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  1. So any one know if the atari 400 has a fuse inside? i cant seem to find it.thanks
  2. Hey, so how is this project going in 2020? really excited to see any new developments.
  3. OMG , WHEN is this gonna be done? I will throw money at your face , thank you so much for taking the reigns and making a new multicart. any idea when we can expect a release?
  4. Thank you @ Bunsen , is that his user name ? Chistoph?
  5. Hey there, im looking for a programmer familiar with intellivision basic . to write a very simple program that is basically like a modded ,more in depth version of the intellivision synth stock program that comes on the ECS . i use and love whats there by default but i would love to cycle through some more sounds to play . and if it could be made to load through the tape data slot on the ECS that would be awesome as well ,as there is not a valid multicart out anymore . id be willing to pay a bit and it would also be helping the community as well . thanks . !!
  6. thanks van, ive sent him a message there . but he has not replied . so i said screw it . i actually found 2 people here in dallas that can probably do all his mods . so im gonna go that route. thanks though .
  7. Thanks Van , yeah im aware of little-scale. and im trying to get ahold of him to hire him to do these mods but i doubt he will respond . i wonder if there is any one in the U.S. that can easily do all the little scale arduino mods . ? if so id hire them in a second . this stuff is just way out of my league.
  8. yeah, im not a programmer but i cant imagine its THAT hard. it can be as simple as the program MGB 1.3 i use for my gameboy to sinc up with the arduino boy i have . Its not fancy but it gets the job done and even lets you change sounds and envelopes and use all 4 channels ,and i midi sequence it into my songs all day long through ableton . i think its possible , there just isnt enough interest in the poor pokey
  9. thats really cool are they for sell? i think those the same guys as the link i posted above . not sure though . both german and it looks the same . i just need to get my hands on one . thanks for the links Still need to get ahold of some software though . Does the midi mates software let you just access all the internal sounds ? and modify the adsr and osc. and what not ?
  10. @FRES . as i want this thread to stay positive and helpful and opinions can lead to arguing for some reason lol . id like to stay on topic . BUT i love SID i just think it sounds too grainy sometimes and i like the more rounded "pleasant" sound of the pokey . it just fits my music style better.
  11. thats all very helpful and i appreciate it . i even saw this . http://www.asselheim.de/atari/ which seems like a modern solution to the midi issue without shelling out big bucks for the old stuff. it was in german but ive asked the person that runs that site as well as the guy who runs atari max if they can sell me one . ill let you know as soon as i hear anything . still doesnt solve the software issue though . id like a software suite that allows me to directly control pokey like a synth and change sounds and have access to all the channels etc. ill keep looking . let me know if you run across anything .
  12. hey guys , i have a mssiah synthcart from 8-bit ventures for my c-64 and i was wondering if there exists anywhere a synthcart for the atari 8-bit machines to access the pokey chip in a similar way as mssiah. i have looked every where and even asked 8-bit ventures if they would do one and they said they had no intentions of making one . if one does'nt exist, is there anyone that knows basic well enough to make something like this ? could put the program on a flashcart maybe ? and modify the computer with midi? Also does anyone do midi modifications to the 800xl ? i just really want to be able to control the pokey chip through my daw and midi sequence it like i do with my c64. i love the way the pokey sounds , probably even over the SID. any good direction on this would be awesome . please help i have been trying for well over a year for a solution . thanks alot
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