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  1. what setting was used to make the video ? the colors seem too dark. looks like the pallet color a c64 🤢 However, the colors in the photos by Beeblebrox, the are very good. so why such a difference?
  2. the game looks promising, good luck to shanti77 👍 Mrshoujo the game is not finished yet, so wait for another video where we will see more details. rather give advice that might be useful how many projects have been abandoned because people are too impatient or demanding of the author ?
  3. would a cartridge version allow only 64k of memory to be used?
  4. what are you waiting for to help instead of criticize?
  5. for me atari 800xl secam + xc12 ( french version 1985 ) amiga 1200 (1992 )
  6. Would the card be directly compatible with all programs using more than 64kb of memory ?
  7. we need to do more advertising on other website, because not enough people know that there is new games for atari xl / xe
  8. maybe ask José Pereira, he seems good at doing graphics
  9. on your card, there is a difference with my pcb. maybe a design error ??
  10. look at the photos , I put above, it's also version 2a of the pcb, is this what you saw ?
  11. hello, here are pictures of my atari 1090 prototype 🙄
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