they were in the Amiga demo scene.


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  15. Don't want to throw this off topic, but I was thinking about the SNES a few days ago and how people considered the "Mode 7" effect to be a game changer when the "Atari Lynx" had a blitter to do all of it's effects. I think if Nintendo had taken a page out of the Atari Lynx book and included some kind of math co-processor with the graphics chip they already had, it would've been changed the game even more even if it was some old cheap 4-bit bit-slicer running really fast, that would've been some extra resource on the table and you know Nintendo would've used it to the fullest. Just imagine what "Mario Kart" would've looked like; they would've had the advantage of the masses to see on such a large scale the SNES probably would've lasted longer than it did because it would've had enough chops to survive maybe another year or two when the next gen stuff like the PS1 came out. They already had the Mode 7 for Affine Transformation of graphics; a co-processor would've made a world of difference in such an environment, someone would've used for real 3D in some way instead of the pseudo stuff. At least Atari had the balls to release to release the Jag even though prematurely.

  16. The textures on the fence are very telling. Looke at the texture on the horizontal connecting piece on the fence.


    That much is clear, but look at how the ground is being rendered... I looks almost like a mode-7 kind of effect; it reminds me of Atari Kart or Val d'Isere Skiiing and Snowboarding where the game has hills and slopes with some 3D element to it with the low polygon buildings in the mix. The game looks great like the old "Buggy Boy" arcade game.





  17. It's so strange seeing non perspective corrected texture maps these days :) Oh so noticeable, especially since I just hooked up my original Playstation a few weeks back.


    Don't know...? The texture maps looks pretty corrected to me... It almost look "Mode 7" like with the only real 3D are the low poly buildings. Reminds me of Atari Karts and Super Burnout with some real 3D elements in the mix. Roadrash for the 3DO had something like this going on for its game engine only they had real looking landscapes to form hills and valleys and such. This DOS game comes pretty darn close to doing that.

  18. I almost counted the XM as a lost where as I sold all my 7800 stuff a couple of years ago... But I'm finally glad its coming out; I just have a get game console off ebay and strike the collection back up again. Also I've been meaning to Dev on the 7800 for some time now thus the XM is a nice incentive for me to get back on board with that sort of thing especially with the added memory and two sound processors. Don't exactly know how far I get with it, but if I good a strong foot hold on this programming thing, I'll take things to the moon God willing.

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