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  1. Wow...! I nearly missed this. Just submitted mine in. Can't wait to get the module; I might order a second one.
  2. Here's a little fact nugget about the music I did for "Jamind Bomb Squad"... The inspiration for the song came from a couple of sources; originally I only knew the game to be "Jagmind" in the beginning. When Is started working on the song, at the time I had just obtained an Intellivision with the game "Bomb Squad" that I was playing a lot back in those days. I didn't know what the game would play like so if I recall Starcats had brokedown the game play to me in description as a puzzle game so my first thought would be to create something of mystery and atmospheric while the player figure the puzzle out. A song that came to mind was one off of "Samurai Showdown" for the SNES, which was Nakoruru theme song; so I would play the SNES song in the background while playing a game of "Bomb Squad" on my Intellivision to help drum up some inspiration "Jagmind" and that's how I wind up making two songs for the game. Also that's how "Jagmind" had the name "Bomb Squad" added where as before, it was only known as simply "Jagmind". Lars changed up the game a little and added new stuff to what he had already made as well as the Bomb Squad name at the end. One more thing I want to mention... I remember a person posting sometime ago about me not making more songs for the "Jagmind" video game...? Well there's a very good reason for that. I'd previous made a crap load of songs for the game "Jagworm" and the songs were set and already made with the game still being worked on until the infamous "Hard Drive Crash" were the original source code or game got lost. When I did the music for Jagmind, I remember asking Lars if he wanted more songs, but he didn't seem to want to take the chance again of me making a lot of songs and him loosing his work again, which was completely understandable at that time. But for those who might remember those days, yea I did want to do more songs, but it just never worked out that way.
  3. philipj

    Fallen Angels

    I like that "real-time Mandelbrot" demo Atari had with their development software where they used both the GPU and the DSP to render fractal mandelbrot in real-time... That seem pretty promising especially when it was demonstrated on "Battlesphere" in one of the menus. I think the way those fractal mountains done on the 8-bit platform was very simplistic considering how fast the 6502 was able to pull off the pseudo 3D effect on the Atari-8. I think fractals has become a bit of a lost art in the gaming world today, but I think that's on account that back in the old days, computers just couldn't handle the number crunching it took to do what most people wanted fractals to do and in the case of "Rescue on Fractalus" that was some level of fast/cheap reasonable pseudo 3D visuals on an 8-bit system, which was very ambitious for its time being the original "Behind Jaggi Lines" using a scheme designed for "anti-aliasing".
  4. Just wanted to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year"... Included with this post is a "Jaytrax" file that has 2 "sub songs" on it; these songs help to inspire the work I did for "Jagworm"... In fact you can almost here similarities between the musical styles thus it became the frame work for what I would eventually do with the "Jagworm" music. To access the songs, just click the "Sub Song" drop-down-box located on the top right of the menu upon opening the file, select the desired song, then click the "Play button" at the bottom..." Remember you can use the "Spacebar" to make the song completely stop without lingering instruments playing versus using the "Stop button". Just a little tid bid I thought I would add for the record. Anyways I hope everyone enjoy the music; I think the style of the music is very appropriate for the holiday season. Once again have a merry Christmas and happy new year. Hope (Philip Wood (C) 2018).zip
  5. I'm going to see if I can get a set this holiday... I just purchased me a Truck so I might can get them depending on how the money will look this holiday.
  6. Well clearly the home console isn't JAMMA, but thanks for shedding some light on that... It's been years since I looked at anything JAMMA other than Wikipedia specs and emulation sites. The point I was making was trying to find a balance concerning graphics and animation on a limited file size versus what the Neo Geo cartridge was handling; I'm not even talking about emulation any more at this point for the sake of clarity, but just graphics, animation, and file size... Something that Duranik dealt with when they used the DSP to decompress the images; it reminded me of the JagPEG format I read about in the Jag documents that used CRY via the GPU; I use to think Duranik was using that particular format for there graphics to cram in a cartridge.
  7. One of the things I admired about the Jag was its ability to do high resolution, but I see why a lot of developers never really shot for the 600x400 res style graphics in the beginning... Just looking at Neo Geo specs on Wikipedia and other emulation sites in the past (and I haven't forgotten the links provided on this topic, thanks btw), I think it's pretty impressive what Duranik was able to do with the animation. I guess in my search for a comparison between the two hardware the Neo Geo and the Jaguar was an attempt to find a balance for graphics and animation in a way that helps to free up some of the Jag hardware responsibilities. I remember reading about how Duranik used the DSP to decompress those graphic files and how there wasn't enough cartridge space to finish the game. Just look at the animation YouTube... That's was the game they intended, but never saw the light of day, but the fact that they got that close meant that you do a modest level of good stuff on the Jaguar. I've always known that the Arcade Jamma standard the Neo Geo sported on its hardware using high bandwidth was a big factor, I just didn't know to what degree, but just look at the size of the Neo Geo cartridge versus the Jag cartridge with two output slots at the bottom instead of the typical small mass market game console off-the-shelf cartridge with fewer pins than the Neo Geo.
  8. Very nostalgic reading that about "Duranik"... It was the buzz around that game that got me into the Jag scene in the beginning. I'd mark the Jaguar as another faded game console like the 3DO, which is also a good console in it's own right, until I ran into "Atari HQ" and saw images of the game in development. That's when I knew I wanted to make games for the Jaguar; been stuck with the idea ever since not really knowing what all that involved. Great memories man... Good old college days.
  9. Thanks man... That was a while back I did all of that, but I've been a fan of the 7800 for awhile. Never did get into the programming aspect of things, but maybe one day I'll get a chance to do something for the old system. Good luck with your project dude.
  10. Hi... R_Leo_1 First off, congrats on your artwork... I think it would be very cool to see your stuff on real 7800 hardware; I think it would be a breath a fresh air from the retro style I'm use to seeing. 21 years ago at about age 20 I was an MS paint user... Before then I started out using "Mario Paint" for the SNES in my teen years until I got my hands on an old IBM 386 that had "Windows 3.1" installed on it when I was 19. I found that "MS Paintbrush" tool set wasn't as good as the ones on Mario Paint, but I didn't let that stop me... I was determined to make the best of out of what I had at the time. There was only 28 colors to work with versus Mario Paint, which had more colors so it was tricky at first. Over time I found that MS paintbrush had a blending tool where you can blend different colors together, but the trick was that art piece had to be at a decent resolution. Up close you can clearly see the blending, almost dithering effect, but looking afar, the blended colors looked like one color, very similar to how a dot-matrix printer blend various shades of three or four colors on a white sheet of paper in various hues and shades, but looking at it afar it looks like one single color. MS Paint wasn't the best program in the world, but you can pull off some very decent art works so just keep doing what you're doing. Don't let the nay-sayers discourage you.
  11. Who's Carmel Andrews...? I was trying to just blend in and be a regular, that's all.
  12. Awe man sorry to hear that man... Chronic back pain is no joke. Popping them pain pills is serious business especially with the "Ibuprofin"... That stuff can cause "Cirrhosis of the Liver" over a long stretch of time if you take it daily; I only take it if I really need it and some days I just put up with the pain to keep from taking so much of it. A lot of times it could just be stiffness of the muscles where you have to work with the pain until the stiffness goes away... And "Iceyhot and Blue-Emu" always good for pain relief. I don't want to throw the topic off course, but keep fighting man for a better quality of life and try not and wind up bed ridden at an old age because back stress.
  13. Oh man I'm sorry hear about that... Before I had took up CAD I worked at "Home Quarters" before the franchise closed doing all kind of manual labor lifting 40, 60, and 80 pounds of concrete and all sorts of lumber and every other thing you can imagine having to were back braces and what-have-you. I committed to getting an office job in CAD and that's exactly what I did before my back would give in; My doctor warned me and I listened and I'm glad I did. Today I have chronic back pains, but I think it would've been a lot worse if I hadn't followed through. It's manageable today, but I hope things work out for you man.
  14. Actually I am learning to program on the PC first using QB64 just to get a basic understanding on programming in general before I get off into tackling the Jaguar... I certainly don't won't the thread to spiral out of control, but it's every post, I get some measure heckling from someone and although Zerosquare has given me sound advise, it was not without some measure of attitude behind it... If some one did him the same way, he would probably do what he's doing now by browbeating the members here. But I do agree with him games never being released for the Jag by dreamers and that has been the problem and you can since my doubling down tone, that's because the thread looks like it's getting a little heated, which is not what I want here. And Clint Thomas I hear you man and I do listen to the experts here and in the past... I wouldn't know what I know except they gave me understanding about so to say that I'm not listening just isn't true Zero would have people believe. It does feel like censorship in some ways because my opinions and expressions here is not without a smart remark or some level of "Nope... You can't do that either" in that type of affect and it gets sometimes hostile as if they don't want me, which I know may or may not be true; I just approach it as lightly as I can, but I had to vent that time. I don't won't the thread to get that "wink-and-nod" again about locking it up... It's a very decent thread and I think it deserves to stay open, but I also think the game enthusiast voice doesn't always sync with the reality of the hardware so I hear you Clint. I got to avoid that wink and nod though... lol
  15. Wow... So your job was a little more demanding then mine was... Mine limited to drawing buildings and converting old building plans into digital ones, assisting architects,but never fully becoming one. lol I was just fortunate enough to be around CGI artist and teachers at Virginia College being able to talk to them and even work with them and see the various stuff they were doing. Yea, but I tried my hand with that engineering work in AutoCAD; that's some tedious work, but I managed to pass the those in CAD and even used it a little on the job site. Ok.. I get them confused. They're both darn good companies.
  16. I think they did pretty darn good with the "Soulstar" for the Sega CD... Lol...! Enough said.
  17. You're probably right... I went to school for "CAD and Design Visualization" so from my perspective, I see a lot of open doors for potential future Jag project, I just need to get the programming and the animation stuff down. While taking those course, I was also around a lot of CGI artist at that school and get a chance to see a few exciting things there that stuck with me for years so I feel like I have a good scope of things... In fact some of the CAD teachers were also CGI artist so that flavor was always in the air... I wondered if I was taking up the right course over there. lol That's what drive me sometimes. I'll eventually find an avenue for successful Jaguar development within a reasonable compromise based on everything I know.
  18. One of the reasons I've taken interest in wanting to make games was my curiosity about Killer Instinct on the SNES... I never fully understood as a teen why KI for the SNES, although nearly arcade perfect, why the SNES hardware was never able to handle the same level of graphics as the original arcade. Of course I got a better understanding of all of that stuff as I got older, but the thought did stick with me for a long till this day. The Sega CD was able to pull off some level of remarkable CGI using fmv to pull it off with "Bram Stoker's Dracula"; when I played this in my teens, I use to think that it was sad Nintendo never released the, then, newly announced CD drive. The Sega CD pulled off a very decent level of graphics using live action sprites graphics in an FMV environment... I'm not sure, but I think they used "Cinepak" to compress the video. I would love to make something like that for the Jag CD where I believe it's possible to have an KI style game with an FMV background and maybe a limited/modest level of real-time 3D in the background. If Sega CD can do, so can the Jaguar; makes sense to me. That's just one thing on the table that's very much possible the Jag can potentially pull off. https://youtu.be/J8DILAy40Bk?t=191
  19. Well let's just say I have big dreams for the Jaguar and I've been looking into other alternatives past the normal routine the Jaguar was originally designed for... If my opinions reflect that sometimes, I try to stay within the parameters of the topic as much as possible, but I have other ideas on the table that I don't mention here less people really think I out of my rockers. You ask for it you got it... Don't fly false accusation at me and maybe I won't post as much.
  20. Intransigent ha...? Well I consider myself to be a man of principle, but I try to look at things differently. I stick by whatever I think is right and sometimes whatever works for me until I get it right. If that particular trait of my character rubs off wrong, that's still no excuse for others to make unsavory accusations against me when you know it's not true. When I read something here and I don't like what I read, I either try to resolve the issue or ignore the thread all together. Sometimes some of the humor here can be entertaining, but there are limits to how far to take the humor I mean you can't really make anyone not be humorous, but there times when looks like it's been blurred or completely crossed when the humor comes at the expense of other. I've been around the community lone enough to know a few things about how crazy things can get over here; I sometimes get it and sometimes I ignore and keep browsing. But I've seen people ran out of here are at least kept their distance because of a lot of nonsensical sarcasm and comedic post that sometimes didn't absolutely make any sense what-so-ever. You talk about the points I've been scoring here with my unwillingness to change in opinion, but sword cuts both ways with the reputation the has also accumulated here over time. But then again people will be people and sometimes their's no way of stopping that. I'll try and do my best to keep the peace over here and not let any more undue potential arguments occur on my account as best as I can because even in my JS2 days I was always about preserving the community... But on that note, most know that people can and have posted the most investigative stuff just to get some kind of flame war going for whatever reason and sometimes just for no good reason other than to start some stuff; that too plays a role in my posting as well as far as my approach has been. There's a history of it here just like CJ tried to point some kind of history of me. Normally I try and stay focus on the topic as much as possible and keep the thread on course to my understanding and stay positive, but a consistent barrage of trying to make someone come out of character just to get their thread locked or some kind of ban or whatever it is you do, just know that reputation is out there too while you trying to paint an untrue picture of me. A wink and a nod "This thread will be closed soon blah blah blah"??? This is the only forum I know of that does that kind of thing... Think about that... That is all.
  21. So tell me this... What isn't BS??? Because the way you carry yourself around me, if I was to post something that wasn't considered BS, whatever the blazes that is, I think you would still come with some reason heckle me. I honestly don't think you have full definition of BS and you just do this to people you think in your mind is some kind of whatever negative opinion in your head. Give a person the moon and he will say "THAT'S NOT ENOUGH". You seem to be that kind of person, but then I can be wrong about you as you are about me. I think you're fishing for information on me or something; or trying to be funny... You know as well as I do the only time I talked about anyone here was when one of you called me out on it... I admitted it publicly and apologized for it, because the last thing I want to do to start a flame-war over a kids toy we have an enthusiasm about and ruin an entire community over little of nothing. No one here or anywhere else at any other forum has heard me speak bad about anyone since the apology; I was raised better than that and it goes against my core belief system. Now I'll admit maybe ten years I might come here, post something, then go back and gossip a little bit but a lot of people did that back then, which is what caused a lot of confusion, but you wanna know something...? Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and say I'm responsible for what I do in the community and how it affects people as a whole even if it is a video game forum. I just don't see myself as any type of hindering force for blatant accusations against me like that... I mean where have you've seen me do these things you said I did as of recent??? Point out the forum and I'll go there and do the same thing I did here and apologize for whatever confusion you think I'm causing... You can't because I haven't did any of the things you said I did; you either got it in your mind that I'm doing those things or just miss informed. Look... I'm not trying to be the enemy here.
  22. Well let me ask you this question... What have I done to you to deserve hostile language? I've been nothing but friendly to everyone I've met over here, yet I get nothing but the grief coming from you. Was it something I did or said or is the fact that I was JS2 regular...? I mean what's your problem? I've never insulted you, called you out of your name or posted smart remarks after a post is up. It's like your mimicking the avatar your using by stalking me whenever I post something; are you a stalker or you just get your rocks going after people you don't know for no good reason??? What gives?
  23. I appreciate that Skip...! Very encouraging stuff; thanks a bunch. I never thought of it in that way about programming and mod trackers; it makes perfect sense after reading it. Also thanks for the link... Was looking at all of the animation work done on Metal Slug 3 admiring the level of art work put into the making of that game. Very cool stuff.
  24. Only if you have a wall of text will they ignore a thread unless you mention "JS2" and then they come swarming in to pounce just for posting an old throwback story from back in the day... Something that was fond memories for me, but not so much for others; I wonder why...? You're right about doing an engine search; just wanted to see currently where peoples head is on the matter that's all. Dude did you even read what I posted... I know the sarcasm can be at an all time high, but dam man, the refugee comment is a bit much don't you think? I hear both of you... At first I was thinking you could use the Jags 2MB of ram to leverage for some speed for graphics, but I guess that would prove highly challenging at best. There are the Saturn and PS1 CD player speeds to consider, but I can certainly see the obstacles for Neo Geo emulation... Still would be very cool to see.
  25. Typo error... I got no real beef with CJ.
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