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  1. Inspired by jdgabbard's NanoPEB 3D printed case, I created a similar case for my version of the CF7+. While not quite Thingiverse ready, I am posting it here for the group. When printing, I rotate the body case 180 degrees and print with support structures for proper printing. BodyCase_V39.stl BodyLid_V46.stl
  2. Hi, Downloaded F18AUpdate_v17 from link on page 1 of this thread but it appears to have V1.6 instead of V1.7. Checksum 40CC which matches V1.6. Am i missing something? Thanks!
  3. Hi All, Just as a heads-up. I unpacked the software and attempted open in Classic99. The RBX/RBA menus did not show. Had to rename the file "RBXGBin" to "RBXG.bin" in the "RXB2015D\RXB CLASSIC99" folder then it all worked. Thanks for this great software! Ken.
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