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  1. I own the copyright! God Damn you all! I am going to sue! ha ha ha. Sorry, I could not resist. I really don't own the copyright. Did I fool you all? Not even for a second? Ohh well. I think I am going to listen to some mp3s I downloaded, heh. -darkman
  2. I said Consummate! So, I guess the secret is out. Trouth be known, I designed the graphic for the cart. I wanted to make a more different "S," so I listened/watched Strongbads easy to fallow instructions, he makes drawing fun! -darkman
  3. Yes, Trogdor! The Burninator! Inspired by... Draw and "S," now draw a more different "S." -darkman
  4. Who owns the rights? ha! Honestly, that comment/topic is getting a little old. Anyway, cart sure looks nice! Who designed that cool lable? -darkman
  5. All I know is we are going to go broke buying all of Marks cool stuff! Perhaps he could offer a special discount if you buy several items at once? -darkman
  6. Yah... I was reading the Thread on those tring to build em etc... I should have mine in about 3 days. I was able to get it for cheaper than before too! If anyone wants one, let me know. It looks like they cost about $20 (but thats subject to change, in either direction!) -darkman
  7. Honestly, I did not know they made such an upgrade either... I obtained it with a 800 I got for free! It also had a 32k cart in it... what's interesting about the 128k cart is it has a little switch on it in case you want to turn it off! I guess they put it there to antisipate compatability issues or something. I am not sure if it disables it all together, or makes the cart act as a 16k cart or what... question: so I understand no games really take advantage of an ram greater than 128k.... however what apps would take advantage of more ram? Would this be helpfull in copying disks perhaps? Elighten me.... That reminds me.... I should be getting my Happy Chip in the mail soon!
  8. I was just wondering... why would you need 256k? Isn't 128k enough? I just so happens that I have a 128k Ram Cart fitted in my Atari 800. In addition to two other 16k Ram carts. You could just track down two of those 128k Ram Cart upgrades and your gold! heh, Assuming it would work. I also have a 32k Ram cart in another 800... Lets see, I could put a 16k, 32k, and 128k to have a total of 176k! (heh, ok just a little more). Why is upgrading the Atari 800 so much fun?! I tell you, I think the fate of the Atari 8 bit computer would have been much brighter if they did not discontinue the Atari 800 when they did. -darkman
  9. So I have given it some thought, and I realized that I would like higher quality video on my TV from my good old Atari.... My TV does not have seperate Croma/Luma inputs, however it does have Svideo! I have all the specs, I could go out... get the connectors and build the cable... but I am not good a building cables. So I have found an outside source to manufacture them. They are using High Qualty Materials, and are profesionals. Here are the Specs of the cable: Atari 5 pin din - to - Svideo/RCA (audio)/RCA (composite) This cable will replace the need for any of those other cables (unless you intend to hook it up to a monitor with Croma/Luma rca inputs on it) If your TV has a Svideo Connection on it, you can use that, if it doesn't you can hook up the Composite RCA insted! My question to you guys, is if you would be interested in one of these cables for yourself? They are a little expansive, but I think it's a cool thing to have. -darkman
  10. hummm... so I guess I can use it, but shouldn't? To answer the question, I got into my hands because I took the guys word for it rather than doing the research on my own. Here is the auction I got the PSU from. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...egory=1250&rd=1 -darkman
  11. So I got a Power Supply off ebay... They claimed it workes on the Atari 400... however I am not sure if it does (before I plug it into my Atari 800 etc and fry it I thought I would check with you guys) I looked at the specs of my Atari 400/800 power supplies and they are different. This is the power supply I recieved. Part No. C018187. Input 120VAC 60Hz 38VA. Output 9.3VDC At 1.95A. Please Help! Thanks -darkman
  12. So after I read all these posts, you guys got me wanting a nice Svideo cable for myself! I make sloppy cables however... So I am seeking a professional source. The cable I am having made is Atari 5 pin din to Svideo w/ two RCAs, one for the Audio and one for the Composite video (just to have it!) I figured including the Composite video rca would be nice to have as extra, seems to be a waste to just forget about it. I am making this cable 12 feet long. My question for you guys, is if anyone else would be interested in obtaining the same cable? I could have several of them made! Prices should be fair. I have done business with this company before... they can get me a good price on them. Also... I was thinking of having the audio split into two RCAs just to make it easyer to connect to your TV etc. (I know it's mono, but just having two RCA insted of one I think would be nice) Not sure how this would effect the price however... Let me know if you guys are intersted! -darkman
  13. Kinda sad? What did someone die or something? -darkman
  14. what does the label on Multicart 2 look like? -darkman
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